The actor, the producer and the TV host Sergey Svetlakov and the restaurateur Alexander Orlov, having once and for all fallen in love with east kitchen, decided to open ZOLOTO restaurant in Almaty. Gold – represents warm, kind, most sincere relationship between people. Gold - so parents with love call the children, also as well as we treat the guests. Together with team of professional cooks, judges of thin east kitchen, we made the menu of delicious dishes, for the real gourmets. Our culinary masterpieces, will transfer you to the atmosphere of east charm and hospitality. Besides, the menu includes the European, vegetarian dishes, sushi and beaters. The bar menu will blow your mind and taste author's cocktails, an extensive wine list, choice of tea and traditional drinks. At us give exclusive east hookah. Tobacco of manual operation and modern technologies will please the most refined gourmet. ZOLOTO is glad also to the least guests: after a tasty lunch each child will leave with a beautiful balloon. We will organize buffet receptions, banquets, and also we provide the hall for carrying out various actions and celebrations. Exit servicing of activities works.
In today's forcefull business sector administrations inside of the same commercial ventures get to be increment and because of this reason administrations commercial enterprises separate the conveyance of the administrations and item make situating through the diverse correspondence channels (Wallin Andreassen, 1998). With respect to as administrations are worried there is more should be engaged while advertising administrations offerings to the other locale or country. There must be a few controls over it in light of the fact that it must be promoted finely and remembering the way of life and traditions of other country. Administrations can be best offered by comprehension the need of global business sector and the patterns of individuals about the administrations there. There may be a need of changing a few standards or offering while moving starting with one nation then onto the next. Administrations ought to be planned as per the necessity of the clients. In the event that we discussing the item quality and quality in administrations individuals are more care full to pick the solid item furthermore require the better environment. In sustenance industry individuals are eating out frequently however they are expansion sparing the salary and after that utilization it for the better nourishment and better environment.
Customers are the key components for any business in light of the fact that on the off chance that you have no client then you have no business on the grounds that any business through the clients ,so for the any business it important to fabricate the clients for the business and also fabricate the cozy relationship on the grounds that it is important to create solid brand in business sector. Consumer loyalty is the one component which can gauge the business worth and in addition business development so the consumer loyalty is essential in any business in light of the fact that it can lead your business in benefit side or misfortune side. It is a bit much every time fulfill your client on the grounds that distinctive clients utilize the item in distinctive style, talk diverse about the item however the most hazardous thing is the expression of mouth in light of the fact that you can't stop each individual even you give the best item yet regardless they contend that item is bad at some point (Khan 2012)

2)Problem Statement
We are occupied with the general issue of removing and compressing data contained in casual correspondence. Restaurant exchange notice sheets give a fascinating space to separating and abridging data. There are various sheets where individuals examine and survey restaurants. These sheets have a tendency to be a great deal more up and coming, broad and obstinate than different venues. In any case, it can be hard to find every one of the surveys of a specific restaurant and outline the suppositions. Pursuit gives a successful answer for discovering strings that talk about a specific restaurant. Be that as it may, seek makes a lackluster display of determining references. Numerous discourses specify the restaurant name sparingly, making full utilization of the setting of past posts; numerous posts that audit an restaurant never specify the restaurant by name. We are intrigued in doing the employment that pursuit can't: naturally deciding setting so that every sentence (or some portion of sentence) may be connected to the suitable restaurant(s). When connection is determined, one can present audit data in a more open and comprehensible structure, posting just the sentences that are applicable to the restaurant being referred to. Given the capacity to decide conclusion, one can likewise accumulate an outline assumption, demonstrating the quantity of individuals who like/abhorrence the restaurant.
The principal goal is to decide the diverse variables which influence the consumer satisfaction.
The second goal is to the cost of items in distinctive eateries
Third goal is to figure out if the quality straightforwardly influence the consumer satisfaction.
