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Empire PIONEER! HEARTTHROB! AND THAT VOICE! P. 24 HELLO, IT IS YOU WEVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! P. 22 All About Adeles Smash SISTERS TINA FEY AND AMY POEHLER WILL SMITHS CONCUSSION HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAYPT. 2 STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (DUH, LIKE WED LEAVE THAT ONE OUT) Movie Preview! Holiday The Scoop on 45 New Films INCLUDING AND NOV. 6, 2015 #1388 ready for you, indecisive music lover Curated radio for every mood with Google Play Music.  Theyll be with you until the end. is only accessible in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories. Some restrictions may apply. 2015 Home Box Ofce, Inc. All right s reserved. HBO and related channels and service marks are the property of Home Box Ofce, Inc. SEASON PREMIERE SUN NOV 8, 10PM OR WATCH IT ON THE TOP 10 THINGS WE LOVE THIS WEEK NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM THE FLASH Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) may be the man who saved Central City, but in the colorful, high- octane series sophomore HELLO, Adele Its been more than four years since her last , but Adele still knows how to ind beauty in devastation. She tackles heartbreak as tenderly as ever on Hello with her soaring voiceand raises expectations even higher for , slated to drop Nov. 20. FRESH OFF THE BOAT The Huangs may no STAGE BroadwayHD.com If Shakespeare had high- DIGITAL JORDANKPAUL on Periscope While the live app Periscope already boasts a bunch of celebrity users, there are also emerging break- Jordan K. Paul, whos charming viewers with his random observations and high-energy 2 1 3 4 GUSTIN: CATE CAMERONTHE CW; FRESH OFF THE BOAT : MICHAEL ANSELLABC; ROMEO AND JULIET : CAROL ROSEGG; PAUL: COURTESY JORDAN PAUL ILLUSTRATION BY JOHN RITTER EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 BOOKS HUNGER MAKES ME A MODERN GIRL, by Carrie Brownstein As a Sleater-Kinney rocker and Portlandia star, Brownstein has per- formed on many stages, but she inally takes us behind the scenes in her bracing memoir, revealing her personal and creative roots. BOOKS THE EXPLORERS GUILD, by Kevin Costner, Jon Baird, and Rick Ross Part narrative, part graphic novel, this thrilling adventure tale resembles the work of Robert Louis Stevenson, not just in subject but with its gorgeous design and browned pages. GAMES HALO 5: GUARDIANS MOVIES THE DIPLOMAT David Holbrooke directs this documentary can diplomat Richard Holbrooke, who was also his father. The ilm is both a gripping expos of closed-door international dealings and a sons attempt to understand his parents legacy. (HBO, Nov. 2 at 8 p.m.) FOCUS, Ariana Grande The pop star bounces back from insanely catchy anthem, which marries massive marching-band horn hooks with Grandes gale-force pipes. 7 8 9 HALO 5: GUARDIANS : COURTESY MICROSOFT; THE DIPLOMAT : COURTESY FALCO INK.; GRANDE: KELLY A. SWIFTSTARTRAKS Learn more at toyota.com/tacoma EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 ON THE COVER Tina Fey and Amy Poehler photo- graphed exclusively for EW by Ruven Afanador on Oct. 9, 2015, in Los Angeles STYLING: CRISTINA EHRLICH THE ONLY.AGENCY; FEYS HAIR: RICHARD MARIN CLOUTIER REMIXROSSANO Alec Baldwin and Will Smith 1106 MELINDA SUE GORDON MOMS TAKE NO SICK DAYS, MEDICINE. BEST SLEEP WITH A COLD, MEDICINE. NON-DROWSY, COUGHING, ACHING, FEVER, SORE THROAT, STUFFY HEAD, THE NIGHTTIME, SNIFFLING, SNEEZING, COUGHING, FEVER, ACHING, CHEST CONGESTION, MOMS DONT TAKE SICK DAYS. Use as directed. Read each label. Keep out of reach of children. Procter & Gamble, Inc., 2015 STUFFY HEAD, THE WEEKS BEST EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 Cyrus (Jeff Perry), drinking with Mellie (Bellamy Young), Instagram has released a new app that creates one-second videos.... So inally, the proper format to release the Conan OBrien sex tape. Conan O'Brien on Hi, would you like some butter with your eye rolls? Carol (Kristen Schaal), responding to Ericas (Cleopatra Coleman) hostility toward her, The Last Man on Earth Have you ever done things that made you feel afraid of yourself afterward? Have you ever been covered in so much blood that you didnt know if it was yours, or walkers, or your friends? Michonne (Danai Gurira) on The Walking Dead We cant send agents into terrorist cells if they cant survive a cocktail party. Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis), during an undercover challenge, on Dr. Mayer has exceptional bone structure and Brennan (Emily Deschanel), when asked by Oliver (Brian Im not a loser, Im a quitter! Richie Lanz (Bill Murray), to his lover and business partner Merci (Kate Rock the Kasbah AMRAM: TAMMY PEREZGETTY IMAGES; GURIRA: GENE PAGEAMC; SCHAAL: JORDIN ALTHAUSFOX; OBRIEN: JOE PUGLIESETBS; ELLIS: PHILLIPE BOSSEABC; PERRY: CRAIG SJODINABC; MURRAY: KERRY BROWN; DESCHANEL: FOX 1.866.MOBILITY | att.com/iPhone | Visit a Store With 3D Touch, Live Photos, 7000 series aluminum, A9 chip, Mobile Share Value 15 GB for Price of 10 GB: Ltd.-time offer. Must sign up for this promo plan. Compares the new 15 GB plan to our previous 10 GB plan. Plan is for svc. on ly & includes plan charge ($100/mo.) plus per-device access charge ($10 to $40/mo.). Data Overage: $15/GB. Devices: Purch. costs addl. Device Limits: 10 per plan. Subject to Wireless Customer Agmt. Services are not for resale. Credit approval reqd. May apply per line. Activ./upgrade & other fees may apply per line. Other monthly charges, fees, and restrs apply & may result in svc. termination. Pricing & offers subject to change & may be modified, discontinued, or terminated at any time w/out notice. See participating store to learn more. SIGNAL STRENGTH: Aziz Empire s Jussie EW editor Henry Goldblatt with Scream Keke Palmer and Lea Palmer, Michele, Emma Roberts, Matt Bomer, Kathy Bates, Ryan Murphy, and EW senior writer Tim LASTWEEKENDWE threw our irst-ever EW Fest, a celebration of the best of pop culture, held New York City. And to borrow a quote from preeminent nightlife expert Stefon from Saturday , EW Fest had EVERY- THING: appearances from Taraji IT WAS FEST OF TIMES... HENRY GOLDBLATT MONICA SCHIPPERGETTY IMAGES 5 AND KNOWING RIGHT WHEN YOUR PACKAGES ARRIVE. INTRODUCING REAL-TIME DE LIVERY NOTIFICATIONS THIS IS OUR SEASON *Available with select products. Most notications transmitted within a few minutes of the delivery scan. 2015 United States Postal Service. All Rights Reserved. The Eagle Logo is among the many trademarks of the U.S. Postal Servic e. EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 Why TV Is (Finally) Courting the Latino Audience The success of Foxs Empire has caused networks to pay attention to underserved audiencesand theyre all chasing the next powerhouse hit ATFIRSTGLANCE, NBCs Hot & Bothered working title Hispanic audience should have been wiped away in June when Donald Trumps divisive comments on immigration prompted Univision to dump the Miss USA pageant