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Module 3 Dwellings, Houses, Places to
Live. Module 4 Food and Drinks:
, 2005. 160 c. (
General English for Technical students)
General English for Technical Students
3 Dwellings, houses, places to live
4 Food and drinks
General English fo
General English for Technical Students


Grammar: Present and Past Simple Passive Voice
Grammar: Revision
LEVEL: Intermediate Upper-Intermediate
Grammar: Future forms
Future forms
Grammar: Future forms
Grammar: Revision
Grammar: Countable/Uncountable
nouns, some/any, much/many,
Grammar: some/any, much/many, few/little
LEVEL: Intermediate Upper-Intermediate

1 What are holiday flats? Have you ev
er been in such a flat? Read the
text and do the task below.
This block of flats
was built five years
ago. It has four floors,
with four large flats
on each floor. All the flats on the upper
Each flat has a living room, two
bedrooms, kitchen and bat
hroom. There is
also a small store r
oom which can be used
All the flats have air-conditioning. Some
There is a manager in
attendance. The manager's office
is in the entrance hall on the
2 In each statement 1-7 mark the
correct answer A, B or C.
There are rooms in every flat.
ground floor
first floor
top floor
a living room
a kitchen
central heating
a sea view
The second sentence has been starte
d for you. Write only the missing
words referring to the
text in activity 1.
This block of flats was built five years ago.
Some have central heating during the winter months.
You cannot ______________
All the flats on the upper
4 You will hear a radio presenter talk
ing about which hotels to stay at.
5 Look at the questions and answers below and tick the phrases you
Hotel Flora
Small, 16 rooms
Good food, especially desserts. You
pay more for a room facing the
Possible answers
6 Use the promts in the arrows in activ
ity 5 to fill in the missing remarks.
Philip: Excuse me, could you tell
me the way to the British Museum,
Passer-by: Yes, certainly. Go straight al
ong this road as far as the traffic lights,
7 Look at the map. Ask and give dir
ections based on the situations 1-5
and information given in the map below.
ou want to go to the main square.
You're in the Park. You want
to go to the National Theatre.
want to go to the Railway Station.
8 Fill in the table be
low with the information
about your own home.
Descriptions What type? Location More about its position

9 Think about the places in the town you have never been to. Imagine
you find yourself at such a place.
What would you do? Would you ask
anybody for help? Who? What would you ask?
You dont know the town
well. But one of your gr
oupmates invited for his
birthday. You have his address.
You are lost in the unknown part of
the town. You have to find the way back
10 What phrases did you use in each si
tuation? What answers to your
requests can you hear? Mark them in the box below.
11 Fill in the table below about the

12 Write down the third person singular of these verbs.
13 Make the third person singular of th
e verbs below and put them into
-s -
es -ies

buy a flat or house
own it
borrow money
17 Look at the Past Simple Tense formation. Revise its grammar forms
You form the past simple of most
Many verbs have an
irregular past


1 You can use
of the
who, what
and other question words to ask about
of the sentence. You use
on the first package
1 to talk about past events, situations
a child, I
3 to talk about regular or repeated
activities in the past which don't happen
at school, we
homework every night. She never
Past time expressions
Expressions Example
At 8 o'clock yesterday
the door
18a Look at texts given in this work
book. Find regular and irregular verbs
Irregular verbs
Past time expressions
18b Look at the past simple form of
these irregular verbs and write their
19 Find the verbs in activity 18 which have the same form in the present
and the past simple. Find the verb that has the same form but sounds
20 For sentence 1- 21,choose a co
rrect answer A, B or C.
We __________ a two-week winter holiday in Norway every year.
ile she was in hospital.
Then you _______ all t
_________in the fields when
Phil never ____________ at t
Denise ____________ school early
Last summer Hinkley
21 Recollect the things you did at th
e time stated below. Make up a small
topic about your recent past life.
Last week / last month / last year..
Two weeks ago / three months ago
/ two (three, four.) years
This morning I got up and went to
the university. Yesterday I and my
friends walked in the park and had a good time. The day before yesterday I
23 Fill in the following form answering questions 1- 8.
List any extra furniture you need
24 Last month you moved to a new blo
ck of flats in anot
her town. Write a

I've been here a month now and I feel as if
I've been here for years. Everyone is
very friendly. I wish you could see the hous
1 Look through the extract of the text
below. Make notes in the table
about what is wrong with the things
in the house and what needs doing or
Things Problems Solution
2 Make up sentences 1-10 using the
prompts in the table below and
1 The radio doesnt work. The batteries
3 Listen to a student describing the picture and number the
sentences in the order in which they are mentioned.
Sentences Numbers
What do the people look like?
write answers to questions AE.
Questions Answers
5 Study the following information
which helps you do the activities
Types of Rooms
relax, talk and
Where you cook, do
the washing, store
Where you
Where you wash your
where you work
6 Look at the photograph of Carol Tha
tcher's sitting room. What do you
you dislike about it? Why?
the kitchen, where you
a room that guests can
7 What kind of person do you think
8 Name as many things in the room
at the picture as you can. Use a
dictionary to help you.
9 Read the text and check your answers above.
I collect matches from all over the
10 Fill in the table below. Pick out
the things Carol Thatcher has and
specify the place where this th
Things Why important Place

Think about your own possessions in
your room or a house. Speak about
the items that are important for y
ou. Enumerate them. Say what they
remind you of.
I have a book of fairy-tales by Anders
en. Its very old, but its very
my great-grandfather gave it
to me. He died long ago.

13 Study this information about everyday life in a house. List all the verbs
describing household chores given in the passage below.
14 Look at the picture and name the things you see in each room filling in
the table below. Use a dictionary.
I do the washing-up every
evening after dinner I normally
do the ironing at the weekend
when I have a bit more free
My room is very clean and tidy
(= everything in order), but

15 Choose one of the rooms in activity
13 and describe the location of the
epositions and phrases below.
next to
16 You bought a new house and you must
furnish it. What
things will you
buy? Where will you put it? Draw the
names of the rooms and objects in
each room in the picture below.
17 Fill in the table with the info
rmation above about your own house.
Reasons for

18 Look at pictures A and B. Find the
differences. Fill in the table below.

Differences Picture A Picture B
Time 7.50 7.10


19 Make up sentences speaking about
two states of the room, what
The time changed from ten minutes
past seven to ten to eight.
20 Who lives or lived in
each picture? What do you think happened here?
I don't eat meat at all, but the other
day I ______ my friends and _____ pork
My Dad always goes to work by car, but last week he _____ to work on foot.
did he use
did he used
did he used to be
did he use to be
did he used to go out
did he use to go out
did he use to dance
did he used to dance
did he use to danced
did he use to have them
did he use to had
23 Prepare a small topic about presen
t and past life of the person you
know well enough usi
ng connective words.
however although still

Main body Paragraph 2-
3: development of the
Final Paragraph
closing remarks, first

