The origin, properties and micelles structure of acidoidides colloids
Chemical absorption
The energy and selectivity of anions adsorption.
Cation exchange capacity.
Active Acidity. The rate of CaCO3
Extent of Soil SodicityThe rates (groups) and type of soil salinity.
Types & subtypes of soil structure
Water categories and forms. Permanent wilting point, unavailable water (Недоступний або «мертвий» запас вологи), Full capacity (загальний запас води в розрахунковому шарі).
The volumetric heat capacity Cv of a soil. Thermal conductivity. Albedo.
The origin, properties and micelles structure of basoides colloids
Physical absorbing capacity
Coagulation, peptization and formation of soil colloids
Base saturation percent
Hydrolytic acidity. Lime requirement
Active alkalinity. Potential soil alkalinity
Oxy - Redoxy potentials and processes in the soils. Electrode potential – Eh
Particle density and bulk density
Soil - Hydrologic Constants.Water Regimes.
Soil heat (thermal) regimes.
The origin, properties and micelles structure of ampholitoidescolloids
Physico - chemical absorbing capacity
The energy and selectivity of cations adsorption
Soil properties depending of exchangeable cations
Exchangeable acidity. What is pH?
Lime requirements. Rate of gypsum application
Soil air, a gaseous phase of the soil, properties and mechanisms of soil air flow
Soil porosity and aeration porosity
Soil water potential, hydraulic conductivity, всисна сила. Plant Available Water Capacity (AWC), field water capacity.
Convection, Conduction and Condensation of Energy Flow in the Soil.

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