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10 Shockers From Leah Reminis New Scientology Book HARRYPOTTER PREQUEL Exclusive First Look J.K. Rowling Newt Kid on the Block! EDDIE REDMAYNE AS NEWT SCAMANDER NOV. 13, 2015 #1389 SCOOP FROM THE SET OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE OF 2016. ITS REQUIRED READING EVEN FOR MUGGLES! FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO JAMES HIBBERD SCOOP FROM THE SET OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE OF 2016. ITS REQUIRED READING EVEN FOR MUGGLES! FANTASTIC BEASTS 1.866.MOBILITY att.com/mobilesharevalue Visit a Store Right now at AT&T, GB OF DATA FOR THE PRICE OF More data for you to share the view. Mobile Share Value 15 GB for Price of 10 GB: Ltd.-time offer. Must sign up for this promo plan. Compares the new 15 GB plan to our previous 10 GB plan. Plan is for svc. only & includes plan charge ($100/mo.) plus per-device access charge ($10 to $40/mo.). Data Overage: Devices: Purch. costs addl. Device Limits: GENERAL SERVICE TERMS: Subject to Wireless Customer Agmt. Services are not for resale. Credit approval reqd. May apply per line. Activ./upgrade & other fees may apply per line. Other monthly charges, fees & restrs apply & may result in svc. termination. Svc. not avail. everywhere. Pricing & offers subject to change & may be modified, discontinued, or terminated at any time w/out notice. THE TOP 10 THINGS WE LOVE THIS WEEK NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM THE WALKING DEAD 5 4 EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 NEW YORK COMEDY FESTIVAL The biggest names in stand-up (Trevor Noah, Nick 1+, the Beatles With the 15th anniversary of the Beatles iconic collection of chart-toppers, all 27 tracks have been remastered in a new release including a two- disc Blu-ray/DVD MOVIES MISS YOU ALREADY Drew Barrymore MOVIES SPOTLIGHT TheBoston takes on the Catholic Church in a news- paper movie thats neither preachy nor melo- dramatic, with powerful perfor- mances from the star-studded ensemble. NOAH: FREDERICK M. BROWNGETTY IMAGES; : APPLE CORP LTD; MISS YOU ALREADY :NICK WALL; SPOTLIGHT :KERRY HAYES MOVIES BROOKLYN Saoirse Ronan, best known as the trouble- Atone- , is poised and luminous as an immigrant GAMES RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER 2013s gritty reboot told Lara Crofts origin story, and in this cinematic adventure, Croft embraces her destiny as the Tomb Raider, battling a sinister organization on HAIZ, Hailee Steinfeld True Grit Pitch Perfect 2 actress-slash- singer has some true loor bangers about Christy (Anna Faris) and Bonnie (Allison Janney) BOOKS JOHN LE CARR, by Adam Sisman; by Frederick Forsyth These two books declassify the lives of spy-thriller masters John le Carr and Frederick Forsyth, who lived through as much intrigue as some of their most enduring characters. EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 7 8 9 10 BROOKLYN :KERRY BROWN; STEINFELD: DOUGLAS GORENSTEINGETTY IMAGES; RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER : COURTESY MICROSOFT; :WARNER BROS.; JOHN LE CARRE :HARPERCOLLINS; THE OUTSIDER :PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE  \n \r\n \r  \r\n \r  \r (!2;!9 $$9;31'89'8=-$'(38138';,!2@'!89W ';! 73;'!2&9'',3&#x38.;颁;;&#x';&#x!2;&#x&; ';&#x';&#x,37;&#x.998;00;1$,@3$3&9!=';3&!@W +'-$3W$31dfffd3$!3 $'  \n \r\n  \n\n \n\r\n  \r 31'&-9$32;9T$3='8!+'9T6!@1'2;6!29!2&('!;8'9!8'23;! =!-!#'-2!9;!;'938! \r$316!2-'9W \r-9!8'+-9;'8'&9'8=-$'1!803( 3='821'2; 163@''9\r298!2$'316!2@T!9,-2+;32TWWU!'809,-8' !&#x88.;s!;$8;&#x.018;‰';&#x;.0;Ŵ;1;!;Ȓ.;&#x@37;&#x.024;T;.98;Q!;&#x9,;&#x-2;&#x+;;2&#xT;!&#x.982;W2;.98;r;&#xW;&#x;&#x;&#xU;&#x!;&#x;.00;՘;&#x'8;�9;&#x,-;ࠠ.;;&#x';&#x 13.;頔&#x!7.;ƈ&#x;,;&#x!0;;,!!@\r2$W9#9-&-!8@ W} \r q$LkZ|&h 1_8oD d|7\bD)b7HoWx,QjH7t|(Ni\:LqK7Kb8U`Kx6HR} EXCLUSIVELY AT 2015 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM REVIEWS Movies Books NEWS AND News & Notes The Bullseye FEATURES Leah Remini After three decades Remini famously broke with the church. Now, in an aggressively honest memoir, Troublemaker actress spares Tom Cruise. BY ISABELLA BIEDENHARN AND TINA JORDAN Fantastic Beasts and Where Harry Potters universe crosses time comes to New York! for next falls Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them . We go Behind the scenes of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find (starring Eddie 1113 JAAP BUITENDIJK PAST ENTERTAINERS WHORULEDTHE box o ce? Whose track did you listen to on repeat? Which show did you love so much you watched it live? Help us pick our cover star for EWs annual Entertainers of the Year issue (on stands Nov. 24). Chris Pratt for his dino-mite summer or Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Oscar-bait Christmas movie, Joy ? Did Amy Schumer Trainwreck Melissa McCarthy s Spy ? Does Adele Who Should Be EWs Entertainer of the Year? Jimmy Fallon, Sandra Bullock, Daniel Radcliffe, @EW Unleashed HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERERS STONE : PETER MOUNTAIN 3 ILLUSTRATION BY THOMAS PITILLI 100% Natural Argan Oil Clinically proven to provide healthier, more youthful looking lips Age defying comes to lip care. Introducing NEW 2015 Pzer, Inc. THE WEEKS BEST EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 Ash (Bruce Campbell) on Ash vs Evil Dead Castiel (Misha Collins), oblivious of streaming Oh my God, this me is like. A doctor costume for ladies? Psh, fake. According to a new survey, in 2015 more high school students are using electronic dont assume just because Im an old woman that my back is weak and my stomachs not strong. Floyd (Jean Smart), to Kansas City Mob We should be dealing in culinary orgasms. Adam (Bradley Cooper) A campaign nanced according to EC regulations N. 1308/13 2015 Palm Bay International Boca Raton, Fl.  a a\r �t \r CF NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM Jimmy Fallon: The Host With the Most...Drama His oscreen stumbles have become a frequent news topic What it means for the reigning king of latenight 1113 Adeles been back for just over a week, and shes already shattered multiple records numerous charts. Heres a quick look at her history- By Kyle Anderson WHENJIMMYFALLON announced last week 1.1 MILLION Downloads of Hello those of previous single-week record whose Right Round moved 636,000 units in 2009. 