1 Look at statements 1-10 below a
it is correct mark A. If it is not correct mark
Go to the theatre and enjoy Stratford-
upon-Avon's shops, river and restaurants.
See Shakespeare's Birthplace, and the beaut
iful Cotswolds countryside with its
A theatre seat in the st
alls or circle for any Mo
nday to Saturday evening
A three-course dinner in the Box Tr
.45 p.m.) or after
One night's accommodation
for two people sharing twin
/double room. We divide
our hotels into four groups - Luxury,
or C. Luxury is the most expensive and
rooms are without bath. If you haven't
time - or live too close to Stratford
to stay the night - why not try our Deal
s on Meals package whic
h includes a three-
course dinner (or lunch if you go to
an afternoon performance)
in the Box Tree
Group discounts apply (15 or more) for Monday to Friday evenings and
There is an intercity train from London
Euston to Coventry. Trains leave
London at: 9.10, 10.40, 16.55, 21.40. Then ta
ke a bus to Stra
tford. Also, new
direct train service from London Paddin
gton to Stratford. Train leaves London
Connect with all the above trains at Co
ventry Station, journey time to
Stratford 35 mins.
You can have an extra night's stay at t
3. Fill in the form and send it
Please give a choice of three dates if
possible to avoid disappointment and
3 Study the following information

5 Find information about a well-known
buildings at your place according
to the plan below.
its historical and nowadays location in the town
its signifcance in history
the outstanding people who worked / liv
ed in this building in the past
6 Think about the important items of
the presentations given below. How
you will do the following:
Make a newspaper, with articles you
wrote and pictures you draw or found
I live in a
block of flats
. My brother lives on the
, and I
have a flat on the
. Unfortunately there-is no
, so I have to
climb three flights of stairs
to reach my flat. But I do have
a balcony
are usually outside
a building or insi
de a public building;
they are stone or wooden.
connect floors inside a building
7 Follow the techniques of presentati
on given below. Use the following
speech patterns for making your pr
Introducing yourself and your talk
We are here today to decide/ agree/ learn about...
Questions on the presentation
I can see many of you are...
The ways of linking ideas
8 Name some buildings in your town.
9 Describe the buildings you named in
activity 8 using the words in the
then.. , next..,
Please interrupt me if
10 Look at the words in the tabl
e. Give definitions to them.
A lighthouse is a tower containing a pow
erful flashing lamp and is built
mud hut
11 Fill in the table about your own a
nd your friends houses and write (dis)
Houses Advantages Disadvantages

12 Think about your possessi
ons you have with you. Where are they made
in and what material are they
Possessions Where What material
13 Read the following text and find out
About 80 percent of Br
14 Choose the correct answer A,
15 Write the types of British houses
you found out in activity 13. Note
1 Look at statements 1-10 below about
the Hotel Alpha. Read the text and
decide if each statement is correct or inco
rrect. If it is correct, mark A. If it
is not correct, mark
All single rooms hav
* Hotel Alpha is situated close to the mo
* Breakfast is served from 06.30 to 10.00. Help
yourself to as much as you like from

3 Think about yourself. What kind
of accommodation would you like to
stay in? Why?
4 Read the first two paragraphs of Home rules and choose a correct
answer A-D for each gap 1-10.
What does the
'home' mean to you? How do you
___ the word
in French? In Spanish? In your language?
____ people usually
know what the
word means, it often has
no exact translation. It's
____ surprising really
because the idea of home varies from co
untry to country, and from person to
person. A home is mo
re than a roof and
____ walls. It's the cooking, eating,
talking, playing and family living that go on
____ which are important as well.
But it's not just that homes look
____ in different countries, they also
contain different things
and reveal different attitudes
and needs. For example, in
_____ Europe, there's a fire in the livi
ng room or kitchen and all the chairs
face it. In the south, where the sun shines
a lot and it's more important to keep the
____, there are small wi
home in your country?
7 Imagine you buy a house. List impor
tant features of a house that are
significant for you.
1 kind of a building (modern, small,
a village
Accommodation Advantages Disadvantages
Location Advantages Disadvantages
What types of buildings are popular in your place? Why?
9 Look at these words mark
the main word stresses.
living room
elevator (Am. Eng.)
10 Put the words in activities
7-9 under the following headings.
Location Rooms Furniture Accommodat
ion People Conveniences

11 Fill in the same table
about your own house.
Location Rooms Furniture Accommodat
ion People Conveniences

12 Look at the photos A-B. What room
do you show? Does it look like a
room in a house in your country?
13 Look at rooms A and B. Describe pe
ople who live in each of them. Do
people differ in their tastes? Why?
16 Think about the changes in your
house or flat. When and what was
changed and who changed this or
that. Make lists under the following
Event, changes The date Who did it
17 Write a short advertisement for the house you want.
Follow the plan
and notes given below. (30-50 words)
Purpose For renting / buying
Address If you know exact location of the building..
Exact location Where
Cost Overall price
Write advertisements in o
ne paragraph, using only ma
in words and abbreviations,
reducing the number of connective and auxi
liary words and leaving them out. Use
is often shortened to save space and money.
18 Notice the use of the following common phrases.
look like + noun It
could be + noun/adjective
19 What does a 'bedsit' mean? What
word is a full word for it?
20 Do you have bedsit in
your country? What do y
and demerits of a bedsitter?
Merits Demerits
The rooms on the ground floor are

1 You are going to read an article ab
out conserving energy in the home.
For questions 1-7, choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.
Residential buildings are
responsible for consuming 27% of the total amount
of energy consumed within
Europe and are the biggest source of global warming
in the world. This is a fact that
has, until recently, been overlooked by law-
makers trying to reduce greenhouse gas
emissions, who have concentrated their
efforts on industry and transport. The EU
has now issued a new directive which
intends to cut carbon dioxide emissions
from buildings by 45
million tons before
2010. This means that
each of us can now save the pl
environmental controls, triple glazing,
a non-polluting heating system and a turf
However, it is how we 50 deal with our
The amount of energy consumed
by residential buildings is
27% more than that
consumed by industry.
mainly responsibl
e for global warming.
going to be reduced by 2010.
had previously focused on
residential buildings.
private houses.
Blocking up draughts
is easy.
is expensive.
100mm thick.
made of cellulose.
According to the writer, we sh
ould use light bulbs which are
How can individuals reduce global warming?
By buying a new environmentally
By designing new buildings
By insulating new buildings.
2 Listen and match the speakers (1- 5)
3 For questions 1-15, read the text
below and decide which answer A, B,
Recently, the Feng Shui business has been
as more and more
_____ an interest in Asian cultur
A taken B driven C made D started
A in B of C with D through
A carry B bring C make D give
A call B come C visit D look
A based B put C held D carried
A ought B need C must D have
A for B as C that D to
A give B have C pay D put
A keep B delay C finish D prevent
A fault B error C problem D mistake
A believe B accept C agree D rely
A point B manner C style D way
on the top
_________of a
flats in the city centre. It has
_________ so it is very warm in the
winter. It doesn't have
_________ because the summers are never
very hot. They were lucky to find it because
__________ is very scarce in the
city and it's easier to find a flat in a new estate on the
_______ of the city or in
Their dream is to
_________ to the country
and live in an old
__________. Where they live now, their
_________ are always
_________ about the no
ise when Jane
8 Choose the best alternative to
fill the gaps in these sentences.
1 Some buildings have a basement ro
om where things are stored called
a(n)_____ .
11 Your flatmate has just moved out
and you need to find someone to
below and write three different
Fully furnished, gas central heating, cooker, washing

