Our next door neighbor … his car every Sunday.washesWe invited them to our party but they ____not to come.decidedSome friends of mine ____their own house. They hope it will be finished before next summer.are building
I____ with some friends until I find a living
Don't disturb me. I____
Ann is in hospital.' 'Yes, I know. I____ her tomorrow.'am going to visit
I think Ann ____the present we ____for her.will like/bought
'Would you like something to eat?''No, thanks.I____ just lunch.'have had
I waved to her but she____.wasn’t looking
I saw you in the park yesterday. You ____on the grass.were sitting
Linda ____her passport again. It's the second time this has happened.has lost
At first I thought I'd done the right thing, but I soon realized that I_____ a serious mistake.had made
<question2>When their first child was born, they ____for three years.had been married
My friend ____by that time.will have returned
Hurry up, or we’ll … the bus!missThree people were captured at the…today trying to get into the country.borderThere's a fantastic … from the top of the Empire State Building!viewOnce we get to the hotel, let's just … quickly and then do a bit of sightseeing. check in
I'm going to ask for directions because I think we've … our way.lostPassengers requiring a special meal during the flight should inform the airline in …advance
You need a passport to cross the … between Mexico and the United States.borderWe usually do go by train, even though the car … is a lot quicker.journeyMy brother and I … swimmingalmost every day last summer.wentWhen the robbery happened, the security guard … !was sleeping
I wanted to say goodbye to Jerry, but he … .had already left
Why don't you … a go? It's not difficult!makeI’m not very fond … .of playing in a goal
There's little … of our getting into the final.chanceIt's … time you learned to swim.highShe'd … hours lying on her bed, reading.spend… your time - don't rush.TakeI always enjoy our school … to France.tripI'm not siding … her because she's my sister, but because she's right.withThe current champion was knocked … .out in the second round of the competition
Each player takes it … turn to roll the
It was the first time I … a live match.had ever seen
'You live in a huge house, don't you?' 'Yes, but we … !'didn't use to
'Why were you so tired yesterday?' 'Because I … all morning.'had been jogging
He'd been planning to leave the team the … time, and hadn't told anyone.wholeJust … your best-that's all anyone can ask of
Grandma... a lot of pleasure from gardening.getsTime … so quickly when you're doing something enjoyable.passesRachel is mad … the Eurovision Song Contest.aboutTom burnt his hand when he ____the dinner.was cooking
I'm really tired of travelling so much.' 'I thought youa bit quiet.'seemedCarl wasn't very good at mountain climbing as he's afraid of… .heightsOur new coach is popular … the whole team.with'Whose is this plane ticket on the floor?' 'Oh, it…to me.Thank you.'belongsThe man sitting next to me on the plane was very nervous. He ____before.hadn’t flown
I was disappointed that the restaurant had … flowers on the table.artificialI got a new baseball … yesterday.bat
Sarah and Michael’s … seems to make both of them unhappy.relationAnybody found stealing from this shop will be …prosecuted
Grace thinks she’s very …, but I don’t think many people like her, really.popularI glanced at the newspaper and saw that the newspaper and saw that the … said ‘President Resigns’.headlineIf our flight is delayed, will we … our connection in Los Angeles?missThe doctor told Bill that he needed … on his arm.surgeryI … the whole of War and Peace by the time I was seven years old.had read
Karate hurt my hands at first, but I finally … it in the used to
Before she retired, my grandma … go for a run every morning before work.wouldI … for the match to begin when suddenly a dog ran onto the pitch.was waiting
The … in the stadium all cheered the athletes.spectatorsIt is not always easy to … the difference between fact and opinion.tellJ.K.Rowling has … an enormous influence on children’s literature.hadChoose the right variant: I ….. my work and I am going home nowhave finished
The debate will … place tonight.takeI could spend hours …. the Internet surfing
In my …, freedom of the press must be maintained.viewThey said … the news that the price of petrol is going up again.on;
