After finishing secondary school I went on to further education

Higher education plays an important part in the life
After finishing secondary school I went on to further education.
Russian educational policy is a combination of economic and social objectives.
There are a lot universities and colleges in Russia.
They teach almost in all subject areas: Arts, Sciences, Law, Engineering, etc.
It trains people to become teachers,
engineers, doctors and other professional workers.
Higher educational institutions are headed by Rectors.
Vice-rectors are in charge of the academic and scientific work.
The Departments are headed by the Deans.
Higher educational institutions train students in two types of programs.
After four years of study a university graduate will get the Bachelor's Degree.
In order to receive a university degree a student writes a graduate paper.
In Russia the process of the integration and reformation of higher education, based on principles of the Bologna Declaration, is under way.
. Our state thus to provide For providing equal opportunity in obtaining higher education by any individual
Education is the way to success.
The topic my information is RSTU
First I’d like to tell you a few words about the status of the University  whish was given to it in 1993
In 2009 it was included into the list of 500 best Universities
To continue I’d like to it is a vast complex comprising 9 departments, 42 chairs
Our University’s headed Верескун Владимир
The University faculty exceeds 700 (Сэвн хандрэд) people
The students of all departments actively practical in scientific reach
They make reports at different conferences
I think you all agree RSTU the best University 
Everybody want’s to study here
I am happy that I am here.
Because very friendly teachers work here
Jo sum it up I’d like to say that if you
Don’t study at this University  you will reset it.
О себе
Let”s me introduce myself.
My name is Marina.
My surname AlekseenkoI’m 17 years oldI’m from StaromiskayI am a student of RSTU
I have decided to enter the RSTU because the best University
I would like to be good at cook cake
I plan to become a master
My dream to work the teacher in University
I THINK interesting life, because student years this the best years
I can play tennis very well
I have many friends, because I helpful Sociable friendly
I adore travelling, seeing other people,
I graduate from the University  in 2019(cюзен найти
Английский язык
English is one the most spoken languages in the world
Nearly half of the world population speaks English
  It is the official language of the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia and New Zealand
. Besides, millions of people in all parts of THE planet speak it as A foreign language
English is not an easy language to learn
English has become the language of the planet.
English as it is required for business,travel,etcMost people of the world speak english.English became an international language
English can be seen as an asset if someone wished to go to another country to work or live
Three quarters of the world’s mail and its
Three quarters of the world’s mail and its telexes and telegrammed are in English
If you know English, you can communicate (personally or in writing) with others who use this language.
I believe if everyone in the world learnt the same language, such as English, it would be much easier to communicate.
Ростов на Донну
First I’d like to tell you a few words about It was founded in 1749
It is situated on the right bank of the river Don.
In the past Rostov was a small town with small population
The population is more than one million people
Our city is a big industrial, scientific and cultural centre in the South of Russia
In Rostov there are four theatres: Gorky Drama Theatre, Musical Comedy, Puppet Show, Theatre of Young Spectators. The Gorky Theatre 
In Rostov there are also 9 museums, 7stadia, a zoo
. It is one of many parks and gardens which make Rostov a green town 
The city there are a lot of monuments devoted to the war years
Rostov-on-Don is a large transport centre.
 The port of five seas 
Rostov is a large railway junction
Rostov-on-Don will occupy its place of one of the biggest industrial cities of Russia.

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