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Put the verbs into the correct form Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous:

The police investigate crimes.

(Pr. Simple. Полиция расследует преступления)

He will divorce his wife next month.

(Future Simple. Он разведется со своей женой в следующем месяце)

- I can’t read this!
You are always complaining about my reports.

(Pr. Continuous. Я не могу читать это! - Вы всегда жалуетесь на мои отчеты) (негативная окраска свойств человека)

a. I really admire Mary. She’s an excellent police officer.

(Pr. Simple. Я действительно восхищаюсь Мэри. Она отличный полицейский.)

b. “What are you doing here?” – “I am just admiring this unusual graffiti. I can’t call it a mess.”

(Pr. Continuous. Что ты здесь делаешь? – Я просто восхищаюсь этим необычным граффити. Я не могу назвать это беспорядком.)

The UK Government thinks / is thinking about a proposal to allow thousands of prisoners to have televisions in their cells.

(Pr. Simple. Правительство Великобритании думает о предложении позволить тысячам заключенных иметь телевизоры в своих камерах) (действие в настоящем в широком смысле слова, не обязательно в момент речи)

The woman who has been badly hurt in the accident is feeling /feels worse and worse.

(Pr. Simple. Женщина, которая была тяжело ранена в аварии, чувствует себя все хуже и хуже)

“I want you to understand that everything he has said just to you is purely a kind of disinformation.

(Pr. Perfect. Я хочу, чтобы ты понял, что все, что он только что сказал тебе совершенная дезинформация)

“That clerk at the desk has been watching police go by all afternoon and evening. You know the policy of the police from our own encounters with our friend Lieutenant Tragg.”

(Present Perfect Cont. ? Вы знаете о политике полиции из наших встреч с нашим другом лейтенантом Трэггом.) (действие, которое началось в прошлом, продолжалось в течение некоторого времени и закончилось перед разговором)

“We have been driving for three hours and now it’s time to have a rest.” – “We can’t stop even for a while because those guys may overtake us any moment.”

(Pr. Perfect Cont. Мы ездим уже 3 часа, и теперь пришло время, чтобы отдохнуть. – Мы не можем остановиться, потому что эти ребята могут обогнать нас в любой момент) (действие, которое началось в прошлом, продолжалось в течение некоторого времени и все еще продолжается в момент разговора)

. “Has anybody seen/ Has anybody been seeing a woman in the area that night who acted suspicious?”

(Pr. Perfect. Кто-нибудь видел женщину на районе, которая ночью вела себя подозрительно?)

Put the verbs into the correct form, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect or Past Perfect Continuous:

Bill one of the most famous bank robbery known as “a robbery of th
·e century” and then retired from the police.
Gregory (to follow) the suspects, while Mary (to try) to find any information about the gang.
The sky was clear and the stars (to blaze) steadily down through the pure mountain air. Jack (to notice) a woman, who (to hide) behind the tree.
He wrote in his letter, that he . (know) who (murder) Charlie Fuller.
That morning she (dressed, had dressed), (phoned, had phoned) somebody, and went out.
Peter woke up late at night.He /увидел во сне/ that he /скрывался/ from somebody for a long time as if he /совершил преступление/.
One evening Alf . (watch) the television and (eat) his supper when the door suddenly opened and a burglar came in.

Put the verbs into the correct form, Future Simple, Future Continuous, Future Perfect or Future Perfect Continuous:

A: Have you had a talk to the barrister?
B: Oh, I completely forgot. him just now (I/phone).
In a few days at that moment the main witness (give) his testimony.
The detective (investigate) this case by the next week.
The inspector (interrogate) the suspect from 9 till 12 o’clock.
.After passing the exams we (have) a practical work in the investigating departments, Prosecutor’s offices and other places.
By the end of the day he (finish reading Bill of rights in the original.
My mother has worked as a counsel for the prosecution for 19 years. Next year she (work) as a prosecutor for 20 years.
He (work) at the Bar for 12 months next May.

Correct the mistakes:

Alistair: Have you ever done any jury service?
Elena: No, I haven’t. Why do you asking?
Alistair: Oh, nothing just that I am make a report about how more and more people trying to get out of it if they can.
The officers is think about the further steps. They is looking very tired after some hours of unbearable tension. Stick around and follow our forthcoming news!
Mason nodded. “I’m inclined to think they do. However, the police haven’t announce it. They’re acting on the assumption that the identity of the murder victim is a mystery. Now, there’s another
thing. They has found the murder weapon.
Then we entered the smoking-room. Muller and Flannigan was there. They was both drinking, and a pile of cards were lay on the table. They playing cards as we entered. The conspirators paid no attention to us at all. We sat down and watched them.
At this time next Friday the solicitor will have presented the civil case of conveyance of land.
My train left by the time you came to the station.
If I will become a lawyer I’ll help people to decide their problem.
I will work as a legal advisor in the enterprise for 12 years next month

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