27.7 MILLION Crushing Taylor Swifts Bad Blood, the Hello music video is now the most viewed in 24 hours on Vevo. Hello follows Rolling in the 20.4 MILLION Users of services like Spotify streamed often as the previous one-week record holder, Justin Biebers What Do You Mean? where Hello hit No. 1 on iTunes. The Big Hello UNTIL HIS RATINGS TAKE A NOSEDIVE, IT WILL BE BUSINESS AS USUAL. PUBLIC RELATIONS EXPERT EVA VAN BRUNT IN JUNE, Fallon posted a pic of his injured hand on social media and IN AUGUST, he posted an the result of opening medicine for his June injury. IN OCTOBER, Fallon Instagrammed his second hand injury. Nothing boss Lorne FALLON: JIMMYFALLON 3; ADELE: JASON MERRITTGETTY IMAGES; MICH AELS, FALLON, AND BURKE: JUSTIN LANEEPALANDOV 2015 Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sirius, XM and all related marks and logos are tradem arks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. All other marks, channel names and logos are the pr operty of their respective owners. All rights reserved. For the full Radio Andy lineup, including shows hosted by Andys celeb friends, go to siriusxm.com/radioandy Channel 102  \n  \r  Introducing Radio Andy by Andy Cohen, a new 24/7 channel. Pop culture, hot topics, celeb gossip nothing is off limits with Andy. Especially un ltered Andy. Tune in for a wild ride. EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 NEITHERTHEHIGHWATTAGESTARPOWER of SandraBullock nor the rock-star charm of Bradley Cooper could conquer the box oice this Halloween. Now in the books as the worst weekend of 2015with Bullocks political drama earning a paltry $3.2 million in wide release and Coopers chef drama Burnt (Clockwise from left): Our Brand Steve Jobs SHOCKTOBER! Hollywood was on track for its biggest year everbut as awards Consciousness Beyond Life: The Science of the Near-Death Experience, Home Sausage by Susan Mahnke Peery and The Pirate, by Sir Walter BOX OFFICE DISASTER Keith Richards Book Club The rocker cited an obscure read on a BBC radio show, and it lew o shelves. We imagine his eclectic reading list. RICHARDS: TAYLOR HILLFILMMAGIC.COM; STEVE JOBS : FRANCOIS DUHAMEL; BURNT: ALEX BAILEY; SPECTRE : JONATHAN OLLEY www.StutteringHelp.org www.tartamudez.org OUNDATION help kids who stutter... FIRST LOOK EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 HAVEYOUEVER felt like time In the sequel to Disneys   blockbuster Alice in Wonder Wasikowska nds that shes Youre the Worst , FXXs sleeper hit about four Aya Youre the Worst Gets Real Darkand Really Good The cult comedy is known for its edgy take on adult life, but even fans were shocked by its latest plot twist. The executive producer and star tell EW how they orld of depression. minutes, viewers are immersed in the lives of a hip Silver Lake couple, with nary a familiar Youre the Worst character in sight. Its not until THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS ALICE IN WONDERLAND GOES YOURE THE WORST : BYRON COHENFX 2; ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS : COURTESY OF DISNEY 3; STAR TREK NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM Leonard Nimoy and William Sacha Baron acter owns a gold-colored time-travel devicea spherethat everyone wants and Alice needs, but the Red Queen wants most of all, Johnny Depp; Helena Bonham Carter FOLLOW THE NEWS & NOTES TEAM GO BACK TO THE FUTURE the habit of prequelizing: irst with the Scott Bakula-fronted , then with J.J. Abrams EMBRACE THE MYTHOLOGY The recent big-screen Trek stepped decades of accumulated history in favor of action-movie Game of era, TV audiences welcome complex stories that take full advantage of the series multispecies history. (Those Romulans are such Lannisters.) BRING BACK PATRICK STEWART Just for one season. Just for one episode! Its a solid EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 THE BEST OF NEW YORK COMEDY FESTIVAL Youve done everything from comedy writing for TV to now hosting your own show. Which series do you ind the funniest? I dont watch a lot of comedies. I laugh harder at dramas. else. Or Whats the best one-liner youve ever heard? My all-time favorite, which is from when Woody Allen did stand-up. He said, Someone broke into my ex-wifes apart- ment and she was violated. But technically, it wasnt a moving violation. Talk about a danger- ous jokehe did that in the 60s. Twitter would be aghast if he did that joke today. Whats your favorite website? Gizmodo, because I love tech LARRY So youre on Broad City and have your own Comedy Central show, but you still tour a lot. How do you deal with hecklers? The audience isnt rooting for the heckler to win, so Ill pit Im interested in his psychol- ogy. Does he want to be a comedian? Is he having a bad week? Whats his relationship like with his father? Why does he want to pay to scream out s--- in front of 3,000 people? Which comics are you proud of having gained approval from? Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Louis C.K. A lot of the big- ger comics accept me now as not quite a peer. I like being right under a peer to them. Favorite TV show on now? . Its dark as f--- but really funny. Lots of smart show-business satire mixed with great animal jokes. Whens the last time you cried? I dont know, but there was probably alcohol involved. Lewis Black What was it like to play the voice of Anger in the hit What they did with that movie is remarkable. Theres been nothing like it. Were gonna tell a story from inside a kids head. Are you kidding me? My favorite part was being able to work with the folks at Pixar. Theyre just a nice group of people, which in Whats the best one-liner youve ever heard? Only because I remember it: If a man speaks and a woman isnt there to hear it, is he still wrong? Of course therell be 3,000 emails about that. Whose comedic career would you steal? Groucho Marx, Robin Williams, John Cleese. They did ilm, TV, they all worked live. They got to do everything. But George Carlin and Lenny Bruce are my biggest inluences. What did you take away from them? You can talk about anything you want, as long as its funny. 30 years olderask if hes own any property. With the little kids, I shake their hand and act like theyre crushing Kathy Grifin Whats the best part of doing your current 80-city Like a Boss tour? Im playing Carnegie Hall, which is magical. And then the next night Im on a jet Do you still like being on the road? I love it. You can say whatever the f--- you want! Even when I was doing TV, I stayed on the road in some shape or form. It keeps you sharp. Im still a believer in live and unpredict- able. And everything going on keeps on giving. Whats the landscape like for female comics today? Its still a struggle. I mean, look at [the hosts of] late-night! I did a show in Iraq in the 2000s where the guy who introduced me said, I tell you what. We have a lady coming up here. And shes a lady who tells jokes! I was like, Im sorry, Don Draper, what year is this? WILMORE: PETER YANGCOMEDY CENTRAL; GRIFFIN: STEVE JENNINGSGE TTY IMAGES; BURESS: JESSE GRANTGETTY IMAGES; BLACK: C FLANIGANW IREIMAGE.COM REPORTED BY Christian