which Trump coowned with NBCUniversal until the conglomerate severed ties with the presidential candidate too (Far left) The cast Hot & Bothered (left) Cristela Alonzo, Gina IS HE OR ISNT HE? The Walking Dead fans freaked when it appeared that Glenn (Steven Yeun) was killed episode. But was he really ways. By Dalton Ross Glenn reached a new level of maturity in the as a heroa nice way to send o a fan favorite. His face was unharmed in the last shot. So, not zombie attacked above the neck? No waymore ravaging was to come. Simply put: How the hell do you survive hundreds on human guts? We saw Nicholas (Michael Traynor) fall on top of zombies were enjoying could very well be his. The episode was primarily about Nicholas. Would TWD really dispatch Glenn, an original char- acter, as a side note? A big moments coming Walking Dead comic that involves Glenn and we cant imagine the show ditching that story. HES A GONER HELL BE BACK VERDICT HOT & BOTHERED : BEN COHENNBC; CRISTELA : ADAM TAYLORABC VIA GETTY IMAGES; JANE THE VIRGIN : TYLER GOLDENTHE CW FIRST LOOK True Blood humans and the super- Charlaine Harris Midnight, Texas is Anna Paquin as Sookie house on True Blood JAMES FRANCO DEFIES HISTORY IN 112263 Time travel may power the story of 11/22/63 , but dont expect to see any lux capacitors in the small-screen adaptation of Stephen Kings best- seller, premiering Feb. 15 on Hulu. The teacher Jake Eppings (James Franco) trip back in time to stop the assassi- nation of President John F. Kennedy, focuses more on the era than on why the writers combed the archives of Dallas Sixth Floor Museum to research the period. Its a yarn, exec MY BEST A woman navigates the single life in New York City from her gay WILL & 19982006 A woman navigates the single life in New York City from her gay A teenager attends an elite prep school in San Francisco in hopes of learning his familys GOSSIP GIRL THE CW Teenagers prep school in New York City ALL OF ME A wayward the protago- nists body each week leave. LEAP A time-traveling physicist weekthen tries to change history. REVIVAL ROUNDUP Everything Old Is Newish Again Adapting movies for TV Fargo ) and a few misses. But three new series oer more than fresh spins on old ilmstheyre also oddly similar to some favorites from TV past. Can you spot the dierence? By Shirley Li NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM BOX OFFICE BLUES The Martian reclaimed No. 1 at the box oice last weekend thanks to the historic failures of new and Rock the Kasbah The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure $443,901 $511,920 $1,375,320 Rock the Kasbah $1,470,592 We Are Your Friends $1,767,308 stars Benedict Cumber- Sherlock Holmes Is Ready for His Closeup Good news for fans of the cult hit By James Hibberd Sarah Gadon and Benedict batch and Martin WORST WIDERELEASE OPENINGS EVER* Midnight, Texas *2,000PLUS THEATERS; SOURCE: BOX OFFICE MOJO CRUEL INTENTIONS : MELISSA MOSELEY; GOSSIP GIRL : GIOVANNI RUFINOTHE CW; ALL OF ME : UNIVERSALKOBAL COLLECTION; QUANTUM LEAP : UNIVERSAL TELEVISIONEVERETT COLLECTION; MY BEST FRIENDS WEDDING : TRISTAR PICTURESEVERETT COLLECTION; WILL & GRACE JAMES WHITENBC; 112263 : ALEX DUKAY; PAQUIN: JOHN P. JOHNSONHBO; JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS ; JUSTINA MINTZ; SHERLOCK : ROBERT VIGLASKYHARTSWOOD FILMS AND BBC WALES FOR BBC ONE AND MASTERPIECE The path to improvement doesnt start by asking what you did right. It starts by asking what you can do PART 1 OF A 2PART SERIES THE GREAT DEBAT Which is the reigning queen of teen comedies? CLUELESS There would be no Mean Girls without is like the cool senior girl who shows the ropes to a freshman with the potential to take her place in three years. I saw it when I was 15 and had just inished my irst year of high school. No teen comedies before had felt as fresh or witty. And thats how it still feels. I was in utter shock the other day when a friend announced he had never seen . It was as if he had revealed hed never tried pizza. Because thats what watching this movie is: a seminal experience. Also, like, the clothes and Paul Rudd are cute. TIM STACK @EWTimStack MEAN GIRLS Tim, why am I even listening to you? Youre a virgin who cant drive. No, Im kidding! (And quoting the movie Im not here to defend.) I think both ilms Optional features shown. Hyundai is a registered trademark of Hyundai Motor Company. All rights reserved. 2015 Hyundai Motor America. WE CAME. WE QUESTIONED. WE CREATED OUR BEST Its ideal to watch a movie in... A FULL THEATER The magic of movies is multidirectional. If a ilm is any good, our hearts become tied to the characters and dreams projected onto the screen. The illusion can make us cry or laugh or scream, which is a neat trick on its own, but when shared with the strangers you walked in with, its The most rewarding ilms are created by... HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS Mad Max: Fury Road . Is there any In the battle of the outer-space epics, which series triumphs? STAR TREK Lightsabers and X-wings, space battles and body- armored bounty hunters. The Star Wars are so cool. But the actual stories trend old- fashioned, with captured princesses, stalwar t heroes, and Trek is some of our inest science iction, providing a high bar for what humanity could hope to achieve. But Star Wars speaks to the heart, not the brainwhich knows theres no such thing as the Force, that laser beams dont stop at the end of a sword length, and that its not possible to go incognito under your own name, Luke Skywalker. Trek is science, Wars is faith. Its magic. Its an abstract representation of the Illustration by Guy Shield *OR IS CANDY MORE YOUR BAG? READ THAT DEBATE AND OTHERS AT EW.COMQUESTIONEVERYTHING SUV YET. EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 WHENYOUVESOLDMORE of your watershed second album and collected eight Grammys and an Oscar in the process, what could you possibly do for an encore? If youre Adele, you prove once again why youre one of pops most powerful and beloved voices. And on Oct. 23, intense, but according to her condants, the creative process was casual. We just wrote Hello from nothing, really, Greg Kurstin, the songs cowriter and producer, tells EW. I would play piano and she would sing. Wed mostly move from intensity with a six-minute sepia-toned clip, which costars Tristan Wilds ( ) and was lmed, partly using IMAX technology, outside Montreal. She had been long gone, and I think she was scared, Dolan says. I thought [it] was very endearing because when I will love it. While production NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM THERE ARE COLLABORATORS BOTH OLD AND NEW The singer worked with an A-list roster of hit- makers: OneRepublics Ryan Tedder, pro- ducer Paul Epworth, Canadian troubadour Tobias Jesso Jr., Max Martin, Bruno SONGS WERE LEFT BEHIND Kurstin, who also worked on Water Under the Bridge and Million Years Ago, Adele wrote a lot of other [songs] that didnt end up on [the album]. THE DELUXE EDITION INCLUDES BONUS TRACKS