staff morale

Acquiring Metrot. Staff morale
Executive summary
Staff are very unhappy with the present changes. Productivity has fallen and staff turnover is high. We examined this issue, figured out and ready to present ways to solve the problem.
This report will look at:
methods how to calm and pacify staff
the advantages of findings
recommendations for action
1 Organization of events for experience exchange, forming prestigiousness of the status of the high offices
2 Participation in business -actions (representation the companies at exhibitions, participation in
round tables, presentations, working out of strategy of the company etc.)
3 Effective system of bonuses and perks
4 Payment of mobile communication, providing with a company car
This findings will arouse staff’s interest in aggrandizement, will strengthen relations between staff and management, will arose shaff morale
We should have a meeting with Hugh Whitman as soon as possible to discuss this issue, with the aim to stop high stuff turnover .Olga ShmatkoPersonnel Director
7 March

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