Holub, Dylan Kickham, Joe McGovern, Kevin P. Sullivan, and Gillian Telling EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 Youre currently on the road with your PsyCHO tour. Are you seeing any awesome up-and-comers? Five years ago I was telling people, You should check out Amy Schumer. Im so proud of her now. Selene Amy Schumer may still be the biggest breakout star of NBCs Last Comic Standing dian Iliza Shlesinger, who is the only woman to ever take the shows top spot (in 2008), is qui- Jeff Ross Fans know you as a roast- master, but you recently performed for inmates in jail. What was that like? incarcerationsome heart- breaking stories. But I also got Do you have any preshow rituals? Theyre only legal in some states, so I have to be careful. I do request chicken salad, bananas, and a local paper. Bananas for energy, the paper helps me ground my act locally, and the chicken salad I rub on my private parts. Who was the most surprisingly funny person you ever roasted? Whos got good Twitter jokes these days? Twitter has softened. The CHO: BOBBY BANKWIREIMAGE.COM; ROSS: SCOTT LEGATOGETTY IMAGES; SHLES INGER: JASON LAVERISFILMMAGIC.COM Pick up a copy in store today or subscribe at people.com EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 After three decades as a Scientologist, Leah Remini famously broke with the church. Now, in an aggressively honest memoir, Troublemaker , the actress spares no oneincluding Tom Cruise. BOOK OF REVELATINS Remini is one of the few who have experienced the cultlike world of Scientology from for Trouble ON ONE OF HER TRIPS TO FLAG (Scientologys spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Fla.), Remini admitted that years earlier, she had stolen food from a Scientology headquarters restaurant when she was hungry. My auditor asked how much I thought I owed to make up the damage for the food I stole twenty years earlier. I dont know, I said. How much was custard and hamburgers for three months in the eighties? REMINI MARRIED HER HUSBAND, Angelowhom she had been dating for six yearsonly when church oi- cials ordered her to. AFTER SHE MADE A $1 MILLION donation to the church, Remini was ushered into Tom Cruises inner circle (which did not include John Travolta and Kirstie Alley, whom Tom didnt like). One evening, when she was at Cruises house with a group of WHEN SHE HAD HER DAUGHTER Soia, Remini writes, My plan was to be a good Scientologist, and not use an epidural, but when I felt the real WHILE DISCUSSING SHELLY Miscavige,the long-missing wife of Scientology honcho David Miscav- ige, Remini claims that the church is known not only to pay big money to o-duty LAPD oicers who work as security at the Celeb- rity Centre but also to make charity donations in their names. So you never quite know who is in tight with the church. WHEN REMINI FINALLY BROKE WITH the church, Crash director and for- mer Scientologist Paul Haggis sent her a note that said, in part, Here is what I want you to know; I will do anything for youanything you need. Privately or very publicly. ONCE WHEN THE CHURCH WANTED me to donate a million dollars, my business manager, who was a Scientologist, advised me against it because he didnt think I had the money, Remini writes. He was sec-check* see glossary below by church oi- cials and quit working for me. AT THE ITALIAN WEDDING OF CRUISE and Katie Holmes, Remini reported some of the shocking goings-on she witnessed to the church. But Scientol- of being the badly behaved one. As punishment she was called to Flag for four months, where she was forced to recant, spent AFTER CRUISES LONGTIME ASSIS tant resigned, Remini says that someone decided that she had done ACCORDING TO REMINI, AFTER Cruises then girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi said she had been treated poorly by the stars church handlers, she was assigned to four months of menial labor, including digging James Hibberd @JamesHibberd Gemma OBrien EXCLUSIVEFIRSTLOOK Harry Potters universe crosses time and spaceand comes to New York!for next falls Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Deep inside the chamber Katherine Waterston as Porpentina Tina Goldstein, Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, Alison Sudol as Queenie Goldstein, and Dan Fogler WEFINDNEWTSCAMANDERFARFROMHISNATULHABITAT. r than that just to leave the Dursleys house Fantastic is a textbook, authored by Newt, that is used by students at Hogwarts School of Witch- craft and Wizardry in the Potter novels. It has no plot to speak of. So how do you make a movie from a slim catalog of creatures? One idea involved crafting it into a Fantastic WATERSTON: GARETH CATTERMOLEGETTY IMAGES; SUDOL: SLAVEN VLASICGETTY IMAGES; FOGLER: LESTER COHENWIREIMAGE .COM; FARRELL: KARWAI TANGWIREIMAGE.COM; MORTON: DARREN GERRISHWIREIMAGE.COM; MILLER: TAYLOR HILLFILMMAGIC.COM considered a front-runner again this year for his The Danish Girl (out Nov. 27), neednt have worried. makers had hoped to see: a fully eshed-out story A Glossary of Beastly Terminology JAAP BUITENDIJK 2 MAGICALHELDRY THECURIOUSCASE OFNEWTSCAMANDER Farrell says. There, he ges- ticulated meaningfully at the TV: Channel 4! BBC 1! As for those fantastic beasts of the title, the menagerie includes the nier, a tiny treasure-hunter attracted to shiny things; the bowtruckle, a protective stick-shaped being that Being a part of this makes me feel like Ive made it to Hogwarts as a teachers assistant or something. Ezra Miller (Credence) ARCHITECTUL WIZARDRY GOLD,NOTJUST FORSNITCHESANY THEPHOENIXES OFTHEORDER BehindCover production designer Stuart Craig agreed to reveal a few of the coolest. BY JAMES HIBBERD WOOLWORTH BUILDING: GETTY IMAGES; FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM : JAAP BUITENDIJK WEEKDAYS FAC FAC COM COM Oscar-winning director SAM MENDES gave 007 Skyfall Spectre (out Nov. 6), he delves into the spys tortured past, proving that depth becomes him. BY CHRIS LEE @__ChrisLee JAMES BOND ABIDES AS POP CULTURES MOST ENDURING FANTASY FULFILLMENT. FOR MORE THAN HALF A century, hes remained the irresistible, indestructible avatar of kiss-kiss-bang-bang action that men have wanted to be and women have wanted to be with. But thats not what compelled Sam Mendes when it came to directing the 23rd Bond install- (2012). That movie was, for me, about things very close to my heart, says the British lmmaker, 50. A meditation on loss. Aging. The death of a parent. EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 Best Directoras a rare hybrid: an art- house auteur with theater bona fides as well as popcorn-movie mass appeal. How American Beauty to Bond, I YOUR COPY IN STORES TODAY! You and Your Favorite Movies: Reunited and It Feels So Good! 2015 Time Inc. Books. