1. Talk about an older relative or someone you know who was brought up in a less privileged way than others.
I would like to tell you about my classmate. To tell the truth I were not on good terms with her, but she didn’t communicate with anyone in our call so I didn’t worry about it. She has always been a little bit shy and very reserved but in spite of that she was an excellent pupil. Her mother worked as a charwoman, her salary was very small and she brought up her two kids on her own. We studied in gymnasium and I remember how it was difficult for her in some aspects that were connected with money. When all pupils in our class had mobile phones, computers she had nothing of these, even her clothes were differ from ours. But although she hadn’t enough money we have always tried to communicate with her because our class was very friendly and we supported on other in any situation. I know that now she is studying to be a teacher in university in Brest. I hope her life will turn out for the best.
2. Talk about a person’s recollections of his/her childhood and his/her family.
Childhood is really wonderful time of life. Many adults want to go back to their childhood, they want to be kids again. Undoubtedly the recollections of our childhood are important part in life. In my opinion, everyone has its own vivid recollection. However, childhood memories can be not so good. I’d like to tell you about Margaret Powell. Her childhood was the hardest time in her life. Her father was out of work and her mother used to go out charring. Not many people could afford a house in those days. They didn’t get enough money to have a house to themselves. It was so difficult time. But her parents cared so much for their children. And I think it’s so important. According to the recollection of my grandmother she also had a difficult childhood. She was born the five years before the Second World War. My granny remembers that her family had own house but it needed to be repaired. And during the war they almost didn’t have food. She had one sister and brothers. And her worked a lot but couldn’t provide for them. But she is grateful to her parents because they brought her up very well.
3. Talk about the qualities a woman needed in the first half of the 20th century in order to make a career in a male-dominated profession in Britain.
Family is an important thing in a woman’s life. Some men are sure that women are born for marriage and children and that’s it. But many women choose to single and prefer a career. I’d like to tell you about Mary Grieve. She was a strong and brave woman. After finishing university she got a job in journalism writing for newspaper. Then she got a job with one of the new women’s magazines that were to become more and more popular. She has always been very determined and purposeful. And after many years of hard work and struggling in a male-dominated profession she eventually reached the top and became the editor of the magazine. She was the first female editor of a magazine or newspaper in Britain. I think it was the beginning of a small revolution in our world. It seemed to me that this woman is worth respecting. Mary didn’t have children, but she loved them and spent a great deal of time with her nieces and nephews. She never married as her work was more important for her and job and marriage didn’t mix in Britain in the 1950’s. In my opinion, Mary Grieve is a good example of strong and independent woman. I think woman who prefer career should be smart, hardworking and successful. She should know what she wants and shouldn’t be afraid of anything.
4. Talk about the psychological problems and changes in the behavior of a child. Compare them with those your brother/sister had when he/she was a child.
To begin with, I’d like to say that up bringing children is very hard sometimes. It’s difficult to get through to a child because he won’t listen to you. Sometimes children’s behavior doesn’t depend on situation or surrounding in which the child is. Normal behaviour in children depends on the child’s age, personality, and physical and emotional development. A child’s behavior may be a problem if it is disruptive. I think that changes in the behavior of a child can be influenced by different psychological aspects or maybe can be influenced by protective reaction. For example a little girl Katy scares down the faces of the playmates if they stood in her way. But this problem can be stopped. You can show a child that only good behavior can be rewarded. I have an elder brother, and I remember that he was very disobedient child. Our father has always shouted at him and punished for everything he did. But it didn’t help because he became angrier and he thought that if I have never been punished by parents they loved me much harder than him. He has always blamed me for everything. I think all that influenced on him little bit, he became more selfish and he is not as close to parents as I am. However, now he is on good terms with me and with parents. As for me I wasn’t a bad child, but my parents sometimes had to tell me off. They never punished me physically but were strict at the same time. I suppose that parents should be strict. There are difficult methods which help parents to cope with kids’ problems.
