Mogilev Mechanical Engineering Technical School was founded in 1947. It was transformed into Mogilev State Polytechnic School in 1966. And it was transformed into Mogilev State Polytechnic College in 2003.
Our college is famous for its high quality of education and strict discipline. Specialists are trained in such specialities as Marketing, Technology of Welding Fabrication, Software of Information Technologies, Automated Electrical Devices, Machine Building Technology.
The education runs into such departments as full-time department and correspondence department.
In order to obtain practical experience all the students of our college have practical training at different enterprises, plants and offices.
Every year thousands of our graduates receive diplomas and start working in different branches of economy and production. Some of them enter higher schools of Belarus.
I recommend you to enter Mogilev State Polytechnic College. As for me I am proud of being a student of it. I can really call my college my second home. It gives me a real pleasure to go there and to communicate with my classmates. My college does not only provide a good education but the teachers try to create a community spirit and encourage us to socialize all together between the years.
In my opinion, only highly qualified specialists can solve the most complex problems facing our society. Knowledge, science and culture open the prospects for the future. So the future of our country in many respects depends upon the quality of education received by its citizens.
1 Let’s talk about Mogilev State Polytechnic College. What are the steps of establishment of it? What specialities are there trained in?
2 Do you agree that our college is famous for its high quality of education? Express your point of view.
3 Imagine that you are interviewing the headmaster of your college. What questions would you like to ask him?
4 Your friend doesn’t know what to do after finishing school. Give him a piece of advice to enter your college.
5 Why is it so important to get a good education?

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