The influence of Geography on People and Their..

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The USA. The USA is the fourth largest nation in the world. America is a nation of risc-takers. Most Americans are descendants of immigrants who left the known of the Old World for the unknown of the New.The pioneers had to be tought and self-reliand. They soon learned to experiment with new inventions and new ways of doing things. The frontiersmen had to overcome many difficulties. Friends and neighbours came for help without any reward. The difficulties of the frontier also shaped the traditions of hospitality. Americans are always on the move - from one part on the country to another, from one city to another, from farm to city. The Britain. British live on a very small island with a mild climate and a history of centuries of efficient road-building. About 44% of the population spend time gardening. It has the British who started the fashion for seaside holidays. English people are famous for their habit of politeness. British people keep their old traditions and are very proud of them. They are famous for their sense of humour. And, of course, English people are found of sports. Many continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game. They like to drink tea with milk. They have their five-o-clock tea only at home or in offices, but also in tea-rooms and tea-chops, which can be found in every town. We can say there is still a "British nation", and one of the most characteristic features of Englishmen is their traditions, which they respect, and which they have kept for centuries. The Russia.Russia is the largest country in the world. Russians think and act big. This is not unusual for such a vast country. Russian think of themselves as members of the community. Russians often are inactive for long periods of time and then show bursts of energy, because people could do little during winter mouths, but in spring there was much to be done, and in a short period of time. The harsh climate explains the Russian`s strength, their ability to overcome handships, as well as their patience and submissions. Russia people are famous for their habit of politeness. They are found of sports. Russian show a grate love for animals. Patriotism is very natural for Russian people. A Russian man can be quiet and shy. Russian people are generested interested in politics and current situation in the world. To understand the Russians, one must know where they come from.

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