Speaking about careers I would like to start wi..

Speaking about careers I would like to start with the saying witch was put forward by US author Maya Angelou “Nothing will work unless you do”. It means that you have to be ambitious and your own career plan.
People who are in business want to work in the following areas:
Sales and marketing, Finance, Management, Administration and personnel, Production, Research and development.If you want to improve our career you have to remember the following information for getting ahead in your promotion.
We have to make a list of our priorities and outline our tasks for the day. Also t is important to write down our short and long-term goals, to evaluate our progress and stay focused.
We should be mentally at work. We should know how to work through others and to delegate tasks.
We understand that it is an important skill to master at any level. We also should look for opportunities to broaden our skills. For example, we can attend professional development seminars.
We have to know how to socialize with colleagues to learn what is happening in other departments. For us it is important to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, be clear about what we want and take time off and relax.
In my mind brilliant example is Robert Kiyosaki. He is from USA, he is 66. Robert speaks two languages, it is fluent English and Japanese and the language of money, because he is the most well-known businessman, who give financial knowledge around the world. Robert Kiyosaki has wide experience in investing and his huge achievement in writing best-sellers on investing and business.
People say that he is kind, responsive and energetic person.
I think Robert Kiyosaki an excellent example for many people and for me.

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