5. Talk about the daily chores of a British housewife. Compare them with those of a young woman in this country.
Nowadays it’s very difficult for women mix marriage and job. If you want to make a good career you’ll probably have almost no time on your family. That’s why a lot of women are housewives. For example, in comparison with housewives in our country, the daily chores of a British housewife are less difficult and tiresome, but have also minuses. The British housewife takes after her children: feeds them, dresses, washes them, helps to do homework, takes them to school or entertains them. Twice a week she does washing and ironing. She always has time to have a cup of tea, to relax or to have a meal. And of course, she takes after her husband. In our country housewives have all these daily chores too, but if a family lives in the countryside housewife does all the chores around the house plus she can work in the garden and it’s very tiresome. Of course, there are different types of housewives and their chores are different but however their life is very monotonous. But not every woman agrees on sitting at home with children and doing monotonous daily work. Some women want to be more independent, they want their life to be more interesting and various. Especially if a family has monetary some wives want to go back to work to help their husbands maintain a family. But some husbands thing that a women’s place is in the home taking care of children and doing all daily chores. And wife agrees with her husband because she is afraid of taking out with him. But there are also other housewives who are happy about taking care of their husbands and bringing up their children.
6. Talk about the attitude of a housewife to the hardships of life.
Nowadays it’s very difficult for women mix marriage and job. If you want to make a good career you’ll probably have almost no time on your family. That’s why a lot of women are housewives. All over the world housewives takes main responsibilities about the house, doing a lot of hard work every day. In fact sometimes they are dissatisfied with their life. They find it monotonous and boring. Their typical day unusually starts in the early morning. They have to cook, dress their children, take them to school and then do their daily housework: cleaning, then they do some shopping. In the evening the put their children to bed, wash dirty dishes. For example, Diana Harpwood said that she hated her life. As a housewife she almost has no free time for herself. Not every woman agrees on sitting at home with children and doing monotonous daily work. The housewife’s life is really difficult and I think that having a job can make it easier. But there are also other housewives who are happy about taking care of their husbands and bringing up their children.
7. Talk about visitor's impressions of an old country inn
I’d like to say that every person in our quickly developing world needs a special place, where he can have a rest, can stay alone in order to think about his life or just to dream. The author or the story might in a quiet country inn was lucky to find such a place.
At first the author didn’t like the inn, as it seemed gloomy and besides his room was very cold and stuffy. What is more, the window was small and refused to open and the water was icy cold and run away very slowly. So, the author told apologetically about these inconveniences to the … of the inn and she tried to do everything possible to change the situation and make the tenant’s staying more comfortable. Eventually, he was quite satisfied with everything the meal was excellent the fire in the fireplace roasted his legs and the clock in the hall ticked slowly as it must have been ticking for a hundred years. He was happy about being there, he was happy about his life. And he’s going to find his way back there one fine day.
8. Describe an old English country inn
Sometimes being in some unusual place can be unforgettable recollection, especially if you spent a night in a quiet country inn in England.
Among tree-lined paths leading to the old grey church with an aged stone tower, there are an arched bridge built during the wars of the Roses, and whitewashed thatched cottages. But the lowliest of all is a two-storey inn facing the river. It obviously stands there unchanged for the past five hundred years. Probably, at first sight one can think that there’s nothing so special in this building, but it has some charming strength, that undoubtedly may attract anyone.
As you drop into the inn you find yourself in a new magic world. Everything is silent apart from the slow ticking of a grandfather clock. All the rooms have low ceilings, and the small windows which sometimes refuse to open lock out onto the green hills, and the river flows just below.
9. Talk about the precautions people should take about their house when going on holiday or leaving it for a short time.
When you are going on holiday you should know the precautions. First of all, close all windows and lock entrance doors when you go out, even for a short time. You should fit security locks to all doors and windows and a safety chain on the front door. Make sure ground floor windows and windows near pipes or flat roofs are closed. Most thefts happen during the day and only take a few minutes. Don’t rely on “safe” or “secret” places for keys and valuables like under a mat or on a string inside the letterbox – nine times out of ten, they are the first place a thief will look into. Really valuable items, such as jewellery, should be given special protection – preferably by leaving them with your bank. But a small security safe, properly installed, should protect you against all but the most determined burglar. It is also most important to maintain an up-to-date list of valuables and their descriptions. Don’t advertise the fact that your house is empty. Do remember to cancel the milk and newspapers and also to draw curtains back. Don’t leave notes for tradesmen and try not to talk about your holidays and future plans loudly in public. When you go on holiday leave a holiday address with the police or a neighbor in case of anything happens. If you are going on holiday or leaving your home empty for a long time make sure your home is secure because your house and property are valuable and must be properly protected.