3)Literature View
3.1 Store-as-a-brand strategy
The retailer who is a brand, will have a chance to fortify its enthusiastic, furthermore balanced relations from it customers. The reasonable relations could be come to if procedure of buys is made simpler or if the customer feels fetched from its buy. Then again, the enthusiastic connection - the vessel could be come to, shopping results in an amusement and extraordinary experience for the customer. Coming to and discerning and the passionate relations, eatery of a tail, can move being a the straightforward wholesaler of items to arrive an in number brand it separates it from different retailers (Paul, 2007). A few retailers of garments of the main brand led the pack and marked their eateries. For instance, RUMI uncommon eatery of pilaf. The outline of items and displaying are propelled subjects of East kitchen with the environment of eatery replication extensive, (Worker, 1996). In the same way BAHAR is dispensed with unmistakable eatery the picture of the present day perspective encompassed with marble overlapping rich marble adjustments, faint lighting, uproarious music and solid fragrance. Likewise, retailers can do eatery as a brand methodology, focusing not just on elements which influence customers sentiments (i.e., environmental impetuses), additionally and on reach items at eatery (Paul, 2007). On the off chance that customers feel partition in the middle of items and
the environment of eatery, they could change to different eatery, exchange to loss of offer to the retailer. In this examination, eatery barometrical variables (i.e., social, outline and encompassing comments).
4)Model Development & Hypothesis
4.1 Stimulus-organism
The atmosphere of restaurant comprises of a few comments (i.e., motivating forces) it have sway on an interior evaluation of customers (i.e., living being). The bread cook (1987) the grouped retail air parts in social, plan and encompassing elements. Social components fit in with the representative's sand different customers in eatery. Outline components location to visual components of space which tend to exist in forward front of attention to customers (for instance, shading, course of action, structural engineering). Encompassing components fit in with then on - visual to components of space, such as temperature, music, and lighting (Baker, 1987). In the event of social comments, Baker etal. (1994) and Singh (2006) discovered utilized as the reference section impact of staff of eatery on enlightening evaluations. Certainly, Cook of etal. 2(1994) researched impact of eatery workers on certain enlightening appraisals, for example, the customer decisions about nature of merchandise, nature of administration and full picture of shop. Their outcomes demonstrated that eatery portrayed by social variables of the picture of renown (for instance, there are more than deals the faculty on a story, the business work force conveying an expert clothing furthermore, the server inviting customers at a passageway of eatery), were secured as guaranteeing more quality administration, than the eatery described by social elements of the rebate picture (for instance, the few garcon on the floor, deals work force which is not conveying an expert clothing is likewise not show welcome of the eatery offered at a pass. In the same way Singh, (2006) built up that social comments impactsly affect certain instructive gauges, for example, it is secured proficiency, cost and nature of administration. In Bitner (1990) research, a conspirational environment, demonstrating the representative in the nonprofessional clothing which impact a disappointment of the customer of eatery when administration disappointment happened. Without a doubt, there is an immediate association between social comments and educational evaluations at eatery settlement.
4.2 Customer Satisfaction
Fulfillment of the purchaser. For a decade ago the business of eatery more perceived estimation of fulfillment of the customer and experience. In quick change of the business environment today, fulfillment of the customer is a basic variable for the business of eatery to bolster and enhance their benefit. The past examines found that fulfillment of the shopper advances productivity of the organization and buyer unwaveringness (Fornell, 1992; Fornell, and so on., 1996), idea of fulfillment of the purchaser is capacity of customer desires (Shiffmen and Kenuk, 2004). The customer which experience falls underneath desires won't be fulfilled. Customers which occasions meet desires will be fulfilled. What's more, customers which desires are surpassed, will be exceptionally fulfilled or charmed. Hence, we can characterize fulfillment of the customer as observation the individual of execution of an item or administration concerning his or her desires. Customers will have steadfastly different desires of new eatery. (DOBROTA1 marine, gathering of platitudes of NIKODIJEVI Ć 2, Dobrivoje MIHAILOVI Ć 2,201)
Picking between different, particularly bring down beneficial customers have a cutoff value which restricts a decision to littler amount. The cost of an item was distinguished as a basic element in a nourishment decision, particularly among youth (Karjaluoto, and so forth., 2003a; Karjaluoto, and so forth., 2003b). By method for the survey they found that other than the new cost of specialized accomplishments there was the most persuasive element. We should look as the value specifies the arrangement of shopper buy in Alma-Ata.