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Time Inc. All rights reserved. An all-new Special Collectors Edition from the Entertainment Weekly EW.COMMONTH XX, 2015 el Ellie GOULDING WITH OVER MIXOLOGY CLASSES IN NEW YORK CITY, THE BRITISH SIREN CATCHES A BUZZ WITH AND REVEALS HOW SHE FOUND HAPPINESS WITH HER EXCELLENT MATTHEW SALACUSE NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 FIRST ROUND Old Fashioned, which she hands o to her best friend and assistant, Hannah Youve said happier than your second album, Hal- cyon I suddenly just wanted to write things that were empowering, like youre holding on for life. It was a gradual progression into Halcyon was genuinely the denition of stormy, dark days, and Did you have to remind yourself, Im writing cheerier lyrics now? When I would write about a certain thing I would explore it in the darkest way pos- Delirium has such simple, lighter Is philosophical a building block of Ive entered this very philosophical zone. HAS SPENT FOUR JAMPACKED DAYS IN NEW YORK CITY in October doing promo for her third album, Delirium (out ELLIE GOULDING LOCATION: LANTERNS KEEP AT THE IROQUOIS HOTEL NEW YORK, A TRIUMPH HO TEL; HAIR: DANILOTHE WALL GROUP; MAKEUP: GENEVIEVESALLY HARLOR NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM Who did you cover? I remember doing Antony and the Johnsons, Ani DiFranco, Imogen Heap, Lauryn Hilleven, oh God, Feist. Whats the irst song you ever wrote? terrible. I was, like, 15. EDITED BY STEPHAN LEE Movies EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 JUDGINGFROMDANIEL Craigs over-it-all statements, it certainly feels like is his nal outing as James Bond, even if hes contracted to do one more. So before STARRING Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, La Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw DIRECTED BY RATING PG13 LENGTH 2 hrs., 28 mins. REVIEW BY Chris Nashawaty @ChrisNashawaty JONATHAN OLLEY TAME Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo WILD (2015) Helicopter hijack over Mexico City (2012) Train-top ight in Istanbul (2006) Black-and-white bathroom brawl (2008) Highway chase in Siena, Italy NEWSROOMSHAVEALWAYS catnip to Hollywood. With their cold cups of coffee, rolled-up shirtsleeves, and bustling deadline chaos, STARRING Michael Keaton, Mark Rualo, Liev Schreiber, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci DIRECTED BY Tom McCarthy RATING LENGTH REVIEW BY Chris Nashawaty @ChrisNashawaty RANKING CRAIGS PRETITLES STUNTS BEST MOVIES ONE OF 2015S SO FAR NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM Lionsgate is reportedly planning Mr. Robot star Rami Malek nabbed Busters Mal Heart REEL NEWS EYE GOUGING EGMF FHPN M FLASHBACKS FALLING HELICOPTERS PRESSON NAILS THIS FILM CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: that makes the one in For Your Eyes Only look like a tickle ght. Acting on beyond-the-grave intel from Dench, Bond discovers a tentacled criminal organization called SPECTRE. Meanwhile, a new head of British intelligence (the delightfully smarmy Andrew Scott) threat- ens to eighty-six the double-0 program. steamy encounter with Monica Bellucci) to the Austrian Alps and Tangier (where he literally butts heads with a Jaws-like goon played by Dave Bautista), Bond hunts for Franz Oberhauser, the sponsor of his past foes (Le Chiffre, Mr. White, Silva). Played by Christoph Waltz with his creepy SKYFALL : GREG WILLIAMSAUGUST; QUANTUM OF SOLACE : SUSIE ALLNUTT; SPOTLIGHT : KERRY HAYES Movies EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 Home Alone 25 Years Later Drew Barrymore and Toni Miss You Already STARRING AN ORAL HISTORY IN 500 WORDS MISS YOU ALREADY : NICK WALL; COLUMBUS: BRENT N. CLARKEFILMMAGIC.COM; HOUSE: PHOTOFES NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM The Peanuts Movie DIRECTED BY Steve Martino RATING LENGTH 1 hr., 28 mins. REVIEW BY Joe McGovern the lm disappointingly ditches the cartoonists modest visual formula for a photorealistic 3-D playground courtesy of the ani- Ice Age Even if you assume that Schulz always wanted his frozen pond reecting lustrous light and Snoopy frolicking in a lavish Hayao Miyazaki world, the ani- mation steroids injected into COWRITTENBYA son and grandson of Charlie Browns beloved creator, Charles M. Schulz (who died in 2000), the rst feature-length version of Peanuts in decades is a patch- work quilt sewn with nostalgia for the little insecure block- headed boy and his gang. But while TV reruns of Schulzs old- school specials still pull big numbers every holiday season, , we compare EWs grade with CRITICAL MASS ROOM STEVE JOBS CATCHING UP WITH KEVIN What does Columbus think his pint-size hero would be up to 25 years later? If we were ever going to do a reboot of the moviewhich would probably not be a good ideaI think 33-year-old Kevin McCallister inherited the home from his parents, and hes living there with his own precocious son, and Harry and Marv are sort of hanging out, still HOME ALONE : PHOTOFEST; THE PEANUTS MOVIE : TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX & PEANUTS 2 Movies Praise for THE GOLEM OF HOLLYWOOD EXTRAORDINARY . . . Like nothing Ive ever read before. JONATHANKELLERMAN JONATHANKELLERMAN JESSEKELLERMANAUTHOR ONATHAN NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR The Queen Of Gossip Youve played lots of strong women, but Hedda Hopper is sort of in a class by herself. Shes very ierce. Shes a woman who was very successful in that era, all of her own volition. To become that kind of force to be reckoned with has always been interesting. now, but no one kind of power Are you glad she hasnt been replaced? bsolutely. The whole business of very anti-art. I w ould say that most actors and directors feel uncomfortable but its become part of your job. How did you build your version of Hedda? She wanted to be the center of atten- tion. In every photo I had ever seen of her, she had her The way that Hedda dressed herself was a deliberate ploy. In my creation of her, it was all about the eyebrows. My makeup artist and I would spend at least half an hour maybe longer HEDDA ON HOLLYWOOD TWO OF THE CRUELEST, MOST PRIMITIVE PUNISHMENTS OUR TOWN DEALS OUT TO THOSE WHO HAVE FALLEN FROM FAVOR ARE THE EMPTY MAILBOX AND THE SILENT TELEPHONE. ON THE IT COUPLE OF THE MOMENT ABOUT ONCE EVERY SIX MONTHS SOMEONE NOTIFIES ME THAT LUCY AND DESI ARNAZ ARE SEPARATING. ON HUMANITY NOBODYS INTERESTED IN SWEETNESS AND LIGHT. HEDDAS POISON PEN Trumbo (out now), Dame Helen Mirren plays , the 1950s diva of Hollywood dish. Here, the actress chats about the ugly side The real Hedda Hopper; TRUMBO : HILARY BRONWYN GAYLE; HOPPER: BOB GOMELGETTY IMAGES Saoirse Ronan made her mark as a young