THE CHILD STARTURNED LYON CUB IS EMERGING AS Empires CLEAR HEIR TO THE THRONE. TIM STACK GREG LOTUSTRUNK ARCHIVE breakout star of Empire , Foxs hit drama about a family- Empire s season 2 premiere; with onscreen brother Hakeem (Bryshere Gray); siblings Jocqui, JoJo, ;with Empire NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM Tina Fey and Amy Poehler THE HOLIDAY MOVIE SEASON AND OUR LIVES PLAYING ODDCOUPLE SIBLINGS WHO VOW TO THROW THE ROWDIEST AND WRONGEST! HOUSE PARTY EVER. BAD CHOICES NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD. Sara Vilkomerson Vilkomerson PHOTOGRAPH BY Ruven Afanador Tina Fey and Amy Poehler photographed on Oct. 9, 2015, ICONS BY LA TIGRE EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 two dont stop talking to each other. Ever. It doesnt matter that theres a room full of people watching themsome fussing with their hair, others powdering their facesor that its currently a freakish 100 degrees outside in autumnal Los Angeles and they are wearing turtlenecks and are wrapped together in Christmas lights. With fake snow falling above their heads and Beyonc and Jay Zs Crazy in Love blasting out of loudspeakers, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler smile gamely for the camera, but really, theyre deeply involved in a conversation meant and heard for a circle of two. PREVIOUS SPREAD STYLING: CRISTINA EHRLICHTHEONLY.AGENCY; FEYS HAIR: RICHARD MARINCLOUTIER REMIXROSSANO FERRETTI HAIR SPA; MAKEUP: MAI QUYNHSTARWORKS GROUP; POEHLERS HAIR: LONA VIGISTARWORKS GROUP; MAKEUP: NICK BAROSETHE WALL GROUP; PROP STYLING: CHARLOT TE MALMOUF; MANICURES: YOKO SAKAKURANAILBYYOKO.COMTHEONLY.AGENCY; TURTLENECKS: WOLFORD; EARRINGS: ANNE SISTERON NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM Some women fantasize about going to Lake Como with George EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 There was no question who would play Kates sister, Maura, the ultra-responsible and recently divorced do-gooder who chooses to EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 (Right) Tom Hardy The Revenant Legend STARRING Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, David Thewlis DIRECTED BY Brian Helgeland 11/20 The Revenant STARRING Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson DIRECTED BY Alejandro G. Irritu 12/25 Tom Hardy is best known for his portrayals of brooding, intense, even savage men: Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road , Bat- The Dark Knight Rises , a deranged English criminal in his audacious breakout in . So the presumption is that the man and his cinematic counterparts must share some dark blood. But in a hotel suite in L.A. earlier this fall, the 38-year-old Brit seemed far more teddy bear than grizzlya stued rabbit peering out from inside TOM HARDY HE HAS TACKLED SOLDIERS ( THREE ), boxers ( The Fighter ), and con Joy about the tumultuous rise of one entre- preneurial woman (Jennifer Lawrence) over 30 yearsis the irst time David O. Russell has made a ilm with a woman front and center. Its a meditation on what the word joy means, and also and and failure and , he says. Its his third outing with Lawrence, but it felt new to both of them. Shes usually sort of the sneak attack from the wings, he says. This is the one where her heart is the whole thing. SARA VILKOMERSON JOY STARRING Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, dgar Ramrez DIRECTED BY David O. Russell 1225 NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM SHELTER STARRING Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Mackie DIRECTED BY Gia Gadsby and Jennifer Connelly and HARDY: GREG WILLIAMSAUGUST; SHELTER : CLAY ENOS; JOY : MERIE WEISMILLER WALLACE The moment comes more than halfway The Danish Girl , about transgender pio- neer Lili Elbe, and its one of the movies gentlest. Its the late 1920s, and celebrated painter Gerda Wegener (Alicia Vikander) is comforting her spouse, Lili (Eddie Redmayne), who had agreed to live as male out of fear of institutionalization, but simply cannot keep up the facade. ate Lilis female identity. The camera position is THE DANISH EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 CREED : BARRY WETCHER; BROOKLYN : KERRY BROWN NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM Creed STARRING Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone DIRECTED BY Ryan Coogler RELEASE DATE Rocky spin-o, the Italian Stallion (Sylvester Stallone) is coaxed out Brooklyn STARRING Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Domhnall Gleeson DIRECTED BY John Crowley RELEASE DATE In the 1950s, Irish immigrant Eilis Lacey slightly above Redmaynes eye line, an angle that changes the actors face. Just one or two inches on the cameras height, explains cinematogra- pher Danny Cohen, and that did a lot of favors to The bedroom itself, with its baroque paneling and curvaceous molding, was dicult to nd among the austere interiors of London, where the scene Saoirse Ronan and Sylvester Stallone and Eddie Redmayne and Tarantino casts a ilm, he doesnt just cast an actor he casts an entire career. His brain, akin to an exhaus- tively cataloged video store, gives perspective on his casts capabilities. He owns a copy of the irst movie I ever Eyes , says Jennifer Jason Leigh. So often the last three things youve done and thats who you are now, but for Quentin, some- still me today. Leigh plays Daisy Domergue, a notorious outlaw on her way to the gallows courtesy of Kurt Russells walrus-mustached bounty hunter. Shes a bit feral, says Leigh. She and she wants to survive. Her odds handcued pair become blizzard- Those nefarious Tarantino stalwarts Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, and Leigh was one of the few Tarantino EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, THE HATEFUL EIGHT : ANDREW COOPER; CHRISTIE: BRIAN BOWEN SMITH; STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS : LUCASFILM 2015 (Left) Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM is not a term usually applied to the 6-foot-3 Gwendoline Christie, but once upon a time, the actress was a little girl who found her life changed by Star Wars one of the rst Christmases I remember, and A New Hope television. I really just fell in love with it, says Christie, 37. I remem- as Brienne of Tarth, the female warrior whose physical prowess is second only to the might of her spirit. The Hunger Games: MockingjayPart 2 on the role of fearsome Commander Lyme, a former District 2 victor now ghting on behalf of Both of those characters can stand alongside Princess Leia in the pantheon of smart, no- nonsense heroines, but when Christie got the chance to play within the Star Wars universe, she ended up on the dark side. Christie costars The Force Awakens as Captain Phasma, the silver-plated commander of a battalion of stormtroopers for the galactic evildoers known as the First Order. Shes Star Wars villain, Christie says. Its incredible, its timely, and Im very proud to be a part of it. Its a noteworthy milestone that not