I am not very good ... learning languages.
Виберіть одну:
a. on
b. at
c. of
d. in
Питання 2
Be sure in your English skills and read ... Chapter 3.
Виберіть одну:
a. ---
b. a
c. the
d. an
Питання 3
Teddy's words made me … uncomfortable.
Виберіть одну:
a. feeling
b. felt
c. feel
d. to feel
Питання 4
She always tried … the money from her friends without returning it.
Виберіть одну:
a. to give
b. to borrow
c. to lend ?
d. to credit
Питання 5
What ... bad weather we are having today!
Виберіть одну:
a. ---
b. an
c. a
d. the
Питання 6
"How old is she now?" "She …  in 1945."
Виберіть одну:
a. born
b. was borne
c. was burn
d. was born
Питання 7
He’s done a lot of revision and is … about passing his exam.
Виберіть одну:
a. comfortable
b. shy
c. ready
d. confident
Питання 8
… Jane Smith speak English fluently?
Виберіть одну:
a. is
b. do
c. does
d. has
Питання 9
We never know if Bob’s going to be cheerful or miserable. He’s such a … person.
Виберіть одну:
a. voluble
b. shy
c. honest
d. moody
Питання 10
He fell asleep and forgot his troubles, … very tired with his walk.
Виберіть одну:
a. to be
b. being had
c. to have been
d. being
Питання 11
When you walk much you feel strong and well, so it’s useful to go on … in any season.Виберіть одну:
a. hikes
b. voyages
c. journeys
d. trips
Питання 12
"When did you last speak English?" "I …  English since I was at school."
Виберіть одну:
a. didn't speak
b. haven't spoken
c. don't speak
d. wasn't speaking
Питання 13
She never thinks of anybody but herself. I wish she’d be less ….
Виберіть одну:
a. generous
b. selfish
c. critical
d. patient
Питання 14
Dad phoned us and asked if our luggage ….
Виберіть одну:
a. had already been packed
b. was already being packed
c. packed
d. had already packed
Питання 15
You can depend on John. He’s very….
Виберіть одну:
a. confident
b. polite
c. reliable
d. creative
Питання 16
John … as an interpreter since 1993.Виберіть одну:
a. is working
b. has worked
c. had worked
d. works
Питання 17
I have never seen ... interesting film.
Виберіть одну:
a. such an
b. so much
c. such
d. so a
Питання 18
It … in this part of the world.Виберіть одну:
a. often rains
b. is often rain
c. has often rain
d. would often rains
Питання 19
Jack left ... Paris last week.
Виберіть одну:
a. for
b. in
c. from
d. to
Питання 20
He was fined by the police for driving too … .Виберіть одну:
a. speedy
b. fast
c. hard
d. fastlyПитання 21
- ... birthday is it today? - It's Janet's birthday today. She is 19.
Виберіть одну:
a. Whose
b. Whom
c. What
d. Which
Питання 22
Mother doesn't have much free time. Neither ... .
Виберіть одну:
a. I am
b. I do
c. do I have
d. do I
Питання 23
The novel is highly ... of.
Виберіть одну:
a. told
b. talked
c. spoken
d. said
Питання 24
... Tom ... Eric are good players.
Виберіть одну:
a. and…and…
b. both…and…
c. as…as…
d. like…so…
Питання 25
The policeman warned the photographer …  too near.
Виберіть одну:
a. doesn't come
b. not to come
c. shouldn't come
d. don't come
Питання 26
... the dinner by the time Peter came?
Виберіть одну:
a. Have you cookedb. Did you cookc. Do you cookd. Had you cooked
Питання 27
The song in the park … her of her young years.Виберіть одну:
a. recollected
b. reminded
c. recalled
d. remembered
Питання 28
In his spare time he works …  a salesman for an insurance company.
Виберіть одну:
a. like
b. at
c. out
d. as
Питання 29
Put ... sugar into your tea, please.
Виберіть одну:
a. any
b. none
c. some
d. not any
Питання 30
... does it cost to stay at the Hilton Hotel?
Виберіть одну:
a. How many
b. How much
c. How well
d. What
Питання 31
The student consulted … to know the meaning of the new words.