The relationship between consumer loyalty and administration quality is a questionable issue in the writing. There is a general assention by scientists that the ideas of consumer loyalty and administration quality are amazingly interrelated. Despite the fact that fulfillment and administration quality are close in significance; they are unmistakable. Seen administration quality was clarified as a type of demeanor and a long-run general assessment of an item or administration, while consumer loyalty was considered as an exchange particular assessment (Bitner, Booms and Tetreault, 1990; Cronin and Taylor, 1992; Oliver, 1981; Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry, 1988). Various specialists (e.g. Cronin and Taylor, 1992; Oliver, 1997; H. Lee, Y. Lee and Yoo, 2000; Ting, 2004 and Kim et al., 2009) upheld that administration quality is one of the primary drivers of consumer loyalty. High administration quality normally prompts abnormal state of consumer loyalty, yet consumer loyalty is likewise affected by a few different elements, for example, value, individual and situational calculates, and is a passionate assessment (Cronin and Taylor, 1992); hence, consumer loyalty is not a critical indicator of administration quality. So also, Spreng and MacKoy's (1996), Lee et al's (2000) and Ting's (2004) learns about the connections between administration quality and fulfillment demonstrate ex4perimental backing to this idea.
Since the "item offering" for a full administration eatery is liable to be surveyed by assessing a real item (the feast) and by where it is conveyed (physical spot), we chose to independent the unmistakable quality measurement in Service and quality into its two viewpoints: nourishment quality and the physical configuration of the eatery. The previous has been examined before alongside unwavering quality. From the viewpoint of physical configuration, natural analysts recommend that people respond to puts with two general, and inverse, types of conduct: methodology or shirking (Mehrabian and Russell, 1974). It has been proposed that notwithstanding the physical measurements of a business pulling in or discouraging choice, the physical outline of a business can likewise impact the level of achievement buyers accomplish once inside (Darley and Gilbert, 1985). This includes research on the "administration scape" (Bitner, 1992) which is the "manufactured man-made environment" and how it influences both clients and workers in the administration process. Subsequently, we recommend that: The better the physical outline and appearance of the eatery, the more noteworthy the level of client fulfillment.
5)Proposed Model
I took for factors three factors, first one is restaurant quality, second one is restaurant
price and last one is restaurant quality. My independent variable is customer satisfaction, and dependent variables are quality, service, and price.

QqCustomer Satisfaction on Restaurant


(Kurniawan, 2010).There is certain relationship between administration quality and the consumer satisfaction. Quality's p value accepted.
Summary Output Regression Statistics Multiple R 0,406091 R-Square 0,16491 Adjusted R-Square 0,147142 Standard Error 2,163127 Observation 49 ANOVA   dfSS MS F Significance F Regression 1 43,42844 43,42844 9,281332763 0,00379 Residual 47 219,9185 4,679117 Total 48 263,3469         Coefficients Standard Error t-Statistics P-Value Lower 95% Upper 95% Lower 95,0% Upper 95,0%
Y-Intercepts 7,081197 2,67747 2,644735 0,011080022 1,694823 12,46757 1,694823 12,46757
31 0,255155 0,083753 3,046528 0,003789868 0,086666 0,423644 0,086666 0,423644
(Skindaras, 2009).Price and consumer satisfaction have a positive relationship. (Lim, 2010).
Price's p value is rejected.
Summary Output Regression Statistics Multiple R 0,318174 R-Square 0,101235 Нормированный R-квадрат 0,082112 Standard Error 2,24408 Observation 49 ANOVA   DfSS MS F Значимость F Regression 1 26,65985321 26,65985321 5,293964804 0,025882 Residual 47 236,6870856 5,035895438 Total 48 263,3469388         Coefficients Standard Error t-Statistics P-Value Lower 95% Верхние 95% Нижние 95,0% Верхние 95,0%
Y-Intercepts 12,04452 1,401495642 8,594048578 3,35661E-11 9,225076 14,86397 9,225076 14,86397
12 0,321124 0,139566878 2,300861753 0,025882327 0,040352 0,601896 0,040352 0,601896
(Chang, 2000).Service and consumer satisfaction have a positive relationship.
