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Before proceeding to the consideration problem, let's define what is management.
Modern Oxford English Dictionary interprets the concept of "management" is not clear, namely:
1) management - is way way of communicating with people;
2) management - is the ability and administrative skills to organize the effective work of staff;
3) management - is the power of art and control;
4) Management - this government, administrative units, units
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For scientific vocabulary management - an activity aimed at achieving certain goals envisaged industrial and economic organizations (companies) operating in the market, through the rational use of material, labor and financial resources.
"Management" - is extremely broad and multidimensional concept. In order to better understand its nature, it should look from different angles.
Etymologically management comes from Latin «manus» - hand. Originally, the word means the ability to keep the house carefully, skillfully own means of labor, work smartly. With the advent of many kinds, with the deepening specialization was needed activities linked into a coherent whole work of many individual artists. Accordingly, the transformed and the concept of "management". This word has incorporated at all numerical requirements management as a science and art of doing business and working style.
И тут типо какя-то книжечка и взгдяді с разніх сторон

Historically, Ukraine is behind in its economic development from the "market" countries. In strategic management there is an objective necessity. To avoid gross errors in the future, need to learn how to find optimal solutions in low stability and uncertainty socio-economic life, characteristic of today's Ukraine.
это я пошутила, но было бы прикольно)))
Management issues are now dedicated work of many Ukrainian scientists. Among them: Swing EP, Shushpanov DG, Crushelnytska AV Zhukovsky MO, LS Shevchenko A great contribution to the development of methodologies and management problems associated with the improvement of enterprise strategy, made such economists as M. Maskon, Yu. Porter and others. However, studies have not exhaust all issues related to the definition of the main ways of effective management.
Modern school management based on the principles of combining social management solution specific problems arising both micro- and macro-level. At the present stage, the national adaptation theory and practice of management mechanism to the formation of a mixed economy of Ukraine, as well as integration with foreign management. The most important direction of development in Ukraine that can dramatically increase productivity, innovation processes are based on modern science and technology policy resumption of production. Main field operations management in innovative processes and innovative company.
The first major problem Ukrainian management - quality management personnel problem.

Second-corruption modern economy of Ukraine.

Third - the multiplicity of excess government leaders that continuously grows at a constant "reduction" of the machine.

The strategy is constantly changing, which precludes the overall planning, no clear planning financial flows of the company and they are associated with shadow roar. Because it is impossible to achieve the results required by the owner
For sustainable development requires a strategic view, that management planning in deep time slice.

To support innovative entrepreneurship advisable to encourage the establishment of private and mixed (public-private) funds should help develop a program to equip scientific - research centers with modern telecommunication and data for banks.
One of the factors that may affect the rapid development of management and overcoming unfavorable economic situation in Ukraine is uncompromising rejection of old habits and conventions and the introduction of new technology and management [2].
Modernization of management should be based on a new approach in which business leaders to modernize management should make efforts to:
• Development of new concepts of management;
• intensive development of business systems - education;
• long-term management planning;
• Introduce monitoring system management;
• definition of the rights and obligations of the surviving sense of teamwork;
• Research and development management;
• The use of modern technology, especially information, tools.
There is a need specifying areas of operation and use of the major internal and external factors increase the effectiveness of the entity.
Technology. Technological innovations, especially modern forms of automation and information technology, have a most significant impact on the dynamics and efficiency.
2. The equipment belongs to the top spot in the program of economic efficiency.
3. Materials and energy positively affect the level of performance, if solved the problem of resource, reduce material consumption and energy intensity of production, rationalized inventory management of material resources and sources of supply.
for example
Great Expectations engineers and technologists working in different industrial branches, laying on nanotechnology. Generally accepted standards in the area of science and technology does not exist yet. Its basic idea - the production of a wide variety of products with predetermined molecular structure. We are talking about high-precision manufacture of material objects by manipulating atoms and molecules.

No less amazing 3D-printing technology. On the basis of the digital model can already be printed in layers on a three-dimensional printer simple three-dimensional objects. It is possible that within the next decade, compact 3D-printer will appear in every home, taking a seat next to personal computers. Very promising use of bulk printing and production of various goods. It allows you to minimize costs and provide high quality products.

Increasingly penetrate into the life of a person wireless computer technology that a few years ago seemed to be a gimmick. This innovation allows you to create extensive networks, the ability to integrate multiple users without wires. Carrier of information in such networks are not acting electric cables and microwave radio. Attribute is a compact wireless transmitter with built-in omni-directional antenna.

4. Products. Most products work, their quality and appearance are important factors in the effectiveness of the entity.
5. Employees. The main source of growth and the determining factor is the efficiency of staff executives, managers, specialist workers.
6. Organization and Systems. The unity of the labor collective, rational delegation of responsibility, proper governance norms provide a higher level of efficiency of any industrial and economic system.
7. Methods of work. Continuous improvement of working methods provides a systematic analysis of jobs and their qualification, skills development, synthesis and use of best practice.
8. The management style that combines professional competence, efficiency and high ethics of relations between people, practically affects all areas of the company.
9. State economic and social policies significantly affect the efficiency of social production. Its main elements are: a) the practical activities of public authorities; b) the various types of legislation (Legislation) c) financial instruments (events, incentives); d) economic rules and regulations (Regulation incomes and wages, control the price level licensing of certain activities) e) market, industrial and social infrastructure; e) macroeconomic structural changes; g) program of privatization of state enterprises (organizations); g) commercialization of organizational structures nonproductive sphere. Structural changes in society also affect performance at different levels of management.
10. Infrastructure. An important prerequisite for increased efficiency of organizations have a sufficient level of development of a network of various institutions and market industrial and economic infrastructure. Direct impact on the performance of organizations makes proper development of industrial infrastructure [3].
Only the skillful use of the entire system of these factors can provide sufficient pace improved management organization.Problems of management in Ukraine in the high rates of economic development is quite solvable. In modern conditions of economy based on market relations priority areas is the development of major theoretical and methodological positions on the use of management practice Ukrainian organizations. The main feature of Ukrainian opinion is the search for new concrete and real ways of improving governance, develop positions on various issues management in relation to market conditions and on the basis of creative thinking advanced foreign experience.
A market economy requires adequate her management that must undergo a radical transformation with the whole society. With the development of market relations the most important success factor is the continuous improvement of the theory and practice of management.

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