only can be as bad. We know very little about the char- acter at this stage, but we see the costume from head to toe and we know that it is a woman, she says. Its not clear how muchif at allwell GWENDOLINE CHRISTIE Think outside the (popcorn) box this season when the family arrives for the holidays. Forgo the usual fancy tablecloth a air and have a fun- lled night in with pajamas, snacks, and all your favorite holiday icks. An Orville Redenbachers popcorn bar is the perfect way SARAH SHATZ In January 2002, a handful of investi- TheBoston Globe known as the Spotlight team began publishing an Church. The film about those events takes audiences behind the headlines to examine how the newspaperand the citytook so long to confront what was happening. Direc- tor TOM McCARTHY The Station Agent wrote the screenplay with West Wing s new editor Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber) tries to convince deputy managing editor Ben Bradlee Jr. (John Slattery) and Spotlight editor Robby Robinson (Michael McCARTHY Bradlee Jr. and Robby Robinson represent a bit of the old guard at TheBoston Globe . These guys have been there for a long time, and were sensing, specii- cally through Bens character, a little bit of pushback here. Its Marty Barons irst day. Hes an outsider from Miami. So theres a little bit of Ben protecting his local turf. EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 ANOMALISA STARRING David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan DIRECTED BY Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson The beautiful mind of Charlie Kaufman has never been so animated. The Being writers 2005 sound play, about a depressed customer- service rep (David Thewlis) whos jarred from his stupor by the angel-voiced Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), has been translated into stop-motion SPOTLIGHT Page to Screen John Slattery, Michael Keaton, and McCARTHY This is how Marty talks. Hes a bit for- mal, and hes incredibly direct. And hes persis- tent, as you can see. SPOTLIGHT : KERRY HAYES; CAROL : WILSON WEBB NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM TOM McCARTHY There was a massive [set] we built in an abandoned Sears building, because we wanted depth. In this scene, whenever youre looking at these guys, youre seeing deep through the whole news- Martys reserved, but he has an incredibly powerful personality. Hes a man who doesnt favor proto- col. Hes going to do things the way he wants, if he feels its necessary. Hes not disrespectful, McCARTHY These guys had the resources McCARTHY is a unique word. directly from Robby. Real to Reel EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 STARRING Gugu Mbatha-Raw DIRECTED BY Will Smith loves football. While shooting The Karate Kid in Beijing six years ago, he flew home to Los Angeles each weekend to watch his oldest son play for his high school team. Smith did this, he says, not because Im a good parent. Friday-night lights are ecstasy for me. wasnt an easy deci- sion. The lm is based on the true story of how NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM From afar, director Justin Kurzels stag- ing of the Bards great tragedy might seem fairly tradi- gestures and singular voice. Its the accent of a sings what he says, says director Peter Lan- Parkland ). Smith also pinned back his earsa technique he had used for Ali and added a widows peak to his hairline. I could walk Michael THE RECIPE FOR THE ORIGINAL Break called for equal parts testoster- one, sea spray, and surf-Zen mumbo jumbo. This extreme-sports remake tries to keep the ratios similar, but on a much larger scale. Its still the story of Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey), the implau- sibly all-American FBI agent who inil- trates a gang of wave riders and larcenists headed by the charismatic Bodhi (dgar Ramrez)only now, in this globe-hopping update, it has gone international. The original was mostly POINT STARRING Luke Bracey, dgar Ramrez, Teresa Palmer DIRECTED BY 1225 THE BIG SHORT STARRING Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt DIRECTED BY Adam McKay Anchor- , director Adam McKay was asked what his dream project was. Answer: The Big , Michael Lewis dissection of the 2008 mortgage meltdown. Brad Pitts company handed McKay the reins, and an all-star cast signed on, includ- ing McKay pal Steve Carell, whod just earned an Oscar nod Foxcatcher . (He has slowly developed a British accent, which no one calls out, and hes very full of himself, jokes McKay.) If McKay hits Blind sweet spot, Oscar voters might want to hedge their bets. JEFF LABRECQUE EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 Clemens Schick, dgar Ramrez, Matias Varela, and Ryan THE BIG SHORT : JAAP BUITENDIJK; SPECTRE : JONATHAN OLLEY NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM CALENDAR Nov. 11/4 BROOKLYN STARRING Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson 11/6 FRIENDS AND ROMANS STARRING Michael Rispoli, MISS YOU ALREADY STARRING THE PEANUTS MOVIE STARRING Bill Melendez, Noah Schnapp SPECTRE STARRING Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz SPOTLIGHT STARRING Michael Keaton, Mark Rualo TRUMBO STARRING Cranston, Helen Mirren WHAT OUR FATHERS DID: A NAZI LEGACY DIRECTED BY David Evans 11/13 THE 33 STARRING Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro BY THE SEA STARRING Jolie Pitt, Brad Pitt HEIST STARRING Jerey Dean Morgan, Robert De Niro JAMES WHITE STARRING Christopher Abbott, LOVE THE COOPERS STARRING Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried MY ALL AMERICAN STARRING Finn SHELTER STARRING Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Mackie 11/20 CAROL STARRING THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY PART 2 STARRING Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson LEGEND STARRING Tom Hardy, Emily Browning THE NIGHT BEFORE STARRING Joseph Gordon-Levitt, STARRING Julia Roberts, STARRING Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone THE GOOD DINOSAUR STARRING Raymond Ochoa, Jerey Wright VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN STARRING Daniel Radclie, James McAvoy 11/27 THE DANISH STARRING Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander 12/4 CHRISTMAS STARRING Patrick Stewart, Cheryl Hines EVERYTHING STARRING James Franco, Rachel McAdams STARRING STARRING Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard YOUTH STARRING Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel THE BIG SHORT STARRING Ryan Gosling BLEEDING HEART STARRING Jessica Biel, STARRING Rockwell, Amy Ryan IN THE HEART STARRING Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE ROAD CHIP STARRING SISTERS STARRING Tina Fey, Amy Poehler STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS STARRING John Boyega, Daisy Ridley 12/23 45 YEARS STARRING Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay WHERE TO INVADE NEXT DIRECTED BY Michael Moore 12/25 STARRING Mbatha-Raw DADDYS HOME STARRING Ferrell, Linda Cardellini THE HATEFUL STARRING