actress, earning an Oscar nomination at 13 for her turn as the trouble-stirring Briony Atonement . Despite her obvious talent, the Irish-American actress, now 21, has struggled with the leap into more adult material. The transition is tricky to navigate, she says. You cant really do the coming-of-age thing anymore, but you also havent been seen as FORMUSICLOVERS of a certain age, there All Things Must Pass DIRECTED BY Colin Hanks RATING LENGTH 1 hr., 40 mins. REVIEW BY Chris Nashawaty @ChrisNashawaty BASEDONTHE 2009 novel by Colm Tibn, director John Crowleys mate and lovely drama about a young Irish woman finding her way in a strange new homeland while grappling with the life shes left behind. Its about STARRING Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Domhnall Gleeson DIRECTED BY John Crowley RATING PG13 LENGTH 1 hr., 51 mins. REVIEW BY Chris Nashawaty @ChrisNashawaty SAOIRSE RONAN R.I.P. Tower NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM BROOKLYN : KERRY BROWN EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 TALKABOUTAGREAT year for women The Best Actress lms that we no longer have to go searching for that brilliant performance in an otherwise unimpressive movie With standouts like  Years  to name just a few Saoirse Ronan BEST ACTRESS BOUNTY Hollywood has served up a bevy of powerful leading roles for women this year, making for this Oscar seasons most competitiveand thrillingrace. By Nicole Sperling The laconic character actor who also served in the U.S. Senate for eight years and ran for presidentdied from lymphoma at age 73 on Nov. 1 For a man who cut a gru, conserva- tive igure in more than 50 movie and TV appearances, Fred Thompson had one of the most unorthodox careers of any actor. A lawyer by trade, his dogged- ness during the 197374 Watergate investigation boosted his legal rsum. Then, in 1985s about blower clients he played himself. Die Hard 2 In the Line of Fire , and Law & Order . Of his life in politics, which began when he was elected to ill Al Gores Senate seat in Tennessee and ended with a loss for the 2008 presidential nomi- nation, Thompson once told EW, You cant act your way through a cam- much less a career. People see through it. Joe McGovern 19422015 FRED Movies How the Best Actress race Serious Threats Potential Spoilers BRIE Room JENNIFER Joy SANDRA Our Brand Is Crisis CATE CHARLOTTE 45 Years EMILY SAOIRSE CAREY Ill See You in My Dreams CHARLIZE Mad Max: Fury Road OSCAR STATUETTE: OSCAR  STATUETTE AMPAS ; LARSON: BRENT N. CLARK EGETTY IMAGES; BLANCHETT: MIKE MARSLANDWIREIMAGE.COM; RON AN: MICHAEL LOCCISANOGETTY IMAGES FOR SCAD; LAWRENCE: JON KOPALOFFFILMMAGIC.COM; RAMPLING: JB LACROIXWIREIMAGE.COM; MUL GAN: ANDREW TOTHFILMMAGIC.COM; BULLOCK: AXELLEBAUER GRIFFIN ALL-NEW Engineered by MORE DURABLE THAN IPAD AIR The Fire HD 8 is our all-new powerhouse tablet thats almost twice as durable as iPad Air 2. With an HD screen, quad-core processor, and access to 38 million movies, TV episodes, songs, books, apps and more, its the perfect device for entertainment. Starting at .99 EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 DATE Debuts Nov. 8 8 p.m. The YA adaptation AMC to Ride With Norman Reedu Walking Dead actor is order now! WIMPYKID.COM RTMB BLMT BLOOD LIPSTICK MAN TIGHTS RIPPEDOFF TOENAILS MUSCLED BODIES THIS SHOW CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: hokey homeless guy with a heart of gold. But the show is too thoughtful to be dis- missed as kitschy fun . Theres no pleasure in the dancers pain, just a deep compassion for their struggle for perfection. They might be refuses to make sadists of the rest of us. Claire. Claire counters by lacing up the sti- CENTER STAGE CONNECTION The 2000 teen drama dances EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 For the series creators, however, bleak was never the overarching goal. We meant to explore the outer reaches of this character and take her on a profound emotional journey, says showrunner Melissa Rosen- berg, who previously The Twilight Saga and wrote for Dexter , mak- ing her uniquely qualiied for the job. Keeping Jessica lawed and damaged was our focus. That, by neces- sity, means going to some very dark places. When the series begins, theres nothing particularly heroic about Jessica Jones. Sure, she can lift a car and jump up a ire escape when needed. She can ly, too, but she kind of sucks at it. Her booze-soaked IFGIVENONLY one word to describe the story of superheroturnedprivate eye Jessica Jones, you can Jessica Jones Heart of Darkness life as a PI is a galaxy away from, say, Tony Stark. Shes not trying to save the city. Shes making money to buy whiskey, Ritter says. Shes a real f---ing misit. (Clockwise from top) Krysten Ritter; David Tennant (right); behind the scenes MarvelsJessica Jones BEHIND MYLES ARONOWITZNETFLIX 3 I just went to CVS. They give you these coupons, and you never use them. But I made a point: Im going to spend this. It was an $8 coupon! I spent my $8 [on] makeup. Come onwe Nurse, security guard, beauty salon ownerNiecy Nash plays them all these days. With HBOs POP CULTURE PERSONALITY QUIZ We did go to a restaurant in Louisiana, and friends went up to the front because there was a long line and said, I have Niecy Nash outside, there is a big crowd, shes going to have to start taking pictures. Is there any way we can just come in? I didnt have Reno 911!, your Deputy Williams exploited her police exploitation of celebrity power? Mice or rats. I would wife standing on the chair, screaming and Scream Queens . What in real life makes you shriek? M*A*S*H Carol Hathaway Jackie Peyton from D. Tookers from The voice Id want on my cars My makeup drawer is a wreck. I try to keep it Hes amazing. My son was such a Lakers fan for a long time. If Steve Nash and I were the same color, I would have told people we were related. Graham A DAYTODAY GUIDE TO NOTABLE PROGRAMS BY CLARK COLLIS MUST WATCH OF THE *TIMES ARE EASTERN STANDARD AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM FRIDAY, NOV. 13 A Jeff Jensen W BOB & DAVID Grandfathered 88:30PM FOX Jimmys smooth moves fail to impress one of Saras co-workers. She does know hes played by John 89PM to confront Zoom. Ah, but like the 910PM HISTORY to solve the mystery of Oak Island by hole. Hey, that always works for Sherlock Holmes! iZombie 910PM Liv crosses paths dangerous man in Seattlebut how dangerous is that Chicago Fire 1011PM 89PM FOX Nygma has a run-in with a familiar face or a familiar Two- Face, conceivably. Women of Honor 89PM 910PM 911PM HISTORY I cant believe it he seemed like TUESDAY NOV  Doc Martin STREAMING ACORN TV Sigourney Weaver pose well ind out if anyone can hear you scream in rural England. GUESTBUSTER MONDAY NOV  W BOB & DAVID : SAEED ADYANINETFLIX; DOC MARTIN : ACORN TV; GRANDFATHERED : ROBERT TRACHTENBERGFOX Watch EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 *TIMES ARE EASTERN STANDARD AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE Season Premiere 2 Broke Girls 9:3010PM We keep saying were super seniors, C. Molly Smith Series Debut Project Run way: J 910PM After 14 seasons as the mentor and voice of reason on Project Runway , Tim Gunn did not want to do a junior edition. I hated season 14, he says. But was phenomenal from day one. The spin-o sees 12 teens Stephanie Schomer 89PM FOX How is Neil Patrick star in this episode? 