10. Talk about a famous state building.
Speaking about the USA we cannot say about the white house. The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States, recognized worldwide as a symbol of the prestige of the presidency. Construction began in October of 1792. The mansion has been used as a home by every President since John Adams. By the way, a contest has held to pick a design for the president’s house. An architect named James Hoban won. He designed a large three-storey house of gray stone. And originally the house was grey and was called the Presidential Palace. The White House has a unique and fascinating history. For example, it survived a fire at the hands of the British in 1814 (during the war of 1812) and another fire in the West Wing in 1929, while Herbert Hoover was President. The West Wing is home to the President's office and those of his top staff. The Oval Office is the official office of the President of the United States. The President uses the Oval Office as his primary place of work. The East Wing of the White House principally serves as offices for the First Lady and her staff. The White House has 6 stories, 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, a tennis court, a bowling lane, a jogging track, a swimming pool, a movie theatre and 5000 visitors a day. It is also one of the first government building in Washington that was made wheelchair-accessible. Since Jacqueline Kennedy, every presidential family has made changes to the décor of the White House, some subtle, others more profound and controversial. Public tours of the White House are available. All White House tours are free of charge. Every year more than 1.5 million visitor go through the fire rooms open for tourists. For more than 200 years, the White House has been more than just the home of the Presidents and their families. Throughout the world, it is recognized as the symbol of the President, of the President's administration, and of the United States.
11. Talk about advantages and disadvantages of having a big or a small family.
Having a big family is a really good thing. The home of a large family is a happy place, there are always lots of people around. I think it must be awful to be an only child. An only child is often spoilt, they get everything they want from their parents all the time. And sometimes they are a bit shy, at least not very sociable because they are not use to being with other people. Well, I suppose there are some advantages too, I mean, you get lots of attention and time from your parents and you needn’t to share everything with other children. But I think a big family is a better. A big family teaches the older children how to look after the younger ones. All the big families I know are always friendly and good fun. But I think for parents these days it’s better to have a small family, may be just one or two children, because things are so expensive. Nowadays money can be a problem. And it’s really hard to look after a big family these days. In my opinion the ideal family size is four. I’d like to have a sister and two brothers. I’ve got only one brother Sergey, I’m on good terms with him but I wish I had more brothers and sisters. Sergey is 22 now, five years older than me. He is a programmer but he shares my interests too: we like to go to the cinema or listening to music together. I’m happy that I have an elder brother because he is my best friend.
12. Talk about nationality traits as seen by the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish.Great Britain is a country of laws, traditions and people who observe the laws and traditions.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. First of all I’d like to tell you about English people. The main characteristic of the English is a great sense of humor. And their humor frequently used to gently mock themselves. They are quite subtle in their manners. English people are very polite, friendly, intelligent and proper. They talk about weather a lot and like to drink tea. They are shy and not try to show their feelings. They handle things well because they don’t get too shocked when bad things happen. By the way, they have great writers. The English love football as much as the Welsh love rugby and golf is more popular in Scotland. And they all like cricket to a greater or lesser degree. In Scotland people are quite different from the English. They are much more outgoing and talkative. They are much less reserved and they love chatting. Kilts are traditional Scottish garment. And a bagpipe is a traditional music instrument. The Scottish are great people: they are generous and hospitable, they always welcome visitors with open arms. In Wales there are a lot of traditions too. There is a view that Welsh people are unfriendly though. I don’t think so. People think the Welsh are unfriendly just because they want to speak their own language. In my opinion, it’s wrong. People of Wales have made the enactment of the language law in 1993. The Welsh are proud of their culture, traditions and their unique language. Wales is a country of songs. The Welsh are known for their choirs and it’s difficult to find a village without a choir which doesn’t take part in art festivals. Ireland is a completely independent country from UK but Northern Ireland isn’t. The Irish have got lots of good music too. The traditional stuff is with a fiddle and tin whistle. People in Ireland aren’t as self-conscious about singing as they are in England. There are music festivals in summer where the Irish are dancing. You keep your body and arms still and straight and leap about on your feet. There are a lot of good Irish bands and some good Irish pop-festivals in summer. As a result, English is the dominate culture of the UK and Northern Ireland but the Scottish, Welsh and Irish have their own good traditions and characteristics.
