Questions on Literature of Country under Study

Questions on Literature of Country under Study
Old English literature (the Beowolf)
The Medieval period. Middle English literature( G. Chaucer, Canterbury Tales)
English Renaissance: Elizabethan period. Jacobean period. Late Renaissance (W. Shakespear, the Sonnets, J.Milton, Paradise Lost)
The Age of Reason/Restoration Age.18th century: Augustan literature. Age of sensibility (D. Defo, J.Swift)
Romanticism. (R.Burns, W.Scott, P.B.Shelley, Lord Byron)
Victorian literature. New Directions(Queen Victoria, B.Shaw, J.Austen, C. Dickens, Sisters Bronte)
The 20th century English literature(Eliot, D.H.Lawrence, V. Woolf , G.Greene, K.Mansfield)
W. Shakespeare’s tragedies (Shakespeare’s language, plot of any tragedy: “King Lear”, “Macbeth”, “Hamlet”, “Othello”)
Peculiarities of Shakespeare’s sonnets. (Shakespeare’s language, plot / topics of Shakespeare’s sonnets)
Peculiarities of R. Burns’ poems. (Burn’s language, plot / topics of Burn’s poems)
Peculiarities of Charles Dickens’ novels. (Charles Dickens’ style of writing, plot of any novel: “Oliver Twist”, “Dombey and Son”, “David Copperfield”)
Peculiarities of Oscar Wilde’s fairy-tales. (Oscar Wilde’s style of writing, plot of any of his fairy-tales: “A Devoted Friend”, “A Happy Prince”, “A Selfish Giant”)
Peculiarities of R. Kipling’s poem “If ”. ( R. Kipling’s language, the plot of the poem)

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