How to complain successfully

How to complain successfully
There are several rules how to complain successfully:
Never shout and swear – it achieves nothing. Don’t spoil your meal or your holiday by getting into an argument with a waiter or customer services call centre operator. Make a mental note of the circumstances and write a letter later.
Don’t send emails, or standard, printed-out complaints forms. Companies may not read these but they probably will read a letter. And unless you are particularly fond of Vivaldi, don’t waste your time ringing a customer complaints line! Your letter should be short and to the point and should fit on one side of A4 paper. And type it. Reading other people’s handwriting is hard work.
Write to the company’s marketing director or finance director, as they’re probably the least busy. Find their name on the internet, or by phoning. Writing Dear Sir / Madam is lazy. Taking the time to find a person’s name and title shows initiative.
If your complaint is serious enough, make it clear you will not hesitate to change to another bank / mobile phone company. Smart companies know that changing an angry customer into a satisfied one will make the customer more loyal.
Don’t say exactly what you expect to receive as compensation. Leave it to the company.
Use phrases like ‘I can only imagine this is an unusual departure from your usual high standards,’ and ‘I would love to shop with you again if you can demonstrate to me that you are still as good as I know you used to be’.

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