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Customer Relationship Management System“LEScrm”Student: Les MirasAcademic supervisor: M.Sc Shalkarbayuly A. Problem BackgroundWe could not find quickly needed informationWe lost deadline of projects submissionTasks incorrectly were scattered on all the projectsIt was not possible to store any information onlineAs a result, our working process was not organized and optimized Solution of problemCRM system is a piece of technology used to organise, automate and synchronise all of the customer facing areas within your company: from marketing to sales to customer service to technical support.It gives you the time to develop other areas of your business, whilst giving you the reassurance that you’re not letting your existing clients down or responding to new enquiries in an efficient manner. Idea and description of the applicationIdea of my project consist of organization and automation workflow, by developing universal system for company which are need it, and introduction it into workflow. After introducing, my system must increase productive work for whole company. Also it helps to staff be organized on their daily works, and communication with clients. Project goals and objectivesSystem should automate tasks, such as processing and storage of information, the projects management and tasks management and etc. System should be stored in itself all the work of the information and provide it in the form of a web application to access it was to anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.Global objective of the system is that to the company's employees came to work, turn on their computers and sign in into the system. And the system should shows the state of his current projects and the list given tasks on today, and much more other information needed for efficient work. Pages and modulesProjects. Storage and processing of all the company's projects. The distribution of projects by customers and project managers. Linking customer with his projects. Delivering status for each project for the time of its existence. Adding history of changes for each project.Tasks. Creating tasks and subtasks. Adding tasks for specific projects. Clients. Storage and processing of all the company's customers. Adding projects to the client.Staff. Adding new employees into the system. View information of each employee and his current tasks.Blackboard manager. Shows information about projects on dashboard page.Chat manager. Improve collaboration between employees with online chat on the main page. How to use it? Used technologies Database architecture Screens of applicationMain page. Chat module. Screens of application (cont.)Main page. Dashboard manager. Screens of application (cont.)Task manager. Screens of application (cont.)Projects page. Conclusion and Future PlansStage of testing for real-world conditions www.crm.leseng.kzAll the set technical specifications have been implemented.The system is not only technically good, but in terms of design complies with the trend of modern design.System will many times be improve upon receipt of recommendations from users. It will be added many more features to its extensive work.Learned a lot, not only in technical terms, but also in the design industry and business processes, and management of the whole company, as well as acquired irreplaceable experience building such large systems.

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