The issue … question is more complex than you
They …a description of the robber on Crime Time and it sounded like you!gaveWatch … for words like ‘so-called’ in articles as they express the writer’s bias.outI love watching … programmes, and I love politics, so you’d think I’d enjoy watching … being interviewed on TV.discussion, politicians
Theprogramme usually … on at half past eight comes
The tabloid completely … that story about Bruce Willis. It’s not true at all!made up
I saw the interview while I was … through a magazine at the hairdresser’s.flicking<question3>They were … out free tickets to the concert to everyone in the shopping center.handingWhy did you have to bring that subject … at dinner?upThey mentioned it in the article but they didn’t … into detail.goWe had the volume turned down, so I couldn’t make … what they were talking about.outIf this theory about parallel universes … correct, it … that we’re living in more than one universe at the same, means
Everyone said they had … themselves at the wedding.enjoyedMost … people have no idea what it’s like to be famous.ordinary
Mary seems to go out with a different … of friends almost every night.groupMy dad says he once met Robbie Williams when he was still … .unknown
If I … a lottery I’d dive some of the money to each member of my family.wonI lost the key that he …… to me.had given
After his father ……… to John’s teacher, he took the belt.Had spoken
I hope I’ve got … money to pay for this meal!enoughWhat do they mean: chase after, get away?follow sb/smth quickly in order to catch them, escape punishment
Fiona can’t … about the meeting. I reminded her this morning!have forgotten
I (to ring) him up before I (to leave) the country.will ring/leave
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive: In every day speech Great Britain …. to mean the United Kingdom.consistsChoose the correct form of the verb in Passive: The UK … of four made up
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive: In the mourning English people have just a cup of coffee with a toast or something similar.This…a “continental breakfast”.is called
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive: The British Isles…from the European continent by the North Sea, and the English Channel.are separated
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive: The UK … as a highly developed industrial countryis known
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive: The UK …. by the elected government with the prime minister at the head is ruled
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive: English kings and queens … in Westminster Abbey.are crowned
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive: Washington … after the first president of the USA, George Washington.was named
<question2>Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive: New York … in the natural harbor of the mouth of the Hudson located
Choose the Russian equivalent: New York is known for its restaurants.Нью-Йорк известен своими ресторанами;
Choose the correct form of the modal verb. God … not be everywhere, therefore he created mothers.mightChoose the correct form of the modal verb. He who falls today, … rise tomorrow. canChoose the correct form of the modal verb. … each day bring you closer to your better health.canChoose the correct form of the modal verb. … not walk on the grass!mustChoose the correct form of the modal verb.Do I … do this job for her? have to
If I… about it, I… them.knew… should visit
If he… time yesterday, he… the film.had had… would have seen;
If it… last Monday, they… to the park.had not rained… would have gone
I wish he … here.wereI wish you… earlier.cameIf he … here he would do this work.wereHe ran as if he… a sportsman.were;
She spoke as if she… the problem.had known
They suggested that the work… next week.would be done
It is important that they… at work at seven o clock.should be
He speaks as if he… his lesson.knowsI wish I…could swim
The teacher ordered that the text… immediately.should be translated
Choose the correct answer: Elizabeth ____ to bed at around eleven o’clock.Usually goes
Have you ____ dreamt of winning the lotteryEverI ___ to all the local newspapers and TV stations to complain.Have already written
Find the ending of sentences: I think …I am going to buy the new Racetrack CD.