1 You are going to read an extract
from an autobiography. Eight
sentences have been removed from th
e extract. Choose from the sentences
A-I the one which fits each gap (1-7).
There is one extra
sentence which you
I lived in Portstewart, one of th
e small villages on the coast.
__ The
house was the last one in the terrace and fr
om its window I could look out on the
_____ The weather in that part of
the North of Ireland was never the
kindest, though when the summer came the landscape around us, the easy
access to Donegal and to the remoter par
ts of the North gave the area its own
believe what had happened.
I can still remember the view from
the window and the constant changes in the
4 Fill the table with the words in bold
from activity 3, think of derivatives
----- ------
fortune (un)fortunate (un)fortunately

5 You live in a district
b) The shopping center has a multi-storey car-park
f) Helen and John live in a square
h) This village is surrounded by lovely countryside
5)..which has a beautiful garden in the middle.
6)..in a small village in the countryside.
9 Fill the gaps
with a suitable word.
bungalow coaster loft (attic)
terrace/patio shed cellar (basement)
1 Ive got a darkroom in
e I develop films. Its perfect
__ where I can plug in this radio?
10 Match the items with the place wh
ere they are stored, then make
Dirty clothes linen cupboard
Biscuits/sugar sideboard
Milk wardrobe
Crockery larder
Milk is stored in the fridge.
leave for climbing holiday in the Lake District
host dinner party to welcome new students
Now make your own calendar for the n
ext few months, and tell the class.
1 When (does/ will) school start?
2 The plane (arrives/ will arrive) at 10.00.
3 I (write/ will write) soon.
4 We (go/ are going) to Spain some time soon.
14 Write a composition giving your
opinions on the following statement.
Write 120-180 words.
es do not make us happier.
1 You are going to read a magazine article about an underground town.
Choose the most suitable heading from
the list (A-F) for each paragraph (1-
4) of the article. There
is one extra heading that you do not need to use.
Hidden Financial Advantages
The Harper family live in a large, comf
ortable home. Like many other houses, it
has all modern conveniences. Unlike many
other houses, it has no windows. The
Harpers live in Coober Pedy, Australia, w
here two thirds of the population live
Coober Pedy is an opal-mini
ng town in the Australia
n desert. Above ground, the
town does not look very welcoming. T
he earth is red and dry under the scorching
sun. There is a small number of shops an
d offices and a car park full of lorries
The underground dwellings at
Coober Pedy range from
cave-like dug-outs with
only the most basic facilities, to luxu
rious caverns with beautiful furniture and
he Harper family home has
three spacious bedrooms
and a large living room. There is a mode
rn bathroom and a kitchen with fitted
units and every electrical appliance imaginab
le, but the Harper children, Tom and
Wendy, spend most of their time in t
he games room or the swimming pool! The
house is clean and comfortabl
e and the Harpers enjoy enter
taining guests there.
People are always surprised when they expect us to be like the Flintstones!
The Harpers beautiful home is
a result of their own hard work, as it was once just
a small, two-room cave home. The advant
age of living underground is that, if you
Mr Harper. And the advantage
of living in an opal-mining
town is that you often
ending your house! Indeed,
pock marks on the walls
show where the Harpers f
ound their home extensions. N
ow there is plenty of
room for the children to play, says
Mr Harper. Tom and Wendy can make as
The underground homes at Coober Pedy offer
an interesting way of life, as well
What do the Jacksons say
they still dont feel totally accepted.
3 Read the text below and look care
fully at each line. If a line is correct,
put a tick (V) by it. If it has a word wh
ich should not be there, write the word
This amazing windmill, standing up on a hill, is all most certainly a 0 All
house with a difference. The 19
century windmill has a unique position 00 V
is overlooking the town, with views of the surrounding countryside. The 1
windmill was been converted in 1978 by a local builder into a luxurious family 2
house and has recently been extended to include four double bedrooms. The 3
property also has full gas central heating and is double glazing. On the one 4
ground floor there is a spacious entrance hall with storage space and windows 5
looking onto beautiful gardens. At the side of the house there it is a patio area 6
for barbecues and a small pond had built of Cornish stone. There are 2 double 7
garages at the back of the property and parking space for an approximately 8
seven cars. The huge lounge on the first floor leads onto a balcony with 9
panoramic views of farmland. In addition to, there is also a fully fitted, open- 10
plan kitchen with patio doors, are leading to an oak-beamed dining room. A 11
large spiral staircase gives access to the four double bedrooms on the 12
second floor. Apart from this the master bedroom, which includes an en-suite 13
bathroom and fitted walk-in wardrobes, there are two additional bathrooms on 14
4 Choose the most suitable word or phrase underlined in each sentence.
1 Laura was sitting beside the fire
in a comfortable armchair / sofa
2 We drove out of the vill
3 Steve redecorated his room
4 Put the meat in the cooker / oven
5 These plums are ripe. They need picking / picking up.
7 We used to keep the coal downstairs in the cave / cellar
8 Why dont you put the car in the car park / parking?
9 Kate lives in a flat on the first floor / storey
13 I like the painting but I don
14 Mary has a lot of small ornaments on her window shelf / sill.
15 Theres someone at / on

5 Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.
1 The rock star bought a
2 They live in a stone-built cottage with a roof.
3 Our new apartment is easy reach of the town centre.
6 Match these words with the explanat
ions (1-15). Some of the words
Aerial curtains drive parking shelf central heating
dishwasher furniture radiator stool cook doormat landing
1 Rectangular hole in the front door ..
2 Kitchen appliance running on
8 Underline the inappropriate verb fo
rms. Rewrite them.
Not all the verb
10 You are looking for somewhere to live while studying away from home
and you decide to reply to th
e advertisement shown below.
Carefully read the advertisem
1 You are going to read a magazine
article about an underground town.
Choose the most suitable heading from th
that you do not need to use. There is
You may think that an underground town
The name Coober Pedy comes fr
om the Aboriginal phrase
kupa piti
which means
white man in a hole. Miners and their fa
milies choose to live like this, hoping to
Mary Deane believes that its the possibi
lity of being poor one day and rich the
next that makes Coober Pedy so addict
ive. She and her husband Jim are among
the lucky ones. They live in a luxurious hom
e, built with money from the opals Jim
has found. Whenever people hear we liv
e underground, they always imagine a
azed when they sit in my spotlessly clean
kitchen eating home-made apple
pie. Everyone loves our pine furniture and I have
every electrical appliance money can buy
a few more rooms! I love my home.
However, not everything is
perfect in Cobber Pedy. Ma
ry has a tiny garden that
she is very proud of, but the grass is not
real, like the grass of the towns golf
course, its made of astro-tu
rf. Plant life is rare. Water
is also five times more
expensive than overground dwellers pay. Recyc
ling is a way of lif
e, so Jim usually
washes his car with bath water and they
have a special system to re-use the
water from the dishwasher and washing ma
chine. We must be very careful about
how we use water, he says, i
ts not quite as precious as
the opals, but its still
very scarce!
likes watersports?
likes cooking outdoors?
likes visiting islands?
8 9
is fond of fishing for trout?
10 11
12 13
14 15

