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Specification of Summative Assessment for term 1
1. Aim of the Summative Assessment for the term
Summative Assessment is aimed to assess learners’ success in terms of the learning objectives achievement and reveal their level of knowledge and skills acquired during the term within the framework of updating the secondary education content.
Specification describes the content and procedure for the delivery of the Summative Assessment for the term in “English” in Grade 2.
2. The document defining the content of the Summative Assessment for the term
Subject Programme in “English” (within the framework of updating the secondary education content) for primary education (Grades 1 – 4).
3. Review of Summative Assessment for term 1.
3.1 Duration - 40 minutes.
Total marks – 20.
Speaking task is conducted separately.
3.2. The structure of the Summative Assessment
Different types of multiple choice and open-ended tasks are used in the Summative Assessment for term.
This Assessment consists of 5 tasks. Multiple choice tasks require learners choose one correct answer. Open-ended tasks require learners follow instructions, answer questions in words, expressions and sentences.
Cross StrandLearning objectiveTask Type of question/ Total curricular№ Task descriptionmarks unit All about meListening 2.L1 Understand a range of Open-ended task. My family and Learners listen and 4 short basic supported1 friendsfollow the instructions. classroom instructions Reading 2.R1 Read and spell out Matching task. words for others2 Learnersread, spell4 the words and matchthem to the pictures. Writing2.W5 Write letters and Gap filling task. familiar high frequency3 Learners choose the 4 words when read aloud or appropriate letters to spelt out for learnerscomplete the words. 2.UE1 Use singular nouns, Open-ended task. plural nouns – including4 Learners describe the some common irregularpictures using singular 4 plural forms in giving simple and plural nouns. descriptions. Speaking 2.S2 Ask questions in order Open-ended task. to satisfy basic needs and 5 Learners answer4 find information on familiarquestions usingtopics and classroom routines supporting picture. Sample questions and mark schemeTasks for the Summative Assessment for the term 1
Task 1. Listen and colour.
Teacher reads the following instructions:
Colour the boy’s T-shirt red.
Colour the girl’s dress yellow.
Colour the boy’s shorts blue.
Colour the girl’s shoes green.
Task 2. Read, spell and match pictures to the words.
Task 3. Complete the words.
Teacher can read the words ‘hat, coat, trousers, socks’ or initial letters from the box.
2.____ oat570865189865
3. _____ ousers4. _____ ocks[4]
Use of English
Task 4. Look at the pictures and make up sentences.
Task 5. Look at the pictures and ask your classmate question. Use words from the box.
Yes, please. No problem. Sure. Here you are. Sorry, I need it.
Sorry, it’s not mine. Sorry, I cannot. 24638058420
− P1.: Can you wash the dishes?
− P2.: Sure.
− P1.: Can you cross the street?
− P2.: Yes, I can.
− P1: Can you help me with cleaning?
− P2: No problem.
− P1: Can you give me the book, please?
− P2: Here you are.
Mark scheme
Task № AnswerMark Additionalinformation Colours the boy’s T-shirt red. 1 1. Colours the girl’s dress yellow. 1 Colours the boy’s shorts blue. 1 Colours the girl’s shoes green. 1 Matches 1st picture to the word 1 ‘Football’; Matches 2nd picture to the word ‘Jump’ ; 1 2 Matches 3rd picture to the word ‘Help’; 1 Matches 4th picture to the word ‘Friends’; 1 1.Hat 1 3. 2.Coat 1 3.Trousers 1 4.Socks 1 13
The boy has got a puppy/a dog. / 1 Any other answers areacceptable if learnersThere are many books./ Children have 1 4 got many books. use singular and/orplural nouns in the The boy has got 3 gifts/ presents. 1 sentences to describeThe girl has got 4 balloons/ beautiful 1 balloons. the pictures. Can you wash the dishes? / Yes, I can / I 1 Any other questions can wash dishes / Sure / No, I cannot and answers areacceptable if learnersCan you cross the street? / Yes, I can / 1 Sure / I can cross the street / No problem use words, phrases and / No, I cannotsentences appropriately. 5 Can you help me with cleaning? / Yes, I 1 can / Sure / No problem / I can clean the house / I can help you with cleaning / Sorry, I cannotCan you give me the book, please? / 1 Sorry, It’s not mine / Yes, I can / Yes, please / Here you are / Sorry, I need it Total marks 20

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