Find the extra word in the sentence: I’m planning to ___ her in France.Visit
Find the right definition: fareThe money that you pay for a journey
The sunset over Niagara Falls really is magnificent ___Sight
When she was a girl, my mum … live in a village.Used to
My brother and I … swimming almost every day last summer.WentChoose the correct answer: Are you … of travelling?FondWe always listen …To what our coach tells us
I’m thinking of buying a new fishing … .Rob
No one knows what the real … isExplanationWhat did you do while … for the others to come?You were waiting
It was the first time we … to a Mexican restaurant.Had been
Laura is about … meTwo years younger than
Thanks for your e-mail two weeks ago. I know … have replied sooner, but I’ve been so busy.ShouldI really like Lebanese … .Cuisine
Eating so much chocolate really isn’t good … you.ForIf she … at five o’clock, she’ll be there by half past seven.LeavesPeople can become very … when they are stuck in traffic for a long time.Bad-tempered
You … enter that talent contest.Ought to
My arm is really … and I can’t move itSourPollution is improving now that …A few people recycle their rubbish
We ___ to the theatre since last month.haven’t gone
_____ your homework before you went to the cinema? Had you finished
It's necessary … him to do it … this year.for/-
Choose the right variant. He( meet) Mary and (fall) in love with her at first sight.met, fell
John and his friends (to go) to the library now.Are going
Choose the right variant: A mobile phone rang, but the musician just carried … playing. onWhen I arrived, Tom (lie) on the sofa and (speak) over the phone.was lying, was speaking
I really like playing … games like Monopoly and Cluedo. Board
Just ask and I’m sure the other children will let you join … .In
I’ve decided to become a vegetarian and give … meat.UpI just play football for … Fun, and I don’t want to do it as a job
Tony / not / finished / getting / books /readyTony hasn’t finished getting his books ready
Have you ever taken part in any … events, like the high jump or the long jump?AthleticsYou should … sure you’ve answered all the questions on the exam paper. Make
… conclusion, I would say that having a pet has many advantages.InWe can choose our friends, but we can’t choose our… .Relation
Don’t put your hot cup on my new table! It’s … and I don’t want you to burn it.WoodWhen we use … cars, we damage … environment.-/-
The company has … permission to start selling in China.ObtainedApparently, it’s the largest computer store in … .Europe
I don’t know much about computers, so I asked the assistant for … advice.A little
I wish you … to help Michael in the shop last weekend.Wouldn’tI don’t see a lot of … because I live in a big city.WildlifeHe tried to deny … the money, but no one believed him. Taking
Matt hates people who tell lies and … do ISoJane and I listened to Guy’s explanation, but … of us believe.NeitherOskar and Pauline met … secret to discuss the surprise party.InCall me as soon as you … any newsHaveThe CD wasn’t very good quality, … the cost.DespiteDon’t be so …! I’m sure everything will be fine.NegativeI completely agree …With you
You can always rely …On Craig
I’m not old enough to … in this election.VoteJane, … us that joke about the guy who knocks on the door.TellI’m really interested … acting. Tell me about it. by
My MP3 player is better … yours!ThanIf I you … helped me, I would never have finished on time.Hadn’tWhy don’t you take … Off your jacket?
Had you been learning French … several years before you took your first exam?For… that crossword for over an hour and you still haven’t finished it!You’ve been doing
There is a question … the First World War, which you’ve been learning … recently.About/about
John is better player than Martin, isn’t he? – Oh, yes. _____ the match tomorrow, I exept.He’ll win
Wait … the end of the street and I’ll come and meet you.AtYou can come … my house for dinner, if you like.ToRay fell as he was getting …Off the bus and couldn’t walk properly
There is a film on tonight … I really want to see WhichLorenzo, … is from Spain originally, has lived here for about ten years.WhoYou have to … on the world “Next” to see the next web page.ClickEven when he’s very angry, my dad never … or uses bad language.SwearsLet’s go for a swim as soon as we … the hotel.Reachfrom /when/ the/ last/ heard / time/ was/ you/ Nigel/?When was the last time you heard from Nigel?
Is that Paul? He must … from Australia.
Have returned
Your/ losing / keys / playing/ care/ while / was / really / football /!
Losing / your / keys / while / playing/ football / was / really / care!
It's necessary ____ him to do it ___ this year.for/-
Choose the right preposition. I was really scared when I took part … the singing competition last
Take a piece___chalk and write the sentence____the blackboard.of/on
___ Monday morning I had been waiting ___you___two hours but you didn’t come.
Your money ___ on the table in the dining room. isDo you agree_____her?
”He can juggle five balls!” said Angie. Angie said he ____ five balls. could juggle
Look at this wonderful still life – it’s a picture ___ fruit in a bowl. ofWhy … you … my breakfast before I came back? Were you so hungry?had/eaten
When John made his mind to sign up for English course, Tom …already … it.had/done
She … only for half a year for an employer before she was fired.had/worked
When I went to school I was very scared because I … not … my previous homework.had/done
… your mother … the table by the time you were back from Canada?had/laid
We could not send you a postcard because we _____ our address book.had forgotten
We’re going to have ….a party on Saturday
She put on the red dress, which she _____ for ages. had not worn
_____ your homework before you went to the cinema? Had you finished
I went downstairs because I ____a noise.had heard
Sally ___ news since she left university.has reported
Jane is abroad. She ___ three countries.has already visited
_____ dancing lessons?Have you ever taken
I want to buy a new flat. I ___ money for ages.have saved
My uncle is a doctor. He ___ lots of vital operations.has made
She ____ hungry because she (not eat) anything all day.Was/had not eaten
Find the right definition: achieve.To succeed in doing or having something
Find the right definition: apologise.To tell someone that you are sorry for doing something wrong
Find the right definition: advertisement An announcement in a newspaper, on television, on the internet
“… did you see at the fashion show?” Asked Ben.WhoFind the right definition of phrasal verbs: cut off.Completely remove by cutting
Find the right definition of phrasal verbs: pull off .Break by pullingThat‘s great, Cathy.
