The influence of Geography on People and Their…

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Geographical position Influence the People’s lives so much, that’s why geographical position of a country can explain a lot of things.The influence of Geography on People and Their Lifestyles Geographic location of a nation influences on a progress of a culture, way of life and nation itself. We want to tell about influence of geographic location on a development of culture of Kazakh nation. Territory of Kazakhstan since ancient times was covered by steppes. It affected on life mode of a nation. People couldn’t occupy themselves with agriculture and that is why they occupied themselves with cattle-breading. Big number of cattle didn’t let people to stay at one place. That is why they had to move from one pasture to another. Peculiarities of geographic location influenced not only on life mode but on a whole culture. Clothes, food, games were closely connected with animals they reared. They ate milk and meat of cattle. Hear of cattle served as clothes, also people maid different thing from hair such as carpet and etc. Games were closely connected with animals too. For example, run down a bride. Rules were simple, suitor was to run down and kiss the bride riding on horse. If he couldn’t do it bride was to pursue and lash him. Lifestyle also influenced on houses of nomads. As they couldn’t live on one place for a long time they couldn’t built houses. They had portable houses or yurts. It is easily taken apart (woman can do it in half an hour) and carried by horses and camels. The yurt consists of three main elements: an extensible trellis base (the kerege), a dome made of poles (the uyk) and a round top (the shanyrak). We also want to add that geographic location influences on culture even nowadays. And the fag of the republic of Kazakhstan is the brightest example. There are golden eagle, the sun, and national pattern on it.

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