Service's p value is rejected
Summary Output Regression Statistics Multiple R 0,572662 R-Square 0,327942 Adjusted R-Square 0,313642 Standard Error 1,940523 Observation49 ANOVA   dfSS MS F SignificanceF Regression 1 86,36241 86,36241 22,93439791 1,71E-05 Residual 47 176,9845 3,765628 Total 48 263,3469         Coefficients Standard Error t-Statistics P-Value Lower 95% Upper 95% Lower 95,0% Upper 95,0%
Y-Intercepts 2,941686 2,571267 1,144061 0,25839164 -2,23103 8,114407 -2,23103 8,114407
23 0,511824 0,106875 4,788987 1,71049E-05 0,296819 0,726829 0,296819 0,726829

7)Research Methods
The exploration information accumulated by means of study with a poll. Overview research strategy is utilized to accumulate the data from test of individuals in light of the fact that review has preference of assembled the data is speedy, in costs, productivity and precise method for accumulate the data about the populace and irregular inspecting is utilized for the information gathering.

8)Population, Sample Size & Data Collection
During survey 50 questionnaires were distributed to different aged people in restaurant "Zoloto"
Male Female
52% 48%

<20 21-30 31-40 41-50 50<
6% 42% 26% 18% 8%
Married Unmarried
50% 50%
Several times in week Once a week Several times a month One time in some months
20% 24% 28% 28%
Will you recommend Yes No
76% 24%
In Figure1 shows as percentage of gender that attend our restaurant. 52% of Male and 48% of Female attend our "Zoloto", it means male attend higher than female.
In Figure2 shows as percentage of age that attend our restaurant. Age analysis of respondents indicates that most of the respondents fall in the age group of to 20 years as it was indicated by 6 percent respondents in the sample. The second was 42 percent of respondents who were 21-30 year old. 26 percent was the 31-40 years of respondents. And the last 8 percent of bigger than 50 years old.
In Figure3 shows as percentage of status. There will be 50/50 percentage of married and unmarried people.
In Figure4 shows as percentage of attendance. As you see 20% of people attend our restaurant several times in week. 24% of people attend our restaurant once a week. 28% of people attend our restaurant several times a month. And last 28% of people attend our restaurant one time in some months.

In Figure5 shows as percentage of people that will recommend our restaurant for friends and relatives. So 76% of people will recommend and 24% of people will not recommend our restaurant for his friends.
Arbitrary testing system makes every one of the individuals from the populace an equivalent opportunity to be incorporated into the example. In this study, both quantitative and subjective information were utilized. The subjective information was gotten from the essential wellsprings of information. Then again, the quantitative information was gathered from both essential and auxiliary wellsprings of information. The essential information was gathered through administrating poll. The auxiliary information was gotten from reports, manuals, and diverse diaries. The fundamental instrument of information accumulation was surveys. In surveys all things were measured by a 5 point Likert Scale extending from "Absolutely Disagree (1) to Strongly Agree(5).The organized poll itself was planned in order to make it simple to answer and to cover the majority of the normal exploration questions. Besides, the poll was planned to evoke data on both demographic and item utilize parts of the respondents. The poll was made an interpretation of into generally utilized, reasonable by local people dialect (i.e. Russian) for simple comprehension and effortlessness. In this exploration extend, the survey was pre-tried on various respondents who were comparative to the individuals who were to be incorporated into the study as far as foundation attributes keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that the directions and the implications of the inquiries were straightforward, clear, unambiguous and advantageous to the subjects. A sum of five people were taken an interest in the pilot study. Changes were made in like manner and the data of these people was thought seriously about.
To meet the predetermined exploration targets, both subjective and quantitative information examination were utilized for the study reason. Both clear and inferential measurements techniques for information examination were utilized. Unmistakable measurements like recurrence disseminations, diagrams, graphs and inferential insights like connection and numerous relapses was utilized to inspire significant data. The information section and investigation was performed by utilizing Microsoft Excel.