Fenton Farmhouse A
Virtually everything about F
enton Farmhouse is spacious
from its lovely sunny
garden to its farmhouse kitchen. There are
some of the countrys best beaches
The Grange is perfectly situated in the
tiny village of Walton West. There are
many sandy coves along this part of the co
astline, just waitin
g to be explored. You
are only half a miles walki
ng distance, down a hill, from
Hoopers Cottage is a most attractive
stone cottage in a sheltered position
overlooking Orlandon village green. It is about
a mile and a half
from the sailing
and windsurfing harbour at Dale. Martins
Haven is nearby, from where you can
catch the boat to the puffin island of
Skomer. Hoopers Cottage is large and very
comfortably furnished. It has a small gar
den which is both
sheltered and sunny.
This is a delightful cottage offering an
extremely high standard of accommodation.
The double bed is luxurious, and a ships
ladder takes child
to their cabin in the sky. Home-cooked
meals can be provided after a day spent
on one of the nearby beaches or a hectic gam
This superb conversion of an original
coach house has its own private gardens.
The property also has a sheltered patio wit
h a barbecue and garden furniture. It is
a 5 minute woodland stroll to Comrose Br
ook, and River Cleddau, where trout and
salmon are regularly caught (private fish
ing is available to guests). Newgate
beach is 10 minutes drive away and many
other beaches are within easy reach.
Haverfordwests castle, colourful shops a
nd restaurants are just three miles away.
Potters Cottage lies right next to a trout
stream that winds its way to nearby
Wolfscastle. Squash and tennis courts, a
Good Food Guide restaurant, pub and
ntral location makes Wolfscastle easily
accessible to the wide sandy beaches of
St Bridges Bay and
the rocky coves of
the north coast. Potters Cottage is extremely spacious and very well furnished.
There is a picturesque terrace and further
extensive grounds are shared with the
owners who have a working pottery and live in the adjoining houses. The pottery
An attractively restored stone cottage in t
he village of Nolton,
half a mile from the
sandy cove at Nolton Hav
en. Stone Lodge is
next door to a working dairy farm
and families are welcome to watch the
cows being milked. Horse riding is
available nearby. A large enclosed rear ya
rd and small lawn at the front of the
cottage provide parking and re
creation areas. Nearby, Celt
ic Corners traditional
Welsh evening has proved to be one of th
e most popular forms of entertainment
Situated one mile in
land from Little Haven, with footpath access to the coastal
path, this is the centre one of three
adjoining cottages, beautif
ully maintained by
the owners. Meals are available in your
cottage if so desir
ed, and you are well
situated for a trip to Dale, Marloes Sands
or Martins Haven, from where you can
take the boat to the puffin islands of
Skomer and Stokholm. There are extensive
shared grounds ideal for exploring and also
providing secluded sitting-out areas.
Another advantage of renov
ating is that while the
work is going on you can
upgrade your plumbing and el
ectrical connections as
as adding
insulation. Its also a good time to
air conditioning, central heating or
a home security system.
These protect your windows outside
future meaning.

are coming.
What time (1 -
..........at the airport? C
No, it's all arranged. I (2) ..........them at
half past ten, so I (3) ..........available
Yes, but we need John's annual figure
Well, not really. I (7) ..........them by
10 June, but I don't think they (8)
.......... ready before then.
So, we're looking at the week starti
ng the 17th. How about two o'clock on
of Bowman's. Could we
Yes, but I (10] ..........the children afte
r school that week, as usual when the
think so. Right, so we (
12) ..........at three o'clock on 17 June, in the
8 Choose the correct answer A, B or C.

1 Look at the sign in each question. Ma
Do not touch the fruit before paying for it.
2 Read the text and answer the questions.
3 Was it a success?
5 Whats the only thing that will
2 Look at the words in
at do they refer to?
they _______________
them _______________
that _______________

3 A couple are making their shopping lis
t. Read the dialogue and try to
fill in the missing words. Then listen
to the tape and see if your answers
were correct.
5 a Look at the words in the box.
Divide them into the four groups.
Carrots Beans Lamb Peas Onions
ushrooms Bananas Sausages Grapes Tomatoes
Duck Pasta Beef Rice Chicken
Olives Mayonnaise Tuna Butter Cheese
Pepper Salt Steak Pizza Plums
Garlic Oranges Leeks Spinach Burgers

Add your favourite foods to the list
6 Underline the odd one out in each group and say why it is different.
1 pork veal salmon beef
2 salmon shrimp oyster lobster
8 Fill in
1 _________ apple 5 _________ milk
2 _________ flour 6 _________ eggs
3 _________ beans 7 _________ aubergine
4 _________ banana 8 _________ carrot

9 Fill in the gaps with
4 Would you like to come to _________ lunch with me on Thursday?
e.g. how many
+ uncountable nouns
11 Fill in the gaps with
3 How _____ money have you got?
yoghurt? 8 _________ cabbage?
2 _________ potatoes 9 _________ biscuits?
3 _________ onions? 10 _________ water?
4 _________ cheese? 11 _________ cherries?
5 _________ apples? 12 _________ milk?
6 _________ coffee? 13 _________ mustard
7 _________ pepper? 14 _________ popcorn?
13 Fill in
how many
1 a _________ of bread
2 a _________ of tea
3 a _________ of chocolate
4 a _________ of soda
5 a _________ of yoghurt
a little
(=not much) + uncountable nouns

