EXAM TOPICS 1 year politology-1



1. The subject of politology. (1.3)
Speak about Political Science as a social science discipline concerned with the theory and practice of politics, its roots, sub-disciplines and methods. Кабира

2. The nature of politics as an academic discipline. (1.7)
Speak about various theoretical approaches and schools of analysis used in studying politicsas an academic discipline. Эржен

3. Sociology and Social science (2.3, 2.6)
Speak about the origins of sociology. Analyze its basic principles and scientific methods. Божена

4. Social groups. (2.3, 2.7)
Speak about social categorization of people into groups and give an example of different groups and their characteristics. Артем

5. Political Power and Governance Systems (3.3)
Speak about power which stands at the heart of any political system, its basic sources and systems of Governance. Илья

6. Political system and creation of political and social order (3.6 dialogue, task5, Cross-cultural Associations)
Expand on the concept of social order’ which is historically central to sociology and refers to a set of linked  social structures, social institutions and social practices. Юлия

7. Social Stratification. (4.6Dialogue, supporting materials, reading for Cross-cultural associations)
Speak about the concept of social stratification, which refers to the idea that society is separated into different strata, guided by the underlying structures in the social system. Адьян

8. Parties and party systems. (5.3; 5.6)
The political parties are the major organizing principle of modern politics Expand on the key issues relating to the political parties and their role and significance in the contemporary world. Александра

9. The main characteristics of parties. (5.6; 5.7)
Comment on the major features of political parties. Single out the basic characteristics which usually distinguish parties from other groups. Рустам

10. Electoral systems. (6.3)
Speak about an electoral system as a set of rules that governs the conduct of elections. Comment on the statement “Elections are seen as nothing less than democracy in practice.” Серафим

11. Political Leadership and Party Elite. (6.6 Dialogue, Supporting materials)
Comment on the role of the public leaders, the importance of political leadership and party elite. Николай

12.Political, social and economic development. (7.3)
Speak about the problems of social, economic, political and democratic development. Мария

13. Globalization (7.7)
Globalisation as a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single society and function together.Expand on the key issues relating to social-economic costs and benefits of globalization. Владислав

14. Sociology of work. Labour market. (8.3)
Sociology of work is an important research area which examines the trends in labor markets, work organization etc.. How can you comment on the statement that“work is closely intertwined with social structures, social processes and especially social inequality”. Всем!!!

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