Виберіть одну:
a. vocabulary
b. a plan
c. a task
d. a dictionary
Питання 32
Granny is in the kitchen. She… a plum-cake.Виберіть одну:
a. is making
b. made
c. have made
d. makes
Питання 33
He came to the party ... he hadn't been invited.
Виберіть одну:
a. in case
b. even
c. although
d. in spite
Питання 34
He works ... and makes good progress.
Виберіть одну:
a. hard
b. good
c. hardly
d. badly
Питання 35
I'll give the book back as soon as he ... it.
Виберіть одну:
a. will want
b. wanted
c. wants
d. want
Питання 36
I don't know what the road is like now because I … the place for twenty years.
Виберіть одну:
a. didn't see
b. don't see
c. wasn't seeing
d. haven't seen
Питання 37
I ... my book on the desk a few minutes ago.Виберіть одну:
a. have lain
b. laid
c. have laid
d. lay
Питання 38
Our English teacher told us … shy and speak English as much as possible.
Виберіть одну:
a. not feel
b. felt
c. didn’t feel
d. not to feel
Питання 39
While my son … for my call, somebody knocked at the door.
Виберіть одну:
a. had waited
b. was waiting
c. were waiting
d. waited
Питання 40
He usually had dinner at 4 p.m., ... ?
Виберіть одну:
a. had he
b. hadn’t he
c. didn’t he
d. did he
Питання 41
While I … to the assistant, the manager found my receipt.Виберіть одну:
a. have complained
b. have been complaining
c. complained
d. was complaining
Питання 42
He doesn't know this rule. Tom doesn't know it ... .
Виберіть одну:
a. also
b. too
c. neither
d. either
Питання 43
"Why does this steak smell so strange?" "I … it, you know."
Виберіть одну:
a. had burnt
b. burn ?????
c. was burning
d. have burnt ???
Питання 44
John is still repairing his car. - He must be tired. He … it all day.Виберіть одну:
a. is being repaired
b. has repaired
c. is repairing
d. has been repairing
Питання 45
We are going to the theatre ... Saturday.
Виберіть одну:
a. for
b. on
c. at
d. in
Питання 46
Don't worry, your luggage will be looked ... .
Виберіть одну:
a. after
b. only
c. like
d. even
Питання 47
He wrote the programme ..., he didn't need anybody's help.
Виберіть одну:
a. at himself
b. by himself
c. by his ownership
d. on himself
Питання 48
A horrible morning was followed by a torrent of rain …  afternoon.
Виберіть одну:
a. late in the
b. late in
c. on late
d. in late
Питання 49
We are looking forward ... seeing this film.
Виберіть одну:
a. at
b. for
c. on
d. to
Питання 50
I saw him … the window and run away.
Виберіть одну:
a. breaking
b. break
c. broke
d. to break
Питання 51
Mike is a careless driver, he drives ... than you.
Виберіть одну:
a. bad
b. worse
c. better
d. good
Питання 52
I haven't the slightest idea of what I ... to do in this situation.
Виберіть одну:
a. could
b. ought
c. should
d. would
Питання 53
They took a rest after they ... the yard.
Виберіть одну:
a. were cleaning up
b. had cleaned up
c. have cleaned up
d. would clean up
Питання 54
The possibility of man's travelling to the moon …  proved.
Виберіть одну:
a. will have
b. has been
c. will have been
d. has
Питання 55
Bill had to make … to achieve his goal, nobody was going to do itinstead of him.
Виберіть одну:
a. forces
b. efforts
c. tries
d. attempts
Питання 56
Neither Dad nor Mom … English.
Виберіть одну:
a. doesn’t speak
b. don’t speak
c. speak
d. speaks
Питання 57
"… Romeo and Juliet?"— Not yet.
Виберіть одну:
a. Do you seeb. Had you seen
c. Have you seend. Did you seeПитання 58
Bob was considered to be a reserved and gloomy person but in this situation he couldn’t …laughing.
Виберіть одну:
a. make
b. get
c. have
d. help
Питання 59
Tell me something about Fred's wife. ... ? - Oh, she's about 25, she's pretty and friendly.
Виберіть одну:
a. What does she like?
b. What is she?
c. What is she like?
d. Who is she?
Питання 60
I want to know what ...Виберіть одну:
a. you are doing
b. will you do
c. are you doing
d. were you doing

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