much, many, few, little
with the following words.
_____ water
_____ mice
_____ places
_____ girls
_____ clothes
_____ information
16 Choose the correct form.
1 Sandra has
2 Do you eat
3 You need very
cheese in this recipe.
4 When youve got flu you shouldnt eat
much/a lot of
5 Ive been eating
a little/lots of
6 My boss smokes
7 Those children eat
8 Do you know _____ or _____ about Celts?
19 Write a shopping list including the pr
oducts you need to buy for every
member of your family (35-45 words). D
1 Look at statements 1-10
below about the Britain
Read the text and decide if each statem
ent is correct or incorrect. Mark the
High above the River Fal in south
Cornwall, a team of gardeners is
preparing to grow a much-loved plant for the
first time commercially
in Britain. On
the Tregothnan Estate, fields that were onc
e used to grow pot
atoes, carrots and
In 1999, Tregothnan staff were unsure wh
they planted five hundred t
ea plants. They are growi
ng well and there are now
plans to cover the hillsides with different
river by 2005. This part of the country
has a suitable climate for growing tea and
because the fields face south, Jonat
han Jones, Tregothnan's head gardener, is
especially hopeful: We think we've got t
he perfect conditions, he says, and he
should know, because he has just spent th
ree months visiting tea plantations
Of course, no one is doubting the demand
for the product. The British are
the biggest tea drinkers in the world apar
t from the Irish, Mr Jones says. We
drink on average three cups a day, so it ma
kes perfect sense to grow it here.
However, it is not the commonly used bl
ack tea that will be gr
own, but green and
white tea. For such special tea, the mark
Green tea, which is said to lower c
holesterol, reduce high blood pressure
and prevent certain illnesses, is far more
expensive than black tea, while the even
rarer white tea can be sold for ten times
the price of black tea. If all goes well,
apart from producing the usua
aims to introduce fresh leaves, which
are believed to have additional health
Tea has to be grown for six years before it can be picked for sale, which
means that Tregothnan staff will have to wa
efforts have been successful. However, leav
es that were picked after three years
suggest that these particular plants
do produce a light, refreshing and very
drinkable green tea. Stephen Twining, the
tenth generation of the Twining family
tea and provided the quality is there, we'd
consider having it in stock in our
specialist tea shop. Twinings has seen
its sales of green t
ea increase by 43%
4 Jonathan Jones has been able to lear
n about growing condit
ions in different
h people drink more tea than anyone else.
its tea in different forms commercially.
8 Jonathan Jones believe
s that tea produced at
Tregothnan would be fresher
10 A well-known British tea company is
interested in ordering some Tregothnan
2 The people below are at an airport and looking for somewhere to eat.
Decide which place (A-H) would the mo
Ken is in a hurry as he is late for his flight. He needs a quick cold
The restaurant is the best place to enjoy
a full meal. We offer an international
menu with plenty of choice. Choose a star
ter, followed by a main meal, cheese
and dessert all for the pric
Just the place for the younger members of the family! We serve hot dogs, pizzas
and hamburgers all cooked on
the spot. Try our hot choc
olate drinks or have a
Recently opened and al
ready a favourite with all our
passengers. Help yourself to
our delicious cold fish and salads. T
Stuffed tomatoes
4 large tomatoes, 4 tablespoons of rice
, 1 large onion, 2 cloves of garlic
2 cups of olive oil, 1 cup of water, so
me parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper
2 tablespoons o finely grated breadcrumbs

on a baking tray. Finally chop the onion, garlic and

4 You are going to hear three peopl
e giving instructions and special
advice for preparing different dishes.
Write down the ingr
edients you would
hamburgers _________
a mixed salad ______
a Listen and write
the number of the speaker by the dish they describe.
ons below with the speakers.
what it looks like
what it smells like
7 Now read the text again and choose
the correct word for each space
If you go to the
2 The first course/plate
4 That was a really lovely food/meal
6 Nowadays many people buy frozen/iced
7 Could you give me the receipt/recipe
8 This pie is fantastic! Its really tasteful/tasty
9 Helen is a really good cook/cooker
10 Can I have a fork/spoon
so I can stir my coffee?
9 For questions 1-7, choose the
correct answer A, B or C.
Ive got _______ apples. I think Ill make an apple pie.
a few
Michelle would prefer _______
to cook
You havent walked
Have you walked?
in Paris for the last three years.
my arm.
to New York three times so far.
Time Expressions we use with
the Present Perfect Simple:

10 You are asking somebody
questions about things
he or she has done.
Make questions from the words
5 (always / live / in this
sterday but I _________ today.
4 Tracy worked hard at sc
games last season but we _________
4 Nicky and Jan arent at this school any more.
________ this school.
14 Make up 5 sentences in the Present Perfect Simple using the
vocabulary items from the Units 1, 2.
You use the imperative or the present simple for giving instructions.
the potatoes and the onions and
for ten minutes.
the potatoes and the onions and
a heavy frying pan.
spread the mixture evenly.
Dont forget to
pepper and salt.
1 Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.
I've just read an article which made me
think of you and me, Mary. It says,
Every morning when many people wake up
, they usually think about one thing -
their weight! Today is going to be the day
. Today they are going
up eating meat
How Kate feels now
J Sainsbury PLC bath
Lemon Tea Bags New Potatoes JS Filter Coffee
4 Match each description with the name
of a kind of food from the list.
The first one has been done for you.
2 I enjoy going out for a
3 Theres _________
4 Europeans usually use knives and _________
5 We can make a _________

far, and weve had some interesting
_______ the last time we wrote. Weve
_______ to some
beautiful islands, and
a lot of interesting people. In fact
weve made friends with some people
in a village, and theyve been
us the local language. I havent manage to learn much
_______ , but Ann
an speak well. Shes been
Affirmative Negative
I havent been walking
You havent been walking
Theyve been walking
Have you been walking?
to talk about an action which started in
the past and continues to the present
to Jamaica for his holidays since 1993.
to talk about a past action which has lasted and whose result is visible in the
for my exam.
Time Expressions we use with
the Present Perfect Continuous:
the situations and write two
sentences using the words in
Linda is from Australia.
She is traveling round Eu
rope at the moment. She
Jimmy is a tennis player. He began play
ing tennis when he
was ten years old.
When they left college, Mary and Sue star
10 Paraphrase the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the
4 Im still reading this book.
12 Make up 5 sentences in the Present Perfect Continuous using the
vocabulary items from th
13 This is an email message you recei
ved from your English friend Mike.
How are you? As for me, Im not quite
well. Yesterday I had
dinner in a new
1 These people all want to go out for
a meal. Decide which restaurant (A-
E) would be the most su
itable for them (1-3).
Mike and Amanda Brown want
to find a reasonably-
priced restaurant for lunch, w
here their ten-year-old twins
Jade wants to book a re
staurant that has live
entertainment for a birthday
celebration meal with her
friends next Saturday. They all love fish and expect to
pay above-average prices.
A Greens Restaurant
The new head chef here trained in Spai
n and cooks fantastic fish and seafood
recipes, that are popular wit
h adults and children alike.
Situated near the river, wit
h its own garden and play area,
The Ship is perfect for
young families. Their cheap childrens me
nu includes favourites like sausages,
baked potatoes, fish and chips and pizza
, and is available throughout the day.
Tino, who is originally from southern Ita
ly, prepares delicious dishes from his
Quality of food
_________ and
_________ not
greasy or too


_________ value
3 Listen to these people deciding wh
ere to eat. Match the people with
their chosen place by writing a le
tter in the box below each picture.