Kurt Russell, JOY STARRING Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro POINT BREAK STARRING Luke Bracey, dgar Ramrez THE STARRING Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy 12/30 ANOMALISA STARRING David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt By the Sea La Seydoux and Daniel Craig Spectre Cillian Murphy, Benjamin Walker, and Chris Hemsworth in EDITED BY STEPHAN LEE Movies EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 REEL NEWS Star Wars: The Force Awakens ated records with more than 112 million online views in 24 hours. A total of 124 feature documentaries have Amy and STARRING Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Matthew Rhys, Omar Sy, Daniel Bruhl, Emma Thompson DIRECTED BY John Wells RATING LENGTH 1 hr., 40 mins. REVIEW BY Chris Nashawaty @ChrisNashawaty ISTHEREANYTHING more insuerable than the badass persona of the rock-star chef? I blame Anthony Bourdain. NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM SABOTAGE GOURMET PIGEON THIS FILM CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: Kitchen Condential ). As penance, Adam went to New Orleans and shucked a million oysters. Now hes back on the scene in Lon- don, trying to r esurrect his career by earn- that third star. He goes one by one to his old crew (Daniel Bruhl, Omar Sy, Riccardo Scamarcio) and makes amendsor as much amends as his vanity will allow. He also takes on some rising hotshots, like Sienna Millers feisty single mom, Helene. Apparently, the bigger a chefs sense of self-importance, the stronger the gravitational pull. Our Brand STARRING Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Mackie DIRECTED BY David Gordon Green RATING R | LENGTH 1 hr., 47 mins. REVIEW BY Chris Nashawaty @ChrisNashawaty FORAMOVIE political messaging, Our Brand Is Crisis besides Sandra Bullocks lus- ciously buttery dye job. Based a group of D.C. strategists who Sandra , we compare EWs grade with CRITICAL MASS THE MARTIAN ROOM STEVE JOBS THE CHEF RAGE We take the temperature foodies ADAM JONES BRADLEY Gordon Ramsay Sweeney Todd Doesnt put love in those PATTON tionist than pest JULIA CHILD MERYL STREEP Worst sin is Basically a saint who feeds the masses BOILING POINT COOPER: ALEX BAILEY; BONHAM CARTER: PETER MOUNTAIN; RATATOUILLE : PIXARDISNEY; STREEP: JONATHAN WENK; AUDRAN: PHOTOFEST EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 ALSO PLAYING NR, 1 HR., 45 MINS. Chris Nashawaty NR, 2 HRS., 14 MINS. Irrversible and Enter the Void director Gaspar very sexually First Tango in Paris plati- Joe McGovern Flowers NR, 1 HR., 39 MINS. Flowers is Chris Nashawaty Nasty Baby R, 1 HR., 40 MINS. Crystal Fairy & the Leah Greenblatt MORE ON EW.COM Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse screen by our deadline, but you can ind our review on EW.com FEWPEOPLETYPIFIEDOUR love of cinema, in all its radiance and romanticism and tough- The Queen of Technicolor bountiful red hair and kelly green eyes got the actress dubbed the Queen of Technicolor. Of her 50-plus Miracle on 34th MAUREEN OHARA 19202015 THE KOBAL COLLECTION NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM THE STANDOUT TITLES COMING AND GOING IN NOVEMBER. BY SHIRLEY LI @shirklesxp Streaming AMAZON PRIME EX MACHINA Led by a captivating per- formance from breakout star Alicia Vikander as android Ava, this sci-i ode to man and machine MOVIE  HULU BONDATHON Just in time for Spectre revisit 007s best kills and For those new to Bond, for its iconic sinister villain, From Russia With Love for one of the grittiest entries in the franchise, The Spy Who Loved Me MOVIES  AMAZON PRIME TEEN WOLF SEASON 5A Catch up with the packs high school graduation!)  With an all-star voice cast led by Jim Parsons and Rihanna, this animated charmer is as lovable as its wayward extraterrestrial hero, whos exiled for being more interested in MOVIE  AMAZON PRIME TOP FIVE Chris Rock delivers an MOVIE  HULU SEASON 3 In the addictive third season of Historys bloody epic, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) becomes Winnick) embraces life as an earl, and the warring storms into France.  AMAZON PRIME WOLF HALL Move over, Frank Underwood: Master Cromwell (Mark Rylance) shaped the fate of the Catholic Church during the reign of Henry VIII (Damian Lewis). BEST EPISODE EP. 4 Anne Boleyns  NOV. 10 CRACKLE KING KONG Peter Jacksons take on may take three hours to watch, but its worth it for the eye-popping, Oscar- winning visual eects. MOVIE  8 6 2 4 5 3 1 8 3 1 LAST CALL TO WATCH... Fargo WE GAVE IT AN HOME : DREAMWORKS ANIMATION; TEEN WOLF EDITED BY AMY WILKINSON @amymwilk EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 sitcoms ever. I assumed he couldnt make Another confession: Im wrong on Aziz, and maybe an idiot. Because Ive just seen Master of None Master of None K.C. BAILEYNETFLIX OFF BASE boss Bryan CBS Is High Limitless ARNOLD XOXO means (Aziz Ansari) (Lena Waithe) RATING MASTER DATING ADVICE evoked, in the style and placement of the credits, in the wide-screen observational aes- SOYOUVENEVER seen this atmospheric French thriller, even though it landed on my 10-best-TV- shows-of-2013 list? Well, Halloween is the perfect Everything about the show is very French, pean-ilm vibe to its tions. And everything not only sounds cooler in French, it looks cooler, too. The twilight-hued cinematography, ilmed outside Annecy, captures the melancholy mood, as do the long, tense shots of characters staring silently into the distance. Plus, the subtitles will keep your eyes o Twitter, allowing you to lose yourself in the same evocative world where the dead are trapped forever. Its Suspenseful Why You Should Be Watching The Returned DATE Premieres Oct. 31 | 10 p.m. | ONALATEAUGUST morning in sweltering New York City, a group of extras for Showtimes The Aair have dutifully donned turtlenecks and pea- coats to evoke a ictional autumn chill, cramming into a SoHo bookstore for a reading featured in this seasons eighth episode. Insidewith Descent, the novel by Noah Solloway (Dominic West), prominently on displaythe author st ands at a podium while his estranged ex-wife, Helen (Maura Tierney), slips into a seat. As the director calls Action! and the scene begins, the heat from outside, the Getting to the Heart of The Aair EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 possible murder of a secondary character, drug dealing, and horses. In its irst seasonwhich won Golden Globes for Best Drama and Best Actress (Wilson)each episode MARK SCHAFERSHOWTIME 4 (From left) Joshua Jackson and (Left) Co-creator Sarah Treem, Dominic West, and Maura NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM A DAYTODAY GUIDE TO NOTABLE PROGRAMS BY RAY RAHMAN @RayRahman *TIMES ARE EASTERN STANDARD AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 MONDAY NOVEMBER  MUST WATCH OF THE The Leisure Class 1011:30PM Having already watched every contentious, passive-aggressive, and mansplaining step of a ilms production, Project Greenlight viewers will now be able to see what