10)Hypothesis Testing
This research checked model of satisfaction of the consumer for the restaurant industry using the structure defined for the transaction. Results assume that our model well explains satisfaction of the consumer and that restaurant of full service owners and managers have to concentrate on three main elements – service quality, price and quality of food (or reliability) – if needs to be considered satisfaction of the consumer as a strategic variable and increased. From results it was defined that measurement of quality of service was most of all important for clients. This measurement of a multisign covers all signs of personal contact employees with clients, whether including employees were fast, courteous, well informed, tidy in emergence, the obliging, attentive, and understood client requirements. It is instructive to note that courtesy and knowledge of the menu which is considered usually as points of a guarantee loaded by measures of a ready response. In restaurant business, it was possible to consider the server easily who is well informed on the menu to be able to consumer inquiries or questions it is effective; therefore it could do be perhaps noticed as point of a ready response. In the same way to be courteous how clients want the contact personnel to "answer" their presence – therefore an explanation of its communications. Interestingly, appearance of the server is also loaded with a ready response but not with "physical design" points (i.e. material values). Whether there was it, because ours measures of material values included only one feature of the employee and four features of restaurant, or whether the tidy employees again represent as clients expect the personnel to be at their presence, a controversial issue and additional investigation demands. Actually, as last researches have offered (The motorman, 1990; Aandaleeb, 1998; Aandaleeb and Simmonds, 1998), our results, apparently, confirm this strict commitment to certain measures in various contexts can not be corresponding. As certain example, it can be absolutely reasonable for the employee knowledge which will be categorized as point of a guarantee in the risky the context based on belief, such as medical services or legal services, but as point of a ready response in lower risk based on experience context, such as food outdoors, assuming that contexts can values of change of subjective measures. This statement it has to be recognized and further it is turned by researchers so that reasonable interpretations of measures could prevail requirement to adhere to popular models or traditional interpretations of measures which can consider some as invariable.
11)Conclusion & Recommendations
Results of this examination advance change of the hypothesis of nature of administration and give profound assentions to administration of eatery of the russian business in Almaty. The current results expect that a few elements imperative for customers are excluded in scale. For instance, nature of nourishment is the most impressive estimation as administration, furthermore the most extensive indicator of fulfillment of the customer . This new size of estimation along these lines maybe measures nature of administration adequately in the Russian setting of eatery as it was detailed and checked in the Russian connection.
Consequences of this exploration likewise put in the cutting edge some down to earth values. Estimation of an insurance and sensitivity offered that costs in preparing of the representative and change of nature of nourishment were seen as required speculations. Administration suppliers need to give careful consideration to preparing and approval of their laborers of administrations industry to search for approaches to make a lunch great for their customers. The Russian administrators of eatery can utilize this size of estimation of nature of administration as the appraisal instrument to assess a level of value which they give them to customers and to decide those sizes and indications of administration where their organizations request change. This exploration is subjected to specific limitations. In the first place, examination was executed on the little size an example, and the specimen was gotten by accommodation choice. However the specimen in this exploration is more different in correlation with the homogeneous example utilized as a part of a few inquires about (for instance, Qin and Pributok 2009). Future exploration around there can need to utilize choice of likelihood and greater volume of determination.
Further research is likewise important to characterize elements which can impact fulfillment of the customer, for example, the cost, the caught expense to build the level of fulfillment of the shopper in the Russian segment of eatery. Other conceivable region for future examination needs to enhance streaming inside of the Russian setting of eatery and research the new degree of the captured nature of administration in the business of eatery in Almaty.
In all business or association consumer satisfaction is most essential component or issue and it is think about as a more substantial and solid input from the clients about your business and for the decency of any business consumer loyalty assume a fundamental part in the business sector field, and to gauge the consumer loyalty diverse variables are select in the concentrate such like value, quality in administration and the earth of the eateries ,and through distinctive investigation it is inferred that there is sure and hugeness relationship between these variables and the clients fulfillment.
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