teen camp De Amicitia

ESDA 0117 – 0517
Gargantilla del Lozoya, Madrid, Spain
ESDA-0117 01/7/2017 - 12/7/2017 Rural Team I (French)
ESDA-0217 17/7/2017 - 28/7/2017 Rural Team II
ESDA-0317 28/7/2017 - 08/8/2017 Rural Team III
ESDA-0417 09/8/2017 - 20/8/2017 Rural Team IV
ESDA-0517 19/8/2017 - 30/8/2017 Rural Team V (French)

Participation: 12 participants, TEEN camp
Age: 15-17
Language: English, SpanishType: ENVI
Local partner and the project: The partner is a consortium of three agrupations: Camping Monte Holiday who is responsible to lodge the volunteers and has donated the land where the project takes place, De Amicitia who is the NGO responsible of developing international volunteer workcamps, and the association Sierra Carpetania who is responsible of the design of the ecological project.
The project includes TWO NIGHTS in Madrid at a youth hostel where participants will be able to explore the city, including some cultural activities such as visit of the Prado Museum, under the supervision of an adult volunteer. De Amicitia will cover the youth hostel expenses, sandwiches, dinner at pizza restaurant, and entrance to Prado museum. We will not support public transport or any other extra expenses.
Work: The farm El Cerro is a local project of creating new natural and agrocultural reserve. The project is unique in whole province of Madrid. The asociacion Sierra Carpetania, together with Camping Monte Holiday are trying to create a complex project of expanse of 200 ha. Thinking of all aspects – agronomy, pasturage and farming, protection of local fauna, tourism and education – this project leads to sustainability and protection of natural and cultural heritage. The work of volunteers will be manual and diverse, from Monday – Friday, approximatelly 5 hours per day. The type of tasks: to clean and maintain ecologic garden, construction of bird boxes and hives, discovery of natural springs, troughs for feeding animals, walls, mantaining touristic paths and making marks for these, and so on. We will also mantain a local trail between two towns that has been illegaly ocupied by a private entity.
Accommodation: provided in small tents (places for 1 or 2) to share within participants, in the Camping Monte Holiday ( HYPERLINK "http://www.monteholiday.com/en/home"http://www.monteholiday.com/en/home), with toilet area, hot water, washing machines and recreation areas, swimming pool and wi-fi connection contained. You need to bring a sleeping bag and a lower sheet. Food will be prepared by volunteers: breakfasts and strong dinner in camping, lunch in a form of picnic will be brought to the place of work. Volunteers are asked to help with preparation of their own breakfasts and they will be provided with fresh drinks.
Location: The workcamp takes place in Gargantilla del Lozoya, small village of Sierra Norte about 80km away from Madrid. Gargantilla is part of several municipalities of the Valley of Lozoya, most of these are little villages but you can find all you need to live. It’s near Buitrago del Lozoya or Rascafría, these are larger villages, and there you can find banks and bigger shops as well.
Terminal: Nearest airport Madrid-Adolfo Suarez-Barajas (www.aena.es).
Meeting point: We will wait for the participants at the airport Madrid Barajas
Extra fee: 200 €
Sleeping bag and lower sheet required.
Capacity to live in tents and in the countryside and to ride a bycicle.
Participants should bring parent authorisation to allow them to go to Madrid the last two days.
Last two days will take place in Madrid at youth hostel.
Smoking and alcohol totally forbiden. Participants who disobey this rule may be asked to leave the workcamp

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