13. Talk about the problems that a Marriage Guidance Council deals with.
A Marriage Guidance Council deals with problems of a marriage couple. It is an organization which allows people to talk with a third person about their problems. This organization helps to improve family life. It helps families to get along with each other and to deal with the more difficult times. If people think their relationship is about to come to end and they are thinking of divorcing or separating, this organization can help them. I’d like to tell you about one family.
Barbara and Malcolm quarrel with each other about everything all the time. The wife thinks that her husband is very inconsiderate. When their children started school the wife wanted to go back to work again, so she got a job. When she is back from her work she is very tired, but her husband wants her to run around and get his tea and he never does anything in the house. And she thinks he is very untidy, she always has to remind him to pick up his clothes. And she thinks that the main problem is that she is not his servant, she’s got her own career, but he doesn’t understand that. But her husband says that he helps her in the daily chores but she doesn’t think that’s enough. And the wife never allows him to suggest anything about the house or about the kids and she always has her opinion and that’s it. I think that their arguments don’t sound serious enough to divorce. They are both too tired. Marriage Guidance Council really helps to decide problems. The employees of the organization offer an advice, a relationship counseling, workshops and support face-to-face, by phone and through a website.
14. Talk about the house rules for those who lodge in Britain.
In Britain usually rent rooms, flats or houses the students or tourists. When people want to rent a flat or a room there can be some rules that must be followed. The most important rule is that a tenant has to pay the rent a month in advance. In case of damage the cost of repair should be paid by a lodger. Also you can invite one or two friends but you are not allowed any parties or guests in the rooms after 10 o’clock, because neighborhood can be disturbed. Guests shouldn’t make a lot of noise and must act in a responsible and considerate manner. Also there can be other rules. For example, some owners don’t allow their lodgers to keep pets in the room or flat, because people can have an allergic. Next rule is that you shouldn’t smoke in the bedrooms because it’s a bit of a fire risk. And the last you must keep rooms tidy. Of course, it doesn’t relate to everyone. Every landlord has his own rules and demands.
15. Talk about your or your friend's experience of seeking accommodation.
When you look for accommodation by advertisement you should go there and look at it in real. Because it can be deceptive. I’d like to tell you about two occasions of seeking accommodation in my life. The first is when my parents decided move out of our flat and move into a new house. They looked for a new house by advertisement. And when we went to look at the first house I saw a neglected house. It was very old and I thought that it needed destroy. The second house was much better. It also needed repairing so much but in advertisement was that it’s in good condition. The second occasion is when I was going to move into Minsk I faced with problems with my accommodation here. I decided to share a flat with two my friend… so we started to look through advertisements. But we had problems. First of all, we got a limit – mustn’t be more $200 a month and in addition to that we sought a flat where we would be allowed to keep a pet because Julia’s mother moved into the new country and she had to move into the flat with her cat. And this became our main problem because most of landlords forbid keeping pets in their flats. We needed a two roomed furnished flat with all modern conveniences: central heating, running cold and hot water, electricity, and it would be nice to have a flat not far from underground because it was very convenient for us to get to our universities by underground. So… after two weeks searching we finally found a flat that we needed.
16. Talk about experience of sharing a room or a flat.
When I moved into Minsk with my friends we started live in the lodging. But we faced with a couple of problems sharing a flat. First of all we had only one bathroom for three girls so every morning we had to fight for it. Secondly we argued about our house chores and what annoyed the most is that Julia is a real slow and she didn’t want to clean the flat at all. Thirdly Julia has a cat and it’s hair was everywhere. But in spite of this we are friends so we have to put up with these disadvantages of living together because there are also a lot of advantages. For example: we could cook our meal together and it was very fun, we could watch TV or listen to music together. And what is most important we told each other about our university classes or help one another in different situations. Now I live in a hall of residence, but I often visit them with pleasure.

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