Teenage Groups and Movements

Teenage Groups and Movements    Today the life of many young people of the world is influenced by popular culture. The young follow certain stereotypes that are imposed on them through TV, movies and music. In their lifestyle the youth tries to imitate the images of their idols. Other young people look for their place in society, they want to stand out in the crowd but not to blend with the surroundings. They oppose to the world and create a new subculture. 
A lot of teenagers join different groups and movements nowadays. Why? Perhaps it is the lack of any other way to express what attracts young people to different subcultures. Maybe they protest against their parents or rebel against the older generation. In my opinion, the main reason of joining the group is the ability to show jour solidarity with like-minded friends. There are a lot of different subcultures, so young people can find a group or a movement that will suit their interests.
A subculture is any group with a distinct style and identity. Different subcultures have their own beliefs, values, fashion and favourite music. For example, hippies of the 1970s wore unusual clothes and had long hair. Hippies believed in peace, and one of their favourite sayings was "Make love, not war". Today hippies are more socially active. They set up environmental groups and join charity projects.
Yet, not all groups are peaceful. Some of them are rather rebellious. Sadly, some of them are prepared to physically hurt people in an attempt to get their message across. For example, punks are opposed to the values, norms and materialism in the society. They express this in loud and violent music, strange clothing and hair of unusual colours.
The ideal subculture for me is Goths. They see the world as a dark place and like it that way. I completely agree with them because our life is very difficult. Goths make a statement with their fashion as well as with their philosophy. With startling white make-up, black or purple hair, black lipstick and fingernails, these people certainly stand out in the crowd. I also like black colours, so I think it is an ideal subculture for me.
I would like to join some group of Goths because I approve their lifestyle. Of course, when I join the group, I will have to obey certain rules, but on the other hand, belonging to a group will help me to express my individuality.
Some people think that all subcultures are awful. We must admit that many of teenage subcultures are associated with drugs and violence. But subcultures are not as bad as they are thought to be. Teens want to show off. But at the same time a lot of teens think about changing the world to the best. A subculture is a way of life; It is a real life for us.
Subcultures are not so bad as they are thought to be. Teens want to show off. But at the same time a lot of teens think about changing the world to the best. Subcultures are mostly for young and creative. Then, I am sure, teenagers become good citizens. Some who were punks became the main editors of famous newspapers. The subculture is the way of life. It is not a fan club, it is a feature of a real life. 

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