4 All the verbs on the left (A) describe
ways of cooking. Match them with
the descriptions on the right (B) and
the examples of foods you can cook
5 Look at the menu. Which of these foods are:
6 Fill the gaps in the sentences with the verbs from the list. There may be
more than one correct answer.
book, bring, have, made, order, served, show, take, serves
1 Are you ready to ___
______ now, madam? Hmm Whats Murgh Korma?
Its an Indian dish _________ with chi
cken, yoghurt and onion and its
2 Could you _________ the bill please?
3 May I _________ you to your table, sir?
The waiter will come to _________
your order in a few minutes.
4 La Strada is my favourit
e restaurant. I always sit at
the same table and the
same waiter always _________ me. I
always _________ the same dish too:
7 Match the food and drink words with
A bag of
Some cans of
A carton of
A jar of
17 _____ you (ever/ride) a horse?
18 Sue _____ (not/take) a lot of drugs
14 Fill in the gaps in
the sentences below with
5 They got that flat twelve years _____.
8 Our family havent heard from him _____ five months.
13 Mr. Pembroke doesnt often mow the lawn. He hasnt cut the grass _____
15 We have been waiting here now _____ an hour.
15 Write an advertisement to your f
avourite restaurant or caf (35-45
words). Use the plan below.
Paragraph 1:
Paragraph 2:
dishes and desserts
Paragraph 3:
Paragraph 4:
16 You are Dave. Next Saturday you h
ave planned to go out to the Mayfair
Restaurant for a special meal with
two friends, Louise and Steve. Write a
note to Louise. In your note, explai
n the situation, ask for her opinion and
ask her to contact Steve. Use 40-50 word
s. To help you this time, we have
written part of the note. Use the words
The restaurant has
_________ rung to say the arrangements for next
Saturday have
_________. They want us to
_________ there at 7.00 not
7.30, and theres
Shepherds pie
Soda water

1 Read the article about American
diners. Three paragraphs have been
st suitable paragraph from (A-D) for
each gap (1-3). There is one extra para
graph which you dont need to use.
There is an example of how to mark
your answers. The example is not
ght answer.
ican diners werent always all they were
the Y Not Grill where we hung out as t
b good for you, physically or morally
e things produced from
f made from artificial substances
g containing all the natural substances
h relating to farm animals that are not
4 Answer these questions about the text. You may need a
dictionary to
help you with some of your answers.
1 Are food labels meant to provide info
2 Why do manufacturers try to hide t
5 Choose which would be tastier and why.
1 Strawberry flavoured yoghurt or strawberry flavour yoghurt
2 Orange drink or orange juice
3 Raspberry jam or raspberry flavoured jam
4 Farmhouse thicken or free-range chicken
6 As pointed out in the text,
is an ambiguous word, i.e. it can he
understood in different ways. Expl
ain these phrases. Where possible,
8 Got a light?
9 to light on the solution
10 In
7 Answer questions 1-
7 by writing W for Vera
Wallace, M for Graham Mann or B for both in
the boxes provided. You will hear a
conversation which takes place in a village
8 Match the words or expressions wi
th their equivalents. Write your
cook b alcoholic milk
3 a cheeseburger
a table or display on which goods/ food can be
5 a chef e a person who cooks
6 a price
7 a customer
8 a chocolate malt h the chief cook
9 fake diners
10 a counter j chips
11 hangout k disappeared a long time ago
12 over the hill l generally believed to be
13 cracked up to be m not authentic
14 fake n spend time
15 long gone o old
Brassica rapa
Brassica napobrassica
h stiff clustered leafstalks eaten
10 Choose the word in each grou
p which cannot follow the verb.



11 Fill in the tables wi
th your own answers.
12 Look at these adjectives, which can
all be used to describe food and
drink. Add a kind of food or drink to
each adjective. Try to use a different
word each time
13 Use the verbs shown in the illust
the use of the word in this se
nse goes to 1762.The word was
Ill put on
I have money to eat a lot
16 Fill in the gaps in th
e sentences with the appropr

17 Make up as many sentences as y
I has time I help you.
he is busy he go to the doctor.
If she fall ill she be very happy.
come tomorrow will be displeased.
find the keys wont play chess.
we dont come in time we go for a walk.
they stay here they
20 Most people have their own favourit
e dishes which they prefer to new
and unfamiliar foods. Write down
your favourite dish.
21 Match these menu items with suitab
le phrases. You can use some of
the phrases with more than one item. Re
write each line of the recipe below
small bowl and save the liquid.
Put the drained beans in a small bowl and save the liquid.
1 clove garlic, Cup walnuts, 1
walnut oil, teaspoon salt, teas
poon black pepper, teaspoon cayenne
blespoons fresh Chinese parsley
garlic. Shell the walnuts. Put them
pepper. Add the vinegar, salt, pepper and cayenne. Mix the
the bean liquid and the oil. Blend

1 Read the article OLDER THAN AZTE
CS quickly and underline the parts
1 How much chocolate do British people eat per week on average?
2 Why do people become chocoholics?
3 What are the aims of
Chantal Coady has become so worried about t
he state of Britain
s chocolate, she
has decided that what the nation needs is
Lots of people claim to be addicted to choc
olate. The word chocoholics is used
as if everyone understands what it mean
s. You see TV interviews with people
who hide wrappers behind the furniture and obviously have quite serious eating
problems. But to call them chocoholics is
mistaken. They are talking about sugar,
addiction. Its the need for sugar they cant
control, so they should join a sugar
Members will be enthusiasts of the real th
ing, proper chocolate that dark and
rful grip on civilizations throughout
history, beginning with the Mayans and Aztecs.
The founding principles of this chocol
ate appreciation group are that the only
necessary ingredients for good chocolate ar
e pure cocoa solids, which have been
mixed with a little cocoa butter, and a sm
all amount of sugar. As a rough guide,
the proportion of cocoa solids
is the key; the higher th
Starting with a programme of
True chocolate is a far purer and healthie
r product according to Ms Coady, who
illustrates her point thr
ough one of her own favourit
e chocolates Valrhonas
Carre de Guanaja, A two-c
A machine which makes chocolate
4 You are going to read an arti
cle about a woman called Rebecca
Ridgway. For questions 1-7, choose th
e answer (A, B, C or D) which you
think fits best accordi
ng to the text. Tick (
√) the right letter for every
To reach Ardmore and take t
ea with Rebecca Ridgway you must make an
expedition: not, perhaps an exp
edition in the Ridgway cla
ss, involving months of
painstaking planning, physical trai
ning. mental preparation; not, when
underway, the same degree
of discomfort or edge of
danger, but a prolonged
exercise in transport arrangem
ents in order to reach her
crofthouse on a roadless
peninsula near Cape Wrat
Rebecca does have neighbour
s: most importantly her
parents. John and Marie-
Christine Ridgway and one or two other self
D She would
like to have more time to write.
Before the listening task study th
e words and their definitions.
Capsicum annuum longum
DMAE a slower acting but l
onger lasting antidepressant
biosynthesis: deficiency causes a form of anemia
any of several edible, marine, bivalve mollusks of the
on of existence; a state
and how they affect our moods.
7 In this table all the items are mixed
. Below there is the table with two
empty columns. Fill in this table pr
operly. Use the words and phrases from
the table with mixed items.
container usually made of typical contents
1 bag china, glass, wood wine, beer
2 barrel glass, pottery ingredients for making a cake
5 bottle wood, zinc, card flowers, rainwater, ice-cream
6 bowl tin shopping, clothes, waste paper
9 can cloth, plastic peas, baked beans, fruit
10 carton glass, plastic flowers, rainwater, ice-cream
12 crate cardboard, wood coal, rubbish
14 jar pottery matches, tools, toys, chocolates
16 mug canes, rushes jam, honey, olives, instant coffee
17 pack wood, plastic food that is being cooked
19 pan card coca cola, beer
21 sack pottery milk, lemonade, wine
22 tin glass milk, lemonade, wine
23 tub tin milk, cream, water
container usually made of typical contents
1 bag
2 barrel
3 basin
5 bottle
6 bowl
7 box
9 can
10 carton