the new season of the HBO series, executive- produced by Ben Aleck and Matt Damon, hath wrought. The Leisure Class director, Jason Mann, tells EW that the extra perspec- tive the show o ers will color how people Kevin P. Sullivan SUNDAY, NOV. 8 10 10:30PMHBO Every season, this cringe comedy about a hospitals extended-care ward takes the least amusing subjectsmedical bureaucracy, Melissa Maerz Season Premiere GETTING ON Season Finale Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick 89PM NBC Finale? I thought it was illegal for NPH to not be on TV 8:309PM FOX only air if theres no World Series game 6, giving us one more reason to root for the 910PM THE CW Liv looks into the mysterious death of 1011PM FOOD TUESDAY NOVEMBER  1011PM his home result in the most PERSONALDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM Series Debut 911PM The direct inverse of HBOs satirical Veep is a silly, overly earnest espionage drama on which the female vice president of the United States (Sharon Stone) holds the pyramid-eye-shaped key to tremen- dous power. Fr om her bunker underneath the Naval Observatory, its walls lined with patriotic portraits and lat-screens, she commands the studly John Case (Je\t Hephner) in missions o\t the radar of the FBI or CIA. Creator William Blake Herron co-wrote the original and beefs up this series with ludicrous shoot-outs that skim the edges of genre parody. But Stone resists her natural camp instincts and imbues the VP with sti\t nobility. She makes Dick Cheney seem lithe and light-humored. „Joe McGovern son Premiere 89PM FOX Two dozen kids their own food, thats how bad school lunches are these days. First in the South Democratic Candidates Forum 810PM and OMalley attend a Rachel Maddow- moderated forum thats sure to be watched by dozens work at SATURDAY NOVEMBER  Jackie: Behind 911PM The special looks at the life of former First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Heinz Kennedy Onassis. It will also reveal which of those names isnt really hers. Legends: OWN at the Apollo 1011PM OWN An Isley Brothers concert on TV? You EDITED BY KEVIN ODONNELL @ODtron Music While the world breathlessly awaits are hitting the road Exploring the Adele-iverse Andra Day BACKSTORY This Cali native, who, like Adele, studied singing at a performing-arts school, broke out in 2012 with viral YouTube clips. She honed her soulful chops on her 2015 debut, Cheers to the Fall , which features collabs with Raphael Saadiq. BEST TRACK On Rise Up, Day belts a stun- ning gospel-tinged ode to self-empowerment. Jessie Ware BACKSTORY The British singer gained attention thanks to guest spots on tracks by Disclosure and SBTRKT before putting out two stellar albums BEST TRACK The serene 2014 tune Say You Love Me showcases Wares breathy pipes over lush production from Katy Perry producer Benny Blanco. Sharon Van Etten BACKSTORY Shes part coee-shop folkie, part art-indie siren, and all raw NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM artfully blend carefully curated blues hums and her always-about-to- bawl emoting. BEST TRACK The devas- tating I Always Fall Apart, a shambling late- night confession dressed BACKSTORY A coed Brooklyn trio with a pen- chant for pairing gauzy arrangements and dreamy double-tracked vocals with emotionally piercing lyrics. BEST TRACK The gor- geously constructed heartbreaker Dont Wanna Be Your Girl. Years & Years BACKSTORY U.K. electro-poppers with real beating hearts where their synths are anchored by frontman Olly Alexanders feath- ery, high-altitude vocals. BEST TRACK Eyes Shut, a inger-snapping, BACKSTORY Backed by the atmospheric folk instrumentation from guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella, British singer Elena Tonra delivers incredibly vivid dirges about ex-boyfriends and BEST TRACK On the new song Doing the Right Thing, Tonra whisper-sings a gut- wrenching tale about a family member strug- gling with Alzheimers. Mizan K BACKSTORY An Ethiopian-born New BEST TRACK 7 Billion is a song so timelessa few spare piano chords are her only accompani- mentit could have been played in a blues club 60 years ago. Seinabo Sey BACKSTORY The Swedish- Gambian Sey is a student of Mary J. Bliges hip-hop soul, which means that even when her club-diva wail is making booties sweep the loor, theres always a rousing message of personal empowerment. BEST TRACK Easy, with intro and cinematic march of a beat. Lianne La Havas BACKSTORY Theres a reason La Havas has been drafted to collaborate with Prince: BEST TRACK ing R&B single What You Dont Do is as warm and cozy as a cashmere sweater. James Morrison BACKSTORY This British artist may look like plays younger brother, but hes got a gritty voice that recalls soul titans like Otis Redding. BEST TRACK Demons, Morrison confesses about over- coming personal travails, with killer elec- tronic productiondig those sped-up vocal samples. Rumer BACKSTORY No, not Bruce and Demis daughter. This Rumer (born Sarah Joyce) in the parallel dimen- sion where frothy disco and 70s soft rock still reign. BEST TRACK Baby, Come Back to Bed marries minimalist swoop to Rumers tale of breaking up to make up. The newly minted country star, up for three CMAs on Nov. 4, relects on his big year, his hit single, and what to expect on his next album. By Madison Vain How does it feel to be up for nomina- tions like New Artist of the Year? Im lattered! Awards thing I strive for, but they are a relection of all the people who put House Party is one singles of the year. Do you always hear it when you go to an Laughs] Truthfully, I havent really been to many house parties since I put out the record. But I hate listening to myself, especially with people around, so I would have to sabotage that if it happened. Youre working on the follow-up to Montevallo . What can we expect? I usually approach songwriting by leaning toward ballads and slower songs. So Im more aware of needing a balance. There will be songs that will be great to listen to in the car, songs that will be perfect for a party, Youve said you got into music because it was an escape from some life stressors, like college football. Now that music is your job, how has your pas- made it harder to appreciate. As much fun as I had the last ties to music sort of dull, [but] I can already refreshed after being back home. And when I was in my late teens and early 20s, there tional ups and downs compared to now. I think maybe those are the times in your life where you really SAM HUNT THROWS THE BEST HOUSE PARTY IN TOWN MORE ON EW.COM Hear these artists at ew.com/adele-iverse RICK DIAMONDGETTY IMAGES 2 3 4 5 6 7 The irst song I was obsessed with You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon. I asked my mom to The Phantom of the Opera est sister was really involved in theater, and I wanted to be like her. I went to see her in so many shows and got involved with theater really young, like 12, and just ate it up! I loved the storytelling. It was almost like you could close your eyes and it was a