Keys. Theme II.4. Task 2.

Keys. Task 2. Theme II.4. Structural parts of speech.Ex. 1.1. The Dead Sea is below sea level. 2. We flew over the Sahara. 3. Paul was sitting opposite Feona and looked at her. 4. The girl was standing under a tree, it was raining hard. 5. Who is the man, sitting next to Mary? 6. Is there a public telephone? - Yes, there is one by the door. 7. Shall I sign on, above or below the line? 8. The bus- stop is round the corner. 9. There is a beautiful fountain in front of the theatre. 10. The doctor bent over the patient. 11. The referee stood between the fighting boxers and stopped the fight. 12. The grandmother divided the pie among the children. 13. The telegraph wires over the streets look so ugly. 14. There is a free seat beside me, sit next to me/beside me. 15. The cinema is just opposite the bus-stop next to the cafe. 16. I couldn’t see very well because a tall young man was sitting in front of me. 17. Instead of keeping her money in the bank my grandmother hides it under the carpet. 18. And she keeps her jewelry in a casket behind the wardrobe.
Ex. 2.1.The highest skyscrapers are in Chicago.
2.In most countries people drive on the right side of the road.
3.I usually buy a newspaper on my way to work.
4.She spends the whole day sitting at the window and watching what is happening outside.
5.I read about the accident on the front page of the newspaper.
6.We normally use the front entrance to the building but there is another entrance at the back of the building.
7.Mr Boyl’s office is on the third floor on the left.
8.Don’t let your children play in the street.
9.My mother gets up very early, she works in the fields.
10.She hasn’t got time to lie in bed or look into the mirror.
Ex. 3.
1. When are you going to Spain? 2. I’ve lost my key but I managed to get into the house through the window. 3. Marcel has just returned from France after two years in England. 4. We’ve been driving for three hours, I would gladly get out of the car and have a short walk. 5. The ball fell off the balcony and rolled onto the road. 6. The gate was closed, we had to climb over the high wall and jump down into the yard. 7. At last we saw a lake in the distance and ran towards it. 8. The hill was rather steep, I didn’t have the energy to cycle up it, so I pushed the bike up the hill.
Ex. 4.1.There was everyone there except my friend Ivan.
2.The library is opened every day except Wednesday.
3.Everyone went to bed except father, he has a lot of work to do.
4.I met all our relatives at the wedding except aunt Ann.
5.He’ll take three exams besides English.
6.There was nobody in the garden except an old man with a dog.
7.Besides those two letters I’ve got a telegramme from her.
8.There were some lecturers there besides Professor Green.
9.They’ve got many presents besides yours.
10.He’s read all the newspaper except “The Times”.
Ex.5.1. He came into the room, sat at the table, took his papers out of the bag. 2. When I was going past the post office I remembered that I must send a letter to my mother. 3. There grew two big trees by the river. 4. We have no other books, except the books, we’ve showed you. 5. The river flew between high banks, running towards the sea. 6. She didn’t sit beside me, she came up to the child’s bed and bent over the child. 7. In Austria the trains often run through tunnels. 8. The steamer sailed down the river. 9. I’ve read some articles on this subject besides the book you gave me. 10. They were walking behind us. 11. They didn’t want to come into the house and were waiting outside (the house). 12. He has spoilt all the pictures, because the sun was in front of us, when it should be behind us. 13. He works at the theatre. He left his coat in the theatre where he watched a new play. 14. They live at 25 Oswald Street.
Ex.6.1.I’m rather sleepy. I went to bed at midnight and got up at six in the morning.
2.I like walking around the town at night. It’s so beautiful and peaceful.
3.Carol got married at 17, it was in 1967, on the 15th of November.
4.I’ll call you on Saturday morning at about 10 o’clock in the morning, okay?
5.It’s difficult to listen when everyone is speaking at the same time.
6.I’m busy at the moment, could you call me at the end of the day, at about 6 o’clock?
7.Would you like to go to the cinema on Friday night? - I’m sorry, I can’t make it this Friday. Let’s go to the cinema next Friday.
8.At the appointed time in the evening Mr Green didn’t come. His secretary said, he’d come back in three days.
9.On that day we got up at dawn. Our journey was to begin.
10.I pay all the bills at the beginning of the month.
Ex.7.1.While there is life there is hope.
2.My daughter sent us a lot of postcards while she was on holiday in Spain.
3.I don’t usually watch TV during the day, but yesterday I was ill and watched TV for three hours.
4.Everyone was bored during the lecture.
5.To learn English Ann went to evening classes at the “Wall Street Institute”. She has learnt a lot during the course.
6.Would you like to sit down while you’re waiting?
7.Do you read during the meal/while you’re eating?
8.Somebody has broken the window while I was sleeping. Did you hear anything?
9.My aunt and uncle lived in London for four years.
10.It was raining during the match but nobody left while our team was playing.
11.The sun gives us light and warmth during the day.
12.I’m going away for a few days. You can stay in my flat while I’m away.
13.While he was living in Italy he studied music.
14.Nobody spoke during the dinner.
Ex.8.1.I spend money like a millionaire.
2.People like Johns always envy their neighbours.
3.I once worked as a bus conductor.
4.You’re just like my brother don’t keep your promises.
5.He was wearing a hat like this one and a green coat.
6.He is more like his mother than his father.
7.Who’s used this vase as a hummer?
8.There is no place like home.
9.The old man ran like an athlete.
10.He was respected both as a judge and a man.
11.He acts like a king.
12.He wrote about Napoleon as a statesman, not as a soldier.
13.It looks like gold, though I’m not sure.
14.As a lawyer, I wouldn’t advise it.
Ex.9.1. at my uncle’s; 2. beside my bed; 3. among; 4. by the sea; 5. by bus; 6. as a bus driver; 7. as in Italy; 8. as a hammer; 9. with an axe, by the stove; 10. At noon, in these latitudes, from it, in the house; 11. between you and me alone; 12. among; 13. besides him; 14. beside herself; 15. anybody like you; 16. reached into her handbag; 17. no difference between them; 18. like a young man; 19. like your daddy; 20. besides you two; 21. except Vasya.
Ex. 10.1. with us; 2. beside me; 3. by the door; 4. like a teenager; 5. with a knife; 6. besides eating; 7. by train; 8. except your students; 9. by the back door; 10. at my girlfriend’s; 11. between us; 12. among friends; 13. into four parts; 14. as the Five Corners; 15. at the Five corners.

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