12 crate
13 glass
14 jar
15 jug
16 mug
17 pack
19 pan
20 pot
21 sack
22 tin
23 tub
24 tube
8 Decide which answer A, B or C best fits each space.
This is just right for a co
ld winters day, and is both
_____ and cheap. If
_____ them for at least twel
ve hours in cold water.
Drain them and put them in a large
_____ with plenty of water. Bring them to
the boil, and then le
t them simmer gently
_____ the chickpeas are soft. I find it
_____ chickpeas, which are already cooked. This
and also guarantees that t
he chickpeas will be soft, since it can take hours of
boiling before they
_____. Two small 450 gr
am cans are usually
Strain the chickpeas, but keep some of the liquid for the soup.
_____ about
three tablespoons of olive oil in a cl
ean saucepan, and gently
heat a chopped
_____ two or three cloves
of garlic and some
_____ carrot.
_____ half
the chick peas and turn them in the oi
l over a low heat. Meanwhile blend the
remaining chickpeas in a food
_____ until they make a smooth cream. Add
9 Read the text below and think of th
e word which best fits each space.
Use only one word in each space. There
Fifty million bottles
Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
now sold every year in 130 different count
ries. The original recipe did not come
_____ Worcestershire, however, and at the beginning Mr Lea and Mr Perrins
It was Lord Marcus Sandys
12 Read the text below. Use the word
given in capitals at the end of each
line to form a word that fits in th
e space in the same line. There is an
sandwich. The ancient sna
just one bite take
______list, inside a worn-out
things which always or
If/when + present tense
things which will, or will
(It is a real possibility that
I will clean the
_ book in advance.
2 If he doesnt study harder, he wont pass the exam.
3 Youll only find the disco if y
ou follow my directions exactly.
4 Unless youve got a car, you wont be
5 Unless I have a glass of water, Ill faint.
Ill faint _______________________________ a glass of water.
6 If it doesnt rain, we can have a picnic.
15 You have seen the advertisement
in a health magazine and have
decided that you are interested in t
aking part in the experiment described.
Using the advertisement write a le
tter covering the points in the

We are looking for students willing to take part in an
weeks. You will be asked
and keep a record of your other meals.

If you are interested, please write to Dr. S.D. Allan,
Dept. Of Food Science, stating your preferred days for
We also need to know what your present eating habits
are, so please include information about how many
Read the text and match the sentences A-D with the numbered gaps 1-4
in the text below.
After Mad Cow Disease, who has not been tempted to stop eating
dence now that meat a bad for you.
___ However, there is no easy answer
to the question. So
me people say meat
is bad for us; others claim meat is ess
ential for our health. So where does the
as veal, can be harmful: if you eat a lot of it,
you may develop heart problems. White meat,
such as pork or chicken, is not as
bad, according to the experts. Further
more, it is argued by anti-meat-eating
groups that if more people switched to
14 The purpose of the text is to
identify the liveliest outdoor caf in New York.
identify the outdoor caf in New York with the best food.
offer information about a range of eat
offer information about the eating habits of people in New York.
Scattered throughout the city of New York
Some call it a tourist trap,
While tourists are queuing
up for tables at Tavern
on the Green, New Yorkers
head deeper into Central Park
for lunch at this charmi
ng, relatively inexpensive
Located in the heart of midt
own near Grand Central Terminal, this eatery in the
floral Court Hotel qualities as one of
Golden Boy, the famous statue, oversees t
he festivities at this
restaurant situated
in the shadow of New Yorks Art Deco ar
chitectural masterpiece. In winter, the
outdoor section of the caf is transforme
d into the Rockefeller Center Skating
Rink; in summer, the shaded,
linen-draped tables make an inviting prospect after
New York Citys best outdoor dining experie
nce is across the Brooklyn Bridge at
this boat-restaurant moored in
the East River. In an informal survey, six out of
seven New Yorkers picked the River Cafe as
the best place in the city to propose
marriage. Positive features: stunning vi
ews of the Manhatta
n skyline, and of
Outdoor cafes are thick on the ground in
Greenwich Village its hardly worth
recommending one, since visitors so quickly
find their own. Its easy to walk by the
Manhattan Chilli Company which looks like
just another quaint Village restaurant
When the western half of Gr
eenwich Village changed into
a center for tourists, the
areas artists and musicians moved east
3 You will hear a radio documentary
about the history of the pizza. For

Pizzas are quite nutritious because they contain
The Naples Pizza Association wa
4 Read the text below and decide whic
h answer A, B, C or D best fits
al C typical
D usual
What does an elephant eat on a
_____ day? Layang-Layang,
an elephant at
London Zoo, has a good
_____ . Her keeper describes what she ate
_____ of a kilo of dog biscuits mixed with 750g of dried
horse food with extra vitamins, hay,
bread, bananas, apples,
oranges, potatoes,
carrots and cabbage. Zoo food is always of a
_____ of branches is de
livered. Layang-Layang is
_____ of cherry and apple,
so she was given four big
_____ .
She chewed the twiggy bits and
_____ the rest as toys. Lunch was another
_____________ Yorkshire Pudding before.
main clause/example
If I had enough money,
If I lost my job,
would or modal verbs
Id go to this restaurant.
I might become a cook.
zero and first
second conditionals
Function when you talk about an
unlikely situation and its
zero and first conditionals Function/example
pierce the ties, they will explode.)