movie in your mind. truth, wanting that promise that no one can ever give, that theyll still be there the next day. My guilty pleasure Well, s ---, I dont know. Would people like ABBA? I was raised on musical theater and ABBA. Laughs The song Im most proud to have written If I were to answer that today, it would be Brave. Ive just from being a part of that songs life. Its made a big dif- ference to me. I feel like I learned so and what they want to share and what through the mes- of such a pure place. Its been a really special gift. The song I want played at my funeral No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley. Its so comforting. I cant help but feel okay when hes singing. f--- knows what Im listening to up wherever I am, but it would probably feel nice for every- one there. made me want to be an artist When the Pawn... by Fiona Apple. Everything about her writing, at the time that it surfaced in my life, was like an explosion. Her lyrics were outstanding, and the fact that she was so willing to be dark and vulnerable and broken...it made me want to write songs. I think I was in high school at the time, but to be honest, I have a s--- memory and could be wrong. Would people be surprised that I like The song that reminds me of my I feel like I had a really good make- out to Mazzy Stars Fade Into You one always elicits romantic feelings. Laughs Id written Carole Kings Will You Love Me Tomorrow. Theres Sara Bareilles SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE BAREILLES: SHERVIN LAINEZ Tell me the news. What album is this? Dim the lights. Play my Friday Night playlist. Hands-free and always on to read the news, c, Connected to your life.Controlled by your voice. Books EDITED BY TINA JORDAN @EWTinaJordan The 2015 nominees for this coveted iction prize include some of the most intriguingand beyond-white-dudes diversein its 65-year history. But only one of them will join a pantheon that includes the likes of Faulkner Cheever Flannery OConnor when the prize is announced Nov. 18. Here, our take on the top contenders. By Leah Greenblatt The National Book Award Finalists: Who Will Win? EW.COMNOVEMBER 6, 2015 says that 72 per- reveals in his new memoir, THE SURPRISE PHENOM A Little Life Yanagiharas nely wrought chronicle of four college friendsarchitect Malcolm, actor Willem, painter JB, and the brilliant but tortured Judemaking their way in New York City has spawned the kind of obsessive hobbits, dragons, or orphaned boy wizards. (They even have their own tote bags.) Its heft, scope, and subject matter say Great American Novel more The drag of 700-plus pagesand the plots masochistic pileup of misfortunesdilutes some of THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK The Turner House Writing this sharply observed and emotionally acute is rare to Turner feels like an excellent calling card from a young talent , Fates and Furies Critics have gone crazy for the Florida fabu- Unlike many of her peers who strip down style in the service of story- the kind of writer-with-a-capital- who speaks to prize committees like these. Descriptions like ; shes an acquired taste, and some readers arent biting. THE PEDIGREED CHAMP Fortune Smiles Orphan Masters Son professor, Johnson has a singular gift alienation of life in the 21st century. voices in contemporary American ction. Judges may be reluctant to reward the only man of the group especially one with an already full mantel. Refund The New Yorker , Bender has become an unparalleled observer of lives lived on the margins, illuminating characters who are one bad car crash, one growing lump, a few missed paychecks away from oblivion. Not all their insolvencies are nancial, though: In these 13 keenly drawn tales, hope and human connection are commodities as but impactful, and undeniably topical. Refund s realities dont QUICK TAKES Hunger Makes Me CARRIE BROWNSTEIN You dont need to be a fan of Brownsteins seminal 90s band, Sleater-Kinneyor s are riot to love her frank, funny, fantastically smart memoir. Over the dotted chapters, she recounts how music oered her a way out of urb she grew up in and the broken family she couldnt ix. Rock & roll saved herbut success, she found, wasnt an easy panacea for the that rarely left her. If that sounds like a downer, its not; her honesty is disarming, and buoyed by the same dry wit that lacerating IFC series Portlandia so good. manages totranscend the backstage tropes of the rock-bio genre, should become the new handbook for every modern girl (and yes, boys, too) looking for the courage to pursue Leah Greenblatt After Alice GREGORY MAGUIRE Wicked Christian Holub The Mad Feast MATTHEW GAVIN FRANK Isabella Biedenharn BROWNSTEIN: AUTUMN DE WILDE Plug it in your car, and see if your good driving could NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM 65 Broadway Tells It Like It Isand How It Could Be HAMILTON SNOTTHEONLY Broadways taking a big gamble this fall on musicals with a message, each one elevating the genre with provocative discourses on sexuality ( The Color Purple , Spring Awaken- ing ), race ( , Allegiance ), power (the play King Charles III ), and even arts education (Andrew Lloyd Webbers School of RockThe Musical ). Add in heavy dramas dominated by A-list players including Keira Knightley, Bruce Willis, Al Pacino, and Clive Owenand your next trip to the Great White Way might bring tears to your eyes (and not just because of the Isabella and Nina Terrero 1 Harry As soon as we dyed [actor] Rich Goul- dings hair red, we had Harry. The cos- tuming in this play is most eective when we see Harry in his uniform. It becomes a kind of cage: Hes forever trapped by duty, by civility, by his- tory, by tradition. He doesnt belong in this outit. 2 Camilla In the U.K. produc- tion, Camilla didnt wear this. I resisted the change, because I wanted to avoid imitation of the real characters. But as soon as we did the itting with Margot putting that hat on, and the brooch, that woman comes to life in front of you. She embodies the essence of Camilla. 4 Kate We wanted to have was absolutely stylish but also totally appropriate and somber for a funeral. Shes stately, in control, and dominant, but soft as well. Lydia wears these platform L.K. She forms a lot of that character on those shoes. 5 William Ollie Chris looks so like William, its unreal. Theres a real warmth and romance you feel when you see him in the uniform he wore to his wedding. It its the bill: He looks like the front page of a magazine. For us Brits, its an interesting thing to address, because that is our future king. 3 Charles King Charles dis- solves Parliament in his military uni- form, and from then on in, he doesnt leave that costume. He never modern world, as it were: He sort of regresses and almost becomes King Lear. Its like he slips out of time and into a Shake- speare play of his own tragedy. King Charles III Costume designer Tom Scutt reveals how he transformed the actors into their noble doppelgngers in this futuristic history drama wherein Charles is in charge THE CHARMER Its great when youre sitting around and a word pops up and everyone looks at you but only one person laughs. You go, Okay, you get me. Im not just the only crazy Brit here.  