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English PresentationEnvironmentTeam: DuracellForm 10-ADolynska gymnasia №3Teacher: Sheremet T. V.2017 - 2018 VocabularyUniverseEnvironmentNuclear pollutionPeople destruct wildlife CivilizationMake furnitureShortage of natural resources Universe Environment Nuclear pollution People destruct wildlife Civilization Make furniture Shortage of natural resources The Text:Our planet Earth is only a tiny part of the universe,but nowadays it's the only place where we can live.People have lived on our planet for many years.They lived and live on different continents, in different countries.People depend on their planet, the sun, animals and plants around them.Environment is everything in the world around us that surround and affectsall life on earth, including the air, food, water, plants, animals and other. Environment is the place where we live.Since ancient time nature has served man, being the source of his life.For thousands of years people lived in harmony with environment and itseemed to them that natural riches were unlimited.But man's interference in nature began to increase with the developmentof civilization. Our ecology becomes worse and worse with every new day.Many species of animals and birds are disappearing nowadays.People destruct wildlife, cut down trees to make furniture.They forget that people can't live without trees and plants,because they fill air with oxygen. There are a lot of ecological problems.The most serious ecological problems are:noise from cars and buses; destruction of wildlifeand countryside beauty; shortage of natural resources;the growth of population; pollution in its many forms.Water is everywhere, but there is no ocean or sea which is not used as a dump.Another problem is air pollution.Air pollution influents the health of people.Also we have problem with nuclear pollution.Nuclear pollution cannot be seen but its effect can be terrible. Another problem is growth of population.They don't have enough places to live.They need more water, more food.So it is the reason of the shortage of the natural resources.So every person has to understand how important it is to solvethese problems, which endanger people's life. Exercises:What can you to help the environment? You like the environment? Why?How would you like to see the environment?Are you ready to change the environment? Why?What do you think is worsening our environment? Thank you for attention!!!

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