The Samara State University of Transport is one of the youngest state higher schools in the Samara Region. It trains qualified railway specialists for the Central European part of Russia. The University has a number of branches in such towns as Ufa, Orenburg, Orsk, and Rusayevka.
At present about 14,000 students get higher education at daytime and extra-mural departments. Training is provided on 17 specializations such as: Railway Operation; Railway Construction, Track and Track Facilities; Automation, Telemechanics and Communication; Diesel and Electric Locomotives; Railway Cars; Accountancy and Audit; Management; Power Supply; Railway Economics; Track Construction and Maintenance Machines; Information Systems; Tunnels and Bridges; Electric Public Transport. Students of the extra-mural department have the opportunity to get higher education combining their work with study.
The academic year is divided into 2 terms: from September to January and from February to July. Tests and exams are taken at the end of each term. If the results of the examinations are good, students receive grants, which are given by the state or the enterprise, which has sent him or her to study. Those students who progress successfully and combine studies with scientific-technical activities are paid 25% more. Twice a year there are vacations – two weeks in winter and two months in summer.
The first- and second-year students study such general engineering subjects as Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, and a number of others. The study of foreign languages is also included in the program. Moreover, the students of our University have a good chance to receive deep knowledge of English or German at language courses. In the third year students begin to study specialized subjects; special attention is paid to the development of students' abilities and skills in their chosen specialty. Students have practical training in specially equipped labs and workshops and on the railway. The final year is devoted to working on a graduation project, which is submitted to the State Examination Commission.
After the graduation from our University every student receives a diploma, which gives him/her the right to work as an engineer, an economist, a manager or a bookkeeper. For those students who want to continue their education this higher school has a post-graduate course.

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