99:30PM THURSDAY NOVEMBER  WEDNESDAY NOV  Series Debut Donny! 10:3011PM USA Former ad exec Donny Deutsch knows how to sell a product. This time, though, hes selling a blockheaded, Shirley Li TUESDAY NOV  cont 910PM Fitz is in the middle Thank heavens this Drake/Meek Mill Elementary 1011PM the motives of his father, Morland. 1011PM Question: How long exactly course, anyway? Just wondering. 88:30PM Mike tries to help Brick win a ment, about which I have absolutely no comment whatsoever. Modern Family 99:31PM Much like the last night of my recent vacation in New Orleans, this episode revolves around liquor and a plan to 910PM Castiel wants to stop the Darkness. Although this really sounds like a task for the Light Switch. The League 1010:30PM Paul Scheer wrote The League s inal season, and plot- Season Premiere Alaskan Bush People 910PM DISCOVERY The Brown family take their back-to- basics lives to the next level. Which, as theyve already built a clothes dryer from an oil drum, I feel is Story: Hotel 1011PM We ind out who lives in room 33. But will we ind out if they take the Los Angeles Time USA Today DONNY! : PATRICK HARBRONUSA NETWORK; AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL : RAY MICKSHAWFX; THE LEAGUE : MATTHAIS CLAMERFXX; PROJECT RUNWAY: JUNIOR : BARBARA NITKELIFETIME; BONES : JEFF LIPSKYFOX; 2 BROKE GIRLS : MONTY BRINTONCBS Watch NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid STREAMING The title is a reference to Bill Clintons 1992 election nickname, and comedian John Mulaney could use a playing-sax-on- Arsenio game changer of his own. A former next big thing, his sitcom Mulaney was a disappointing, unsalvageable mess. debacle proves he can still kill. Mulaney was touted as the next Seinfeld, but his clearest comedy antecedent is Chris Rock, for the way he gradually escalates bits until they burst, which makes his long engrossing and satisfying. There are no mea culpas about his bungled TV career like Bubba, Mulaney has already moved on. Kyle Anderson SATURDAY NOV  FRIDAY NOV  Junior 89PM FOX must make a scallop trickyscallops are Americas Next Top Model 910PM Chrissy Teigen gives tips on but presumably John Legend. Shark Tank 910:01PM An entrepreneur has a product he thinks should be in every college dorm room. Is it soap? Series Debut 1011PM Somewhere along the way world, AMCs postapocalyp- tic martial-arts Western breaks down. There are funny words for the new social structures. Characters are either cogs, barons, or clippers, and everyone is decked out in leather. But beneath the veneer is Kevin P. Sullivan SUNDAY NOVEMBER  Series Debut 1011PM Esquires irst-ever scripted series stars Quebecois actor Marc-Andr Grondin as Jean, a French-born Londoner married to one Englishwoman, sleeping with another. Jean works crime- scene cleanup, and feel like a fairly standard British procedural. (Which is to say, like a fairly standard American procedural but with more drug abuse and money problems.) Then Jeans brother comes for a visit, bringing bad memories and a dead girl stued with heroin. Suddenly youre watching a twisty underworld buddy thriller: Breaking Bad for Europhiles. is messy, and Grondin is a bit of a blank, but the pilot promises gruesome-funny delights. Darren Franich The Walking 910PM Daryl (spoiler) (spoiler) (spoiler) motorbike. 9PMOFTHEDEAD Sunday 78PM OWN Rhimes probably 8:309PM FOX Jake and Amy work a case involving 99:30PM FOX This surely cant 1011PM Prince Liam is des- perate to discover who killed King 10:3011:30PM A woman is killed with her parents. But thats no excuse not to call your mom! JOHN MULANEY: THE COMEBACK KID : SAEED ADYANINETFLIX; SPOTLESS : ESQUIRE NETWORK; THE ROYALS : JIM MARKSE!; THE WALKING DEAD : GENE PAGEAMC; INTO THE BADLANDS : JAMES MINCHIN IIIAMC EDITED BY KEVIN ODONNELL @ODtron Music , opens This Is Acting NOTEWORTHY EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 THE NIGHT BEFORE On Wests My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy From David O. Russells go-to group for soundtracks to stadium-folk by Of Monsters and Men, EW scouts out the tunes featured in falls most anticipated movies. By Eric Renner Brown and Kyle Anderson Whats That Song? SISTERS Tina Fey and Amy Poehlers latest comedy nds the pair revisiting their child- Depeche Modes 80s banger On the groups 1981 Speak & Spell 2 3 5 6 7 TRAILER PARK Tim X Factor Kevin ODonnell Natalie Merchant , the ex10,000 Kevin ODonnell Ty Dolla $ign Free TC pers anticipated debut is a genre-morphing A Kyle Anderson Damn Country lion albums sold, the country king isnt giving in to Nashville trends, so on his 14th studio LP, McGraw does what he damn well pleases: The album avoids bro country for slow-rolling soul-searchers and uplifting soft-rockers. While hes not taking Madison Vain ALSO AVAILABLE THE GOOD DINOSAUR Pixars latest looks to be On the groups 2015 Beneath the Skin On Galantis full-length, Pharmacy JOY David O. Russell has said music is essential to his movies. Thats true of this dark drama starring Jennifer Lawrence, too. And the preview features one of the directors favorite acts: the Bee Gees, whose To Love Somebody captures On their 1967 inter- Bee Gees 1st Nope, its not a Scott Stapp biopic. This continuation Rocky franchise uses brac- ing hip-hopLupe Fiascos rapid-re Prisoner 1 & 2 and Big K.R.I.T.s bombastic Life to heighten the in-ring intensity. On Fiascos Tetsuo & Youth .T.s Cadillactica BY THE SEA Angelina Jolie Pitt directs herself and husband Brad in this gorgeous-looking chronicle of marital discord. The omi- nous vibe of Harry Nilssons disarming ballad Perfect Day On 1977s HAIL, CAESAR! Kidnapping, sabotage, and George Clooney in gladia- tor garb feature in the Coen brothers homage to Old Hollywood tomfoolery. British swamp-funk maestro Jamie N Commons Rumble and Sway keeps the levity rolling. On 2013s Rumble and Sway RACE This movie tells the tale of Jesse Owens remarkable Hitler-controlled Germany. Raurys Devils Whisper puts some wind at Owens back. On Raurys just-released All We Need MISS YOU ALREADY All-American Rejects Tyson Ritter has scored a role in this drama starring Drew Barrymore and Toni On iTunes KEVIN MAZURWIREIMAGE.COM What made you want to make a transition from movies to music? With acting, Ive never given anyone the opportunity to Hailee Steinfeld: Pop Princess Is Born The actress, 18, got her start in movies like Pitch Perfect 2 . But on her debut EP, out Nov. 13, she proves shes a ierce force to be reckoned with. By Madison Vain The brain behind tracks on Beyoncs surprise 2013 album delivers one of the years wildest debuts BOOTS THE BEST OF THE BAR There is a -CD, 111 Subterranean Homesick Blues (Take 1, Remake) A fascinating take on Dylans verbose hit single, which inds him under- standably losing track of his lyrics. