Complete each sentence with a different relative pronoun (which, where, who and whose). Then add commas if the clause is non-defining.
My job ________ involves a lot of travelling is quite well paid.
Andrew ________ is Canadian supervises the football team.
The school ________ I studied is 100 years old this year.
Jon ________ wife is Chinese speaks six different languages very well.
This job is suitable for a person ________ ambition is to become an astronaut.
The thing ________ I find most stressful about my job is doing paperwork.
The work ________ we do in our lessons is always fun.
Combine the two sentences to make one complex sentence. Include the information in the second sentence as a non-defining relative clause.
I travelled to Newcastle. I was born there in 1996._________________________________________________________________________
Kelly and Steve got married on Sunday. They moved to Norwich._________________________________________________________________________
Our neighbours are called Paul and Joanna. Their daughter is in my class._________________________________________________________________________
Ally is in charge of the sales office. She finds it challenging._________________________________________________________________________
I work as a telesales operator in a call centre. It is a boring job._________________________________________________________________________
Twelve people work in this team. They are all reliable._________________________________________________________________________
Burford is a small town in England. My grandmother lives there._________________________________________________________________________
Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or present continuous form of the verbs in brackets.
_________you best friend _______________(agree) with you about your taste in clothes?
Some birds _______________ (not fly) to warmer countries in winter.
Our fashion reporter _______________ (meet) the famous designer at 8.15 tonight.
Laura _______________ (hardly ever / go out) in the evenings after school.
The conference on colour blindness _______________ (start) at 9 a.m. on 23 November.
_______________ (you / fancy) watching a DVD this afternoon?
Nicola _______________ (never / wear) a skirt because jeans suit her better.
Why ____________________(you/feel) your pockets? Have you lost anything?
These flowers ________________(smell) nice.
I ________________________(think) of going to the job interview next week.
Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs below. There is one verb you do not need.
become belong forget imagine study want wear
When I appear on television, my parents never _______________ to record the programme.
I can’t _______________ living without my smartphone. It’s part of my life now.
What ________ they ________ to do when they visit the USA?
This week we _______________ the ideas of ancient philosophers.
I usually prefer casual clothes, but today I _______________ smart clothes for an interview.
That CD _______________ to me – can I have it back?
5. Choose the correct variant:
Liam doesn’t mind if plans change. He’s quite _____ .a confidentb flexiblec trustworthy
Jerry always sees the best side of things. He’s very _____ .a creativeb positivec thoughtful
Nell finds her work exciting and she loves doing it. She’s really _____ about it.a enthusiasticb flexiblec polite
I'm very _____ so I'm good at working in a team.a confidentb conscientiousc co-operative
5. He lost his job a year ago and has been _______________ ever since.
a. off work b out of work c. down to work
6. I can’t work ____________what to do.
a. on b. off c. out
7. I've got a lot of ​ HYPERLINK "http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/work" \o "work" work to do, but I can't ​ __________ to it.
a. get down b. go back c. get on
6. Complete the sentences with the right words:
As a travel agent, you have to __________ with the public a lot.
Would you like to __________ in charge of the sales office?
I changed my job and now I __________ a much bigger salary.
Can you __________ the phone? I'm just going into a meeting.
I really hate it when I have to __________ paperwork. It’s the most boring part of my job.
Jayne and Dale work in a small café. They __________ customers and make drinks.
Sandy doesn't like working in a _______________ . He prefers working on his own.
I’m a student and spend a lot of time studying, so I’m looking for a _______________ job.
10 You need to do _______________ work for this type of job: either 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Does having a ________ give you better job opportunities?
He wants to do a vocational ________ like nursing or social work.
I’m a / an _________________ . I look after people on a plane.
I’m a _______________, My job is to prepare medicines for sales in a shop or in a hospital.
7. Answer the questions. Use as many new words as possible:
1) What is necessary to remember when you’re going to have a job interview?
2) What personal characteristics are necessary to be a good optician? a good flight attendant?
3) Is it better to have a job first or get a degree?

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