Did you make that … .YourselfMy mum suggested … bowling, but I didn’t think that was a good idea.GoingUncountable noun.Paper
The experiment … worked was the last one.which
Scientists haven’t found a … for that disease yet.cureShona could … before she learnt to talk properly!singWhen you thought they had enough evidence, the police … the man with murder.chargedI’m thinking of buying a new fishing ….rod
Nobody (to see) him yesterday.sawI can’t say whether Bob (to do) the work perfectly, but he (to do) his best.will do/will do
She has nobody to speak to.оның сөйлесетін ешкімі жоқ
She hoped (to help) her help
Her ring was believed (to lose) until she happened (to find) it during the general be lost/ to find
I’m sure I (to ask) at the lesson tomorrow. shall be asked
Gerund. Why do you avoid (to speak) to me?speakingThe child insisted on (to send) home at once.being sent
If you (to be) busy, I (to leave) you alone.are/shall leaveWe … a swimming pool put in this week.are having
Why don’t you get a doctor … at your arm?to look
My teeth were a little yellow so I … by the dentist.had them cleaned
Stuart’s thinking of having …!his head shaved
My sister … her ear pierced last weekend.gotMum and Dad didn’t fancy cooking, so we got a pizza….delivered
You should … a professional to check your house for earthquake damage.getKelly wanted to have a live band … at her wedding.playCan we … this summer?have air-conditioning installed
We … while we were on holiday.had our house burgled
If you need to … the teacher’s attention, just put your hand up.attractMake sure you … your homework before you go
Could I … a suggestion? Why not have piano lessons?makeI really don’t … the point of taking the exam when you’re not ready for it.seeI’ll meet you at the school gates during the lunch … .break
Do you think could pass that book … to me, please?overMrs Dawson said that we are … our lesson in the library next Monday.overIn English yesterday, we had a discussion … different cultures.about… my opinion, maths shouldn’t be a
When you … the exam tomorrow, try to stay calm and relaxed. takeMy dad wants me to go to university, but I’m in … minds about it. twoI still have a lot … about the English learn
If the examiner can’t … sense of your writing, you’ll get a low mark.makeI hadn’t studied, so when the teacher asked me I had …
Oh, I’m sorry! … disturbing you?Am I
Did Dorothy … you about the meeting on Friday?tell… hot when you were in Spain?Was it
Tony, … got time to call Mrs Roberts?have you
When your boss arrived, … finished the report?had you
I know Jane’s pretty, but … seen someone spend so much time in front of the mirror?have you ever
It’s raining, so … cancel the concert?will they
… pass me the salt, please?Could you
Sir, … repeat what the homework is, please?can you
… the couple you met in France last year staying at the same hotel?WereI know how to pronounce “controversy”, but what …?does it mean
It’s a great idea, but … it will work?do you think
”Who’s that over there?” “Oh, it’s our new teacher, … just started work today”.who”Which CD did you get Marcus in the end?” “I got him the one … said he really wanted to hear”.which he
”Who did you send a Valentine’s card to?” “I’m not telling you, but it was someone … name begins with “B”.”whose”Have you seen Jason Green’s latest film?” “Is that the one in … joins the FBI?”which he
”Why do you like Tania so much?” “Well, she’s one of the few people to … I can really talk.”whom”Why don’t we go to Lionel’s for dinner tonight?” “Is that the new restaurant … has just opened on the other side of town?”which”Could you lend me some money?” “I’d like you to give me one good reason … I should.”why”What do you want to do this summer?” “I think we should go somewhere … has plenty of sun and sand.”thatIt was necessary that they… there in time.would go
She wished now she… the bag.had forgotten
If only he … free!wereSuccess… you!attendIf she… not so absent-minded, she… her keys. were… would not have lost
We wish our exams … over.wereIt is difficult to get there by bus. I wish I … a car.hadSue is taking her English test tomorrow, but she does not know grammar well enough. She wishes she … it better.learntDad is angry with you. I am sorry. I wish I … those offensive words;had not said
We had a wonderful holiday in France. I wish we … there again next summer.would go
Will your sister come to the party? I wish she… some of my friends.would meet
Mag`s lost her key. She wished … so careless.had not been
I wish … I so much money. Now I have to borrow some from my parents.had not spent