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry (Take 1) eective piano on this bluesy take of a future classic. Like a Rolling Stone (Take 11, Remake) Twenty(!) versions of this tune make up Like a Rolling Stone (Master Take, Guitar) ...to guitarist Mike Bloomields isolated performance. Highway 61 Revisited (Take 3) Its not wildly dier- ent from the well- known version, but this cut showcases Bloomields ace blues-guitar licks. NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM The Fab Four made promo- tional videos out of necessity The groups rabid audiences made it unbearable for them to tour. So in 1966 they tapped Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who directed the British music show Ready, Steady, Go! clips for fans. They thought itd be a good idea if they made their own videos, he says. Then they wouldnt have to appear themselves. They could just ship them all over the world. They could have pioneered the high-concept music video For the Paperback Writer video, Lindsay-Hogg pitched a plot where McCartney would play a journalist moonlighting as a novelist. Beatles manager Brian Epstein nixed the idea because he didnt want any- thing unusual, says Lindsay- Hogg, who would go on to conceptualize rock projects like The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus , ilmed in 1968. They pulled an Ashlee Simpson for Hey Jude While ilming the 1968 clip in front of an audience, the group actually mimed the perfor- mance, though McCartney did sing live. Lindsay-Hogg says the shoot by covering Motown Ringo and George almost got The groups inal show, atop Londons Apple records rooftop in 1969, was ilmed for TV broadcast, but Lindsay-Hogg says Harrison and Starr werent group collectively would keep They had a rider that would make any pop diva blush Lindsay-Hogg says when he irst With , a reissue of the hits collection featuring restored versions of their best short ilmsout now, director Lindsay-Hogg looks back on working with John, Paul, George, and Ringo during the bands inal years. By Eric Renner Brown DS NEW BOOTLEG Cutting Edge 19651966: The Bootleg Series Vol. 12 studio banter for the most notable tracks. IM SO USED TO HAVING A SCRIPT, THE INITIAL IDEA OF WRITING MUSIC WAS SORT OF TERRIFYING. Visions of Johanna (Take 5) a rockier version of this track, which appeared on his 1966 double LP, Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again (Take 13) This features a jarringly dierent rhythmic backing versionbut Dylans vocal performance is spot-on. Just Like a Woman (Take 4) An awesome Bo Diddley-ized version Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands (Take 1) This track was recorded during as the one from and was cut after Dylans band had waited 10 hours for him to inish ASHER: ELLIOT LEE HAZE; STEINFELD: MICHAEL TRANWIREIMAGE.COM; DYLAN: VAL WILMERGETTY IMAGES; THE BEATLES: APPLE CORPS LTD. Books EDITED BY TINA JORDAN @EWTinaJordan The Name of God Is Mercy The New York Review of Books said that the most The Mare A MARYGAITSKILLIS that one Amazon reviewer famously called her the Jane Austen of sickos, and the title stuck. Though she earned a National Book Award nod for 2005s Veronica ZEBULONFINCH,KNOWN as the Black Hand, is a 17-year-old gangster operating The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch, Vol. 1 Daniel Kraus | PAGES 642 | REVIEW BY Megan Lewis @meganleannlewis NOVEMBER 13, 2015EW.COM The Arab of the Future Riad Sattouf A best-seller in France, this graphic memoir by a longtime brings to life the authors child- hood in Syria, France, and Libya. Trashed Derf Backderf For his next trick, the author My Friend Dahmer blends fact and iction while submerging stinky world of trash collectors, all based on his own experience. City of Clowns Daniel Alarcn Illustrator Sheila Alvarado lends visual brilliance to Alarcns aect- ing tale of a tabloid reporter coming to terms with his fathers second family while writing about Amazing Fantastic Incredible Stan Lee, Peter David, and Colleen Doran Its only itting that Lee, the Marvel legend who co-created Spider-Man, the XMen, and Iron Man, tells his own life story Filmish Edward Ross Film historians and comic Honor Girl Maggie Thrash Ruins Peter Kuper Touched with surrealism, Kupers novel about a couple spending a sabbatical in Oaxaca, Mexico, braids their story with the tale of a migrating monarch butterly. Out on the Wire Jessica Abel With comics and podcasts both on the rise, its a perfect time for a media collision: Abel investi- gates modern narrative radio and its stars, featuring interviews s Jad Abumrad This American Life s Ira Glass. This falls terriic crop of graphic books includes Stan Lees In Graphic Detail PHOTOGRAPH BY To mark the publication of his new novel, Avenue of Mysteries , the celebrated The World According to Garp The Cider House Rules weighs in on the books and writers who have John Irving BOOKS OF MY LIFE EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 What I read as an adolescent I remember those irst-love feelings that drew me to reread certain novels, as if I needed to memorize them before I could move on. I dont feel very connected to American litera- ture, but to my fellow New Englandersyes. I had just started high school when I read, and immediately reread, The Mayor of Caster- . In the irst chapter, the David Copper- when Steerforths body washes ashore, and Copperield sees the remains of his child- hood idol and tormentor. On the beach, Steerforth lies among the ruins of the home he had wronged. Theres no need to say more. But Dickens, being Dickens, gives Copper- ield more to say: I saw him lying with his head upon his arm, as I had often seen him lie at school. Ive never been an adherent of minimalism; Dickens taught me it was okay to say more. I irst read Gustave Flauberts Madame Bovary before I was marriedactually, only about three or four years before it Death in Venice . Why wouldnt the nature of the artist interest an aspiring iction writer who hoped, as I did, James Baldwins