A city mouse or a country mouse.
I live in London. It is a very big city. It’s always noisy , the streets are crowded but I like that everything is close at hand. I get up early to do all I want and I am always in a hurry. My grandmother lives in the village and I always visit her in summer. I help her around the farmyard: milk the cows and feed the chickens. The fresh air is nice but everything is boring for me. When I am at my grandma, I miss the hustle and bustle of London. As for me I like living in a big city! ДОПИСАТЬ ОТВЕТЫ НА ВОПРОСЫ НИЖЕ. (модуль 1)
Where do you live? Is it a big city or a small town? Do you like living in hustle and bustle or in peace and quiet? What do you usually do ?What do you like about living at your place.
Daily routine.
My name is Alexander. I study at Nakhimov Naval School because I want to get brilliant education and become a sailor. Here we all wear a uniform. We are proud of it.
We have a strict daily routine. Every morning after the signal of reveille we get up, do our morning exercises, wash and dress. After that we march to the mess and have breakfast. Then we have a morning inspection. Our classes begin at nine o’clock. We do a lot of subjects in our school. They are Maths, IT, English, PE, Science, History, Art, Music, Russian, Literature, Geography and many others. We usually have 6 lessons a day. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. I’m sure that foreign languages are very important, especially English. It’s my favourite! For the English lesson you need a student’s book, a notebook, a pencil case and a dictionary.
After school we have lunch in the mess and go back to our classroom to do our homework. Then we do some extra-curricular activities or play sports. In the evening we have some spare time. In our spare time we usually read books, play chess or watch a film on TV. We always have an evening roll-call before we go to the dormitory. At 10 p.m. on the signal “lights out” we go to bed.
On the leave
I study at the Nakhimov Naval School. We have a strict daily routine. But if I have good marks and no call-downs or reprimands - from Saturday evening till Sunday evening I can go on leave. My mum usually takes me home on Saturday at 6 pm.
On Saturday evening I usually stay at home, wash my working rig, watch TV or surf the net – in a nutshell, I relax.
On Sunday at home I usually get up at 10 o’clock, do my morning exercises, wash my face and hands, brush my teeth and get dressed.Then we have breakfast. After breakfast I usually go to the cinema to watch a new film. Then I can go to the café with my family or go for a walk with my friends. At 5 o’clock we have dinner and go back to NNS.
But sometimes we stay at NNS for weekends. On these days we usually go to cultural locations and events. I love being on leave!
My favourite author
My favourite author is Lewis Carroll. His real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. He was born on the 27th of January 1832 in England. When he was a child he enjoyed doing magic tricks, putting on puppet shows and writing poems. His hobby was photography. His most famous books for children are Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the looking glass. Charles Dodgson published Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 1865. It is a story with lots of nonsense in it. My favourite character in Wonderland is Alice because she is friendly and brave. She searches for fun and adventures and gets into the magic world. Children of all the countries enjoy reading about Alice.
The person I admire
The person I admire the most is Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov ,the well-known Russian admiral. He was born on the 23rd of June(5 July) 1802 in the village Gorodok , Smolensk region. He was grown in a big family, had 10 brothers and sisters but 6 of them died when they were little. When he was 15 he began to study at the cadet school, his brothers studied at the Marine Cadet school and all of them served in the Russian Fleet. After his graduation Nakhimov began to serve on the Baltic Sea Fleet. In January 1855 Nakhimov was assigned as a Commander on the Black Sea Fleet .He was mortally wounded during the Crimean War and buried in Sevastopol. I admire him because he was brave , clever and a real Patriot of his Motherland.
Navy clothes
Winter, spring, summer and autumn are the seasons of the year. In winter the weather is cold, it usually snows. The rivers and lakes freeze and we can go skating and skiing. Spring is a very nice season. The weather is fine, it is warm. There are many green trees in the streets and in the parks. It sometimes rains but usually the sun shines brightly. In summer it is hot or warm. There are many nice flowers in the parks and squares. The pupils do not go to school, they have summer holidays. The sun shines brightly. The sky is blue and cloudless. In autumn it often rains. You can see yellow, red, brown leaves everywhere.
I haven’t got a lot of clothes at home. In winter, spring and autumn I usually wear a jacket, a hat, boots, trousers, socks, a jumper and a shirt. In summer I wear a T-shirt, jeans or shorts and sandals. Most of all I like jeans and T-shirts because they are comfortable and fashionable. But I do not judge a person by the shirt or trainers he is wearing. We use trainers for sport, not for showing off.
I study at Nakhimov Naval School Branch in Sevastopol. All nakhimovites are proud of their uniform. Naval cadets wear a striped jersey, a blue jacket, a blue collar with white stripes, black trousers and black shoes. A working rig consists of a blue cotton shirt and trousers. In winter we wear a warm coat, a fur cap and gloves. In autumn and spring we put on monkey jackets and caps with ribbons. Every nakhimovite looks neat. Our uniform must be in order. We brush and press our uniform. We polish our boots and the buckles on our belts.
Navy Day
We celebrate Navy Day on the last Sunday of July. This is a public professional holiday. It is an important and popular holiday as our country is washed by twelve seas and three oceans.
There are four fleets in Russia: the Baltic, the Northern, the Pacific and the Black Sea Fleet. Peter I created the regular Russian Navy in 1696.
Navy Day honours* our navy victories and the heroes who defended and defend our Motherland at sea. The President, the Minister of Defence and the Secretary of the Navy congratulate Navy servicemen and veterans.
By tradition, warships take part in parades at the main naval bases. The holiday is celebrated with military parades and equipment exhibitions, concerts and performances with Neptune (the god of the sea).
This day we learn about past and future of the Russian fleet, visit naval vessels and submarines, lay flowers to the monuments, take part in military-sport competitions and enjoy fireworks. People feel excited and proud.
Environmental problems
Every day our ecology becomes worse and worse. Many species of animals and birds are disappearing nowadays. People destruct wildlife, cut down trees to make furniture. The most serious ecological problems are: noise from cars and buses; pollution in its many forms; destruction of wildlife and countryside beauty. Many rivers and lakes are poisoned too. Fish and reptiles can’t live in them. People can't drink this water. Another problem is air pollution. Air pollution influences the human health. So every person has to understand how important it is to solve these problems, which endanger people's life. We should organize such events and activities as recycling or clean – up days, planting trees, and helping stray animals.
1. What are the most serious ecological problems? (ОТВЕТИТЬ!)
2. Why can’t fish and reptiles live in the rivers and lakes?
3. What influences the human health?
4. Is it important to solve environmental problems? Why?
5. What can we do to save our planet?
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg is a beautiful city on the Baltic Sea in the west of Russia. The population of the city is 4.7 million people. It’s a very big city where there is always to see and to do .There are 140 museums to visit. Hermitage for example. There are plenty of theatres and cafes, where you can go to in the evenings. There is a theme park with different roller coasters, rides and carousels. There is also a huge wheel . People are really friendly in St. Petersburg. Many festivals are held in summer. In winter you can skate on the frozen ponds and special skating-rinks. Although the traffic is heavy and the streets are crowded, St. Petersburg is a wonderful place to live but also to visit.

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