description of the result in case of not following this
Always wrap everything in three laye
rs of foil, otherwise it will smell or
he had time he visit the doctor.
If she liked it she go to the theatre.
werent busy would be very happy.
phoned buy it.
were free wouldntwrite me a letter.
you came in time you be late.
we asked me we go to the restaurant.
they had money they take a taxi
felt sick take you to the concert.
13 This fish isnt fresh. It smells so disgusting. If
10 For questions 1-20, choose the
correct answer A, B or C.
1 If Daniel _____ what happened in
A asked B will ask C asks
2 You would soon learn French if
you _____ to evening classes.
A go B went C would go
3 If you _____ in yourself, you would succeed.
A believed B will believe C would believe
20 She will be very angry if
A makes B will make C would make
11 Finish the sentences
using your own ideas.
1 Youll go for a walk if ____________________________________________.
3 They will stop talking as soon as ___________________________________.
15 A recent issue of the magazine
BREAKFAST: Rice Krispies and so
LUNCH: Chicken soup
TEA: Losagne, chips and garlic bread
Read the texts A-D and mark with a tick
√) the geographical regions,
countries and continents below which ar
e mentioned. Pay attention to the
1 Africa_____ 7
9 The Middle East___
Chillies are the seed pods of a S
outh American plant. They contain
capsaicin, one of the most powerful subs
tances used by a pl
ant to stop predators
eating its seeds. The red colour of the
seed pod is natures customary warning
that what is inside is ha
rmful. Chillies were first cu
ltivated in South America 800
. The Incas prized the chilli, valuing it in religious rites, even using the
pods as a form of currency. Columbus br
ought the chilli back to Europe in the
15th century. The Portuguese then carried
it to trading colonies in India and
prefer the
good old English pub with exce
llent pub food and a choice
of fine beers and soft
. Many of these places to eat are open
late to allow you to shop first and
relax and enjoy a meal afterwards. Some
are open on Sunday as well, so bring
Could you eat 3 kilos of fruit in four
minutes? 0r cross a mango with a rose?
Molly Moore
in New Delhi lives and learns.Slic
e them, suck them or slurp them
no matter how you cut them, theres not a fruit on earth that produces more
passion among Indians than the mango. Sunny
Mohar is the living proof. After
eating over 3 kilos of the fruit in four
minutes flat, the electronics engineer, aged
24, turned to the cameras and decla
red. Im crazy about mangoes
. Javed Faridi,
aged 55, while no less enthusiastic, is mo
re reserved in his praise. A mango
grower like his father before him, he
has created 300 hybrids of Indias most
popular fruit, including a mango crossed
with a rose and another the size of a
than the other way round
. If the food has to wait, it wi
ll continue cooking in its own
You are going to read a newspaper article about a family who live on a
farm. Seven paragraphs have been removed from the article. Choose from
the paragraphs (A-H) the one which fits
each gap (1-8). There is one extra
paragraph which you do not need to
use. There is an example at the
Its a bit unusual but its worth a tr
y next summer, says Rachel Roskilly,
59. No-one disagrees with
her. Next summer the new fl
avour of ice-cream will be
The herd of cows that
is the base of the family
business is his main activity.
Soon after, in 1960, Joe married Rachel
. He has added 45 hectares to the
farm but has not gone far from his home.
This year I have not been out of
Cornwall, he said. Rachel and I last had
a holiday when our s
on Toby was four.
Although we had been ma
king clotted cream since
we married and doing
We had decided agains
t ice-cream in 1984
because small-scale
equipment was not available at
the right price, Joe said
. But three years later,
when we were looking for a small paste
urising machine with which to make
whipping cream, we realized that things had changed.
In addition, last summer the family
opened The Croust House, a 50-seater
restaurant serving coffee, cream teas, sala
ds and other light lunches, as well as
Although the cows are the key to everyt
hing we do, I have always felt that
being ready to change and
expand when necessary
makes farming more
interesting and more fun than it used to
be. The younger generat
3 You will hear an interview with
Tom and Sue Higgins, an English couple
who opened an English restaurant in
Lyon, France, over ten years ago.
answer A, B or C for these questions.
Why did they decide to open an English restaurant in Lyon?
5 You will hear a local radio report
about places to eat.
For questions 1-7
choose the best answer A, B or C.
1 When should you order a picnic pack from Ali?
A by lunchtime
B the day before
C early in the morning
2 What does Caroline criticize about Chicknthings?
A the quality of the food
B the value for money
C the speed of service
8 Philip is staying in Lisbon with his
friend, Juao. Read this extract from
that had
He wasnt quite sure where it was, so
we went up to
a group of teenagers
5 another portion of what
in someones house, probably not a meal -
10 Read the text below and look careful
ly at each line. Some of the lines
are correct, and some have a word whic
h should not be there. If a line is
correct, put a tick by it. If a line h
as a word which should not be there,
underline that word. There are examples (0 and 00).
Around the city of Vienna are a few hundreds

Avoid these unless you do not mind in spending the evening with
coachloads of another tourists
and one simple but delicious food. My
best to go on summer evening in slightly line weather when you
wooden tables underneath trailing
vines. A busy waitress in traditional costume will bring young
picked yourself up at the counter
inside, slices of roast pork,
roast chicken, cold vegetable salads
, fresh radishes,
onion and paprika. I would
al with a piece of apple
11 Read the text. Pay attention to th
e words and phrases in bold and their
A new Italian restaurant called Bella Roma
and quick; at the Casa Italia its always a bit
. In the
. But at Bella Roma theyll
go out of their way
12 Fill in the table with the words
and phrases from the text Describing
Service. Match the words and phrases (1
-8) with their meanings (a-h).
Your answer
go out of ones way
13 Make sure you know what all the
words mean on these invitation cards.
Mr. W. and Mrs. B. Ogilry
the wedding of their daughter
major Derek Littlerbrain
admission by invitation only
14 Fill in the table with
the words and phrases from the cards in activity
13. Match the words and phrases (1-5
) with their meanings (a-e).
words and
black tie
alcoholic drinks normally taken before a
wish someone success or happiness
to toast
Invite you to come along and
at Frontier Music store
17 a Your university/place of work
is thinking of been providing new
canteen/cafe facilities. The
Head/Managing Director
has asked you to write a
report on what people would like. Wr
ite your report in 120180 words
- peoples eating habits
- what sort of facilities they would like
- where they should be
/ Why dont we go to
St. Blodwyns, a large
school in Oxford. I visited
the school last month and wa
s shown what it has to
I was pleased to see / To my amazement
, it offers everything that we
(2) First of all / At first
, the school is located in a peac
eful residential district of
North Oxford, within easy reach of
the city centre, so it would be
(3) very simple /
dead easy
for our students to visit the unive
rsity colleges, museums and galleries
(4) really old / historic city
(5) And then / Secondly
, the school has a reputation for (
6) high quality /
absolutely brilliant
teaching, with
(7) tiny / small
classes of no more than twelve
students. The teachers themselves
(8) are all fully-qualifie
d / know their stuff
(9) loads of / a great deal of
experience. The school caters for students of
all levels.
(10) However, / What a pity
the minimum age is 16, and this will
(11) In addition to / Despite the teaching
, the school has
(12) excellent
facilities, including a comput
er room and a self-access centre
Salmon /sm

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