Giovannis Room also entered my life when I was a teenager. Before I read Baldwins short novel, I thought match the devastating sadness The End of the Aair a war- time love story, inluenced by Greenes becoming a Catholic in his early 20s. They are both irst-person narratives; for doomed love stories, the irst person is a convincing voice. The books that taught me how to be funny I was a college student when I read the Gnter Grass novel The Tin Drum . Here was 19th- century storytelling, but the novel was about 20th-century history, sexual behavior, and politics. I hadnt known you could do that: write a 19th- century novel that was contem- porary. Grass made me feel, for the irst time, attached to the world of living writers. Grass was also a comic novelist, but no less serious for being humor- ous; he was funny and serious, Laterspeaking of at ease with being bothI was one of Kurt Vonneguts students at the IM NOT THE FIRST WRITER WHO WOULD TELL YOU: I LEARNED TO BE A WRITER FROM READING. IRVING: JANE SOBEL KLONSKY 2 3 4 5 6 7 QUICK TAKES Iowa Writers Workshop. Like Grass, Vonnegut was seriously funny. Kurt and I have little in common as storytellers except our love of laughter. And laugh- ter, serious laughter, brings me to Robertson Davies, the Canadian playwright and novelist. As a member of the Old Vic repertory company, Davies was trained in acting, directing, and stage manage- ment. His novels have a dramatic architecture; there is comic and tragic scenes. The writer who (unexpect- edly) had a great impact I was writing TheCider House Rules when I read Edmund Whites A Boys Own Story This was 1982 or 83I was 40 or 41. I probably imagined I was old enough, and suiciently experienced as a novelist, to be beyond of another writer; I deinitely thought I was beyond being inluenced by a writer of my generation. I was wrong. A Boys Own Story about the impossible desire to love a man but not to be a homosexual. The novel is a confession, a triumphant one, and an act of advocacy. A gay boy overcomes his fear that hell become a queer and never, never be like other people. I am more conident as a novelist because of Edmund White, who also became one of my closest writer friends. I learned from A Boys Own Story that novels can do this create characters, tell a story, and be acts of advocacy. Im not the irst writer who would tell you: I learned to be a writer from reading. I Blame Dennis ILLEANA DOUGLAS GoodFellas Cape Fear Alive Isabella Biedenharn The Japanese Lover ISABEL ALLENDE has a decades-spanning B Maya Reporting Always LILLIAN ROSS I was surprised to learn that the venerable Lillian The New Yorker since 1945, eschews the use of tape recorders for her famous interviews. I prefer to take notes Report- ing Always New Yorker all-time favorite, a marvelous 1950 proile of Ernest Hemingway drawn from days of interviews. First Ross joins Papa at his hotel for champagne and Tina Jordan = EBOOK = CD = AUDIBLE CITY ON FIRE Garth Risk GARTHRISKHALLBERGS story is already the stu of pub- lishing legend: A debut novelist toils for seven years on his book while juggling three teaching jobs and caring for his two kidsand then, in short order, producer Scott Rudin snaps up the movie rightsand Alfred A. for nearly $2 million. Thats an unheard-of igure for a irst-time novelist, wasnt even writing the book for publication at irst. I just put that question out of my mind, Hallberg says. It wasnt like a bunch of people were running around in 2007 like, Bring me your 900-page manuscript! In fact, he points out, the topic on everyones lips was the shortening of the bookstores, gutted by Amazon, were closing left and right. Doorstop Next Big Thing? Its the most hotly anticipated novel in years. But now that its inally in readers hands, City on Fire Garth Risk Hallberg s epic 944-page tale of 1970s New Yorkliving up to its enormous advance buzz? wrote The New Yorker ), many of them were raves: The New York Times City on Fire a novel of head-snapping ambi- heart-stopping power. Books EW.COMNOVEMBER 13, 2015 I IMMEDIATELY KNEW HE WAS AS GOOD AS ANY WRITER ID EVER SEEN. LITERARY AGENT CHRIS PARRISLAMB ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ISSN 10490434 IS PUBLISHED WEEKLY EXCEPT FOR COMBINED ISSUES IN JANUARY, MARCH, APRIL , MAY, JULY, AUGUST , SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER BY ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY INC., A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF TIME INC. PRINCIPAL OFFICE: 135 W. 50TH ST., NEW YORK, NY 10020. ELLIE DUQUE, PUBLISHER; JEFF BAIRSTOW, TREASURER. PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT NEW YORK, NY, AN D ADDITIONAL MAILING OFFICES.U.S. SUBSCRIPTIONS: $49.92 FOR ONE YEAR. CANADA POST PUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT NO. 40110178. RET URN UNDELIVERABLE CANADA ADDRESSES TO: POSTAL STN. A, P.O. BOX 4327, TOR ONTO, ON M5W 3H5. GST 888381621RT0001. POSTMASTER: SEND ADD RESS CHANGES TO ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, P.O. BOX 62120, TAMPA, FL 33662 2120, CALL 18002746800, OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.EW COM SUBSCRIBERSERVICES. 2015 ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. REPRODUCTIO N IN WHOLE OR IN PART WITHOUT PERMISSIO N IS PROHIBITED. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, EW, CRITICAL MASS, LISTEN TO THIS, THE MUST LIST, AND THE SHAW REPORT ARE REGISTERED TRA DE MARKS OF ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY INC. SUBSCRIBERS: IF THE POSTAL AUTHORITIES ALERT US THAT YOUR MAGAZINE IS UNDELIVERABLE, WE HAVE NO FURTHER OBLIGATION UNLESS WE RECEIVE A CORRECTED ADDRESS WITHI N TWO YEARS. YOUR BANK MAY PROVIDE UPDATES TO THE CARD IN FORMATION WE HAVE ON FILE. YOU MAY OPT OUT OF THIS SERVICE AT ANY TIME. MAILING LI ST: WE MAKE A PORTION OF OUR MAILING LIST AVA ILABLE TO REPUTABLE FIRMS. IF YOU WOULD PREFER THAT WE NOT IN CLUDE YOUR NAME, PLEASE CALL OR WRITE US. PRINTED IN THE USA. HALLBERG: MARK VESSEY FIND YOUR Must-Haves AT THE ApparelGlassware AccessoriesBooks Cover Gallery SHOP.EW.COM/REUNIONS SPOTLIGHT: MOVIEREUNIONSSPECIAL COLLECTORSBOOK ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY brings 22 great lm casts EW.COM The Bullseye For more on this Sports Did Taylor Swifts squad just jump the : ALEX BAILEY; JESSICA SIMPSON AND ERIC JOHNSON: JESSICASIMPSON; SPOTLIGHT : KERRY HAYES 3; ZAC EFRON: PEDRO ANDRADEPACIFICCOASTNEWS; SUPERNATURAL : KATIE YUTHE CW; KONRAD ANNERUD: KONRADANNERUD; MR. MET: ASTRID STAWIARZGETTY IMAGES ; ELGORT: ANDREW H. WALKERGETTY IMAGES; EGERTON: ANITA BUGGEWIR EIMAGE.COM; IDINA MENZEL AND SWIFT: TIM BOYLES  \n \r \r            \r\r \n   \n  !"# \r$   \n

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