My University

My University
I am a first-year student of the NATIONAL RESEARCH MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (NRU MGSU). This university is one of the oldest universities of Russia. Its history started in 1921. Nowadays this university is one of the most prestigious educational institutions of our country.
I study at the Institute of Construction and Architecture. I’m a bachelor of the first year of the university. The faculty prepares specialists who are able to provide positive changes in the construction industry and to combine production, design, research and enterprise. The level of education in our University meets high requirements of Russian employers.
Today the construction industry is one of the most important branches of our economy. Our University has the task to prepare students to perform different jobs for a building complex. For this purpose, our University takes part in various research activities, scientific studies and international conferences.
The University has a four-year course of study. The academic year runs from September to July. There are 2 terms at the end of which the students have their examination-session. The aim of the first stage is to provide a broad foundation for professional knowledge. The first year students study different subjects: mathematics, physics, English, computer sciences and a number of other subjects. We are taught by highly qualified lecturers and professors.
Building engineering is a very important subject that includes planning, design, construction, operation, renovation, and maintenance of buildings, as well as with their impacts on the surrounding environment. We will study civil engineering for building structures and foundation; mechanical engineering for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system and for mechanical service systems; physics for building science, lighting and acoustics; electrical engineering for power distribution and control; chemistry and biology for indoor air quality; architecture for form, function and specifications; economics for project management. Engineering students must know all phases of the life cycle of a building.
I take an active part in everyday student life. The life of my university is full of different events. Our sports team win many university and local sport competitions. I’m sure that studying at our University will give me much knowledge, in theory and practice, and prepare me for effective and interesting work.

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