Choose the English equivalent: Ученикам объяснили правило.The pupils were explained the rule
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. Don’t come in! Students … examined .are being
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. It was noisy. He .. not being listened to. wasPut the phrase in Active voice into Passive voice. Everybody listened to him with great attention.He was listened to with great attention
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. He … after in the hospital much better.will be looked
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. Does he realize that he … being laughedChoose the correct form of the verb in Passive. When the fire brigade came, the building … destroyed by the fire already.has been;
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. All the business letters … answered by noon.will have been
Choose the Russian equivalent: The papers will have been received by tomorrow.Бумаги будут получены к утру
Choose the Russian equivalent: The doctor has been sent for. За доктором уже послали
Terry had a terribly headache yesterday. He wished he …less at the party.had Drunk
Sarah looks upset. Her husband wishes she … about their son s troubles.Did not worry
I am hungry. I wish it … time for lunch.wereThe cake was so delicious, but I wish there ... so much fat in it.had not been
Are you going to the seaside alone?
I wish my friends… to me.would come
Choose the correct form of the modal verb. Kings … be Kings in all things.ought to
Choose the correct form of the modal verb. A liar … have a good memory.mightChoose the correct form of the verb in Passive. The successful performance of the young actress … much about.will be talked
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive.
Where are the magazines …?keptChoose the correct form of the verb in Passive. He didn’t know when the mail ….was broughtChoose the correct form of the verb in Passive. Yesterday I … to ring.was asked
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. Can’t you hear, we …spoken about now?are being
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. We … much interesting yesterday.were shown
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. The breakfast … just….by mother.has been cooked
Choose the correct form of the verb in Passive. She said that the picture … with a pen.had been drawn
Choose the correct form of the English verb in Passive. Этот фильм показывали по телевизору, когда я вернулся домой.shown
Choose the correct form of the English verb in Passive. Новые фильмы показывают по телевизору каждый день.shows
Choose the correct form of the modal verb. It was the first and the last ceremony I … see.was to
Choose the correct form of the modal verb. A gentleman … be honest in his actions.should
Choose the correct form of the modal verb. Law makers … not be law breakers.should
At colleges of education the key subject is …HhistoryA residential college is …a college with a hostel
Young people can enter the university after fishing …high school
In our university examinations are held …at the end of each term;
The courses of studies is longer …at the university
A freshman is … a first-year student
The subjects at the university are divided into …compulsory and additional;
Final examinations are taken …At the end of a courses of studies
“To catch up the group” means.Догнать группу;
“To work by first and starts” means:Работать урывками
“Провалить экзамен”To pass an exam;
At the lecture students … Take notes
During winter and summer sessions students …Get credits and pass exams
After finishing school young people usually …Enter the university
Give a synonym: to be good at.To do well in
Translate:отставать от группы.To get behind to group
A good teacher treats his students with ...Respect
The students … in the Russian museum last night. Last month they … in the Hermitage.were, were
… you … at school tomorrow? – yes, I …will be, will
The neighbours …not happy because her children … too noisy.are, are
Art … long, life …, is
He is … wonderful teacher. He teaches … History.a, -
He … with his family now. His sons … so much exited. is, are
Yesterday he … in Geneva. Tomorrow he … in London.was, will be
I asked him …not to go away
While he … to London he saw an accident.was driving
I’ll speak to him when he …arrives
I … this test for at least half an hour.have been doing
Would you mind waiting … minutes?a few
Can you do it yourself? –Yes, I can do it …myself
While I was in Paris, I . .. every night.went sights

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