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World Appl. Sci. J., 23 (8): 1079-1084, 2013
Fig. 1: The total contribution of the tourism industry to GDP in 2012 [4]
Fig. 2: The volume of income from the tourism industry of Kazakhstan, bln tenge
Fig. 3: Ranking of countries of Europe except the EU countries according to index of tourism services export in 2012 [5]
In terms of affordability, level of services and priceregions, while the lowest one is noted in North
policy, the services of the Republic of Kazakhstan are notKazakhstan (13.5%) and Almaty (13.1%) regions [12]. The
World Appl. Sci. J., 23 (8): 1079-1084, 2013
Fig.4: The average price for accommodation in a Double room at a 5* hotel of some European business destinations.
The international hotel brands on the Kazakhstannecessary to apply the local tourist rent in Kazakhstan
market are presented in limited numbers and only exist inregions to be charged from the tourism companies
four business destinations: Astana, Almaty, Atyrau andthrough restructuring of other taxes. The accumulated
Aktau. The room at a 5* hotel is several times morefunds can be invested in the development of tourism
expensive than in the similar European hotels. Theinfrastructure projects and recreational facilities.
figure 4 shows the average price for Double room at 5*According to the instable local tourism growth in the
hotels in some European business destinations.
development countries research (reference to Urgup in the
The high accommodation prices arearegion of Cappadocia, Turkey), the factors that provoke
consequence of a poor hotels load, not enoughthe fluctuations in the tourism development cannot be
developed competitive environment and highcontrolled by the local government or citizens. These
dependence on business tourists.
factors mostly have a national scale – economy, the
The current situation is a result of a low support forimportance of tourism for the country, relations between
thesphere by the state government. The strategic plansdecision-making people (ministers, heads of departments,
thathad been developed and accepted couldn’t stimulateetc.) and the tourism operators in the global tourism
thedevelopment of tourism in the country andsystem. The main conclusion of the research is that
furthermore, none of the state tourism developmentthe strict political decisions, overseeing these decisions
The disunity of tourism market participants;
Paris, for example, the state decisions to interfere in
Poor development of legal and regulatory framework;administration of central city destinations have not only
Theextremely high prices for accommodation alonginfluenced the city policy and administration practice, but
with the quite low tourism infrastructurealso have promoted the city image and increased its
global importance.
The state support of tourism is obligatory forto the development of the travel business in the Republic
elimination of the above described problems, as well as forof Kazakhstan which can be applied through the process
the providing of stable travel business development.ofindustry clustering. The attention to clusters and
Thehigh prices for tourist accommodation areacluster policy has recently increased in the articles on
circumstance of inefficient state taxation. In order totourismand hospitality. Their importance for the creation
World Appl. Sci. J., 23 (8): 1079-1084, 2013
The term “cluster” in the travel industry is used whenThis brand will cover the following destinations: Tamgaly
World Appl. Sci. J., 23 (8): 1079-1084, 2013
and development must take the local citizens’ interest intoThe most important task is to supply the tourist
consideration regarding the protection of cultural
heritage. It’s important to involve the local active groups
intothe processes of decision-making and management
[9]. If the local citizens entirely support the development
of tourism, they should be considered to be
professionally involved in the tourism business [10].
Toactivate investments flows into the Kazakhstan
travel business it’s important to develop a transparent
World Appl. Sci. J., 23 (8): 1079-1084, 2013
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