MATT RYAN , ON FINDING CHEMISTRY WITH HIS ONSTAGE PARAMOUR KEIRA KNIGHTLEY IN THRSE RAQUIN , HER BROADWAY DEBUT THE ROYAL TREATMENT Richard Goulding, Margot Leicester, Tim Pigott-Smith, Lydia Wilson, and Oliver Chris EDITED BY DANIELLE NUSSBAUM @daniellenuss 12345 FALL THEATER SPECIAL KING CHARLES III Its been eight years since you were last on Broadway. When did it really sink in that We added more choreography last night, and today I woke up Oh, yeah. Youre in a musical. What surprised you about Every word out of his mouth is carefully chosen. Hell use a highfalutin word that I dont You sang as Jasmine in and Mulan in Who would you rather Oh my God. Jasmine has her Theyre both lawed and conlicted and beautiful and smart, butthis is Sophies The question most frequently posed to director Will Frears about his new play, Misery based on the Stephen King novel about an injured novelist (Bruce Willis, in his Broadway debut) held hostage by a psychotic fan (Laurie OTHER SHOWS WE RECOMMEND Fiddler on the Roof A View From the Bridge DANIELLE BROOKS I couldnt have done this before New Black . Ive been out of Juil- liard for almost four years and auditioned for a lot of shows, and I think God has a funny way of saying, No, no, no... Because this is the one you need to be making your Broadway debut in. Im grateful for the nos. JENNIFER HUDSON I always said maybe when I got to 35, Id be ready to do theater. This is CYNTHIA ERIVO Its so special how our timelines have converged. Were on the same journey: If one needs help, the other two are there to pick her up. What are you counting on one another for the most? BROOKS Im juggling a lot trying to do and Color Purple at the same time. Theyve been so gracious being there for me, even if they dont know it. ERIVO My role is super heavy, and there are times when my head will be literally spinning. HUDSON Were all going through BROOKS And the piece is about sisterhood, so how can you not bond with two other sisters on a similar path, doing their irst Broadway show in one of the most American classic pieces? What makes this show so special for you? BROOKS I saw the original when I was 15, ten years ago. It was my irst Broadway show, and my dad took me all the way from South Carolina. It was so trans- formative to see people on as myself. And now its full circle, the thing that made me want HUDSON ERIVO We might be in costumes from way back, but in 2015 these things are still happening, and so to see women come through serious adversities youre not being forced to feel Jennifer Hudson, Danielle Brooks, and Cynthia Erivo The Color Purple An Oscar winner, a TV inmate, and a British newcomer walk LEA SALONGA Bruce MISERY : JOAN MARCUS; SALONGA: MATTHEW MURPHY Stage NOVEMBER 6, 2015EW.COM Sylvia ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ISSN 10490434 IS PUBLISHED WEEKLY EXCEPT FOR COMBINED ISSUES IN JANUARY, MARCH, APRIL, MAY, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, OCTO BER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER BY ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY INC., A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF TIME INC. PRINCIPAL OFFICE: 135 W. 50TH ST., NEW YORK, NY 10020. ELLIE DUQUE, PUBLISHER; JEFF BAIRSTOW, TREASURER. PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT NEW YORK, NY, AND ADDITIONAL MAILING OFFICES.U.S. SUBSCRIPTIONS: $49.92 FOR ONE YEAR. CANADA POST PUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT NO. 40110178. RETURN UNDELIVERABLE CANADA ADDRESSES TO: POSTAL STN. A, P.O. BOX 4327, TORONTO, ON M5W 3H5. GST 888381621RT0001. POST MASTER: SEND ADDRESS CH ANGES TO ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, P.O. BOX 62120, TAMPA, FL 336622120, CALL 18002746800, OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT WWW.EW. COMSUBSCRIBERSERVICES. 2015 ENT ERTAINMENT WEEKLY INC. ALL RIGH TS RESERVED. REPRODUCTION IN WHOLE OR IN PART WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, EW, CRITICAL MASS, LISTEN TO THIS, THE MUST LIST, AND THE SHAW REPORT ARE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY INC. SUBSCRIBERS: IF THE POSTAL AUTHORITIES ALERT US THAT YOUR MAGAZINE IS UNDELIVERABLE, WE HAVE NO FURTHER OBLIGATION UNLESS WE RECEIVE A CORRECTED ADDRESS WITHIN TWO YEARS. YOUR BANK MAY PROVIDE UPDATES TO THE CARD INFORMATION WE HAVE ON FILE. YOU MAY OPT OUT OF THIS SERVICE AT ANY TIME. MAILING LIST: WE MAKE A PORTION OF OUR MAILIN G LIST AVAILABLE TO REPUTABLE FIRMS. IF YOU WOULD PREFER THAT WE NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME, PLEASE CALL OR WRITE US. PRINTED IN THE USA. Cynthia starred in this show in London. What wisdom has she brought to it here? BROOKS Shes dedicated. Its a HUDSON I could not be more honored to work with both of head and everything else fol- lows suit. Shes a great leader. ERIVO I was in London watching you BROOKS I knew Cynthia was a force from watching YouTube. With Jenniferit kind of makes me emotionalits just how Voice breaks ] Im just so grate- certain levels dont know how to be open in that way. Its great for me to watch to see what kind ofI hate this wordcelebrity I can be. I dont have to be nasty. HUDSON Oh, thats the worst misconception. One of my irst theater directors told me, its not about how good you are but how good you are to work with. Im not here for the celebrity. All I care about is the craft. How awful would it be if I was this bitch that came in? I dont even begin to know how to do that. When you see us crying, thats real tears. Thats not just Shug crying for Celie thats Jennifer crying, proud of Cynthia and Danielle. Before J. Lo or Shakira, there was Gloria Estefan whose fusion of Latin and pop made her a crossover sensation. Her rise to fame with husband and producer Jennifer Hudson, Cynthia Erivo, and Danielle Brooks play Shug, Celie, and Soia Josh Segarra and Ana Villafae as Emilio and Gloria THE COLOR PURPLE CAST: RUVEN AFANADOR; The Bullseye Hello from the other side New emojis have arrived, just in time for your teen to tell you to go Lion Burrito With-Middle-Finger Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato are going on tourand apparently Evita says shes ready for Legally Blonde 3 . We were ready for one too, about 20 minutes into With season 2, this Virgin (but who ** Cut your bill in half and Save up to half the cost are based on a service comparison of the two largest contract carri ers monthly online prices for comparable individual post-paid contract service plans, including overage charges, and Straight Talks $45 service plan. Excludes the cost of the phone and limited time promotions. Source: Contract carriers websites, July 2015. NEW NOW WITH 5GB OF HIGHSPEED DATA TALK  TEXT  DATA FIRST 5GB HIGH SPEED THEN 2G* NOCONTRACT 30DAY PLAN

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