My favourite sport — plan

Favourite sport 2
Speak about your favourite sport don’t forget to say:
why sport is very important in our lives
what kinds of sport you know
what sport is your favourite
what kind of sport it is
if you need much equipment for it ( what you need)
where you do this sport/how many times a week
why do you like it
if this sport is very important in your life
My favourite sport
My favourite sport is …
It’s …..
I need a lot of equipment for…. I need …
I don’t need much equipment for … I need …
I do …… (where)
I go in for ……. 2 times a week
I like ……. , because …..
Sport Place
….play(s) …
….do(es)… in/at on …. need ….
Tennis player tennis court Racquet
Football player football pitch Ball
Football uniform
cricketer cricket pitch Bat
Hockey player Ice hockey rink golf course swimming Swimming suit
Snorkeler snorkeling Pole vaulter Pole vault pole
skiing slopes Helmet ,
Snow boarding skating skates
Basketballer gym Basketballers play basketball in the gym. They need track suit and a ball
Pole vaulters do pole vault at the stadium. They need a track suit and a pole

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