1) It is true that most Ukrainians belong to the Christian faith. But ten centuries ago, like most Slavic people, they were Pagans. They worshiped water, fire, trees, plants, and mother earth nature. Today you still can detect the remnants of those pagan beliefs in countless Ukraine superstitions, traditions, and customs.
2) There are very many signs and superstitions connected with mirrors. Not surprisingly, the mirrors have always been associated with something magical. For example, no one wants to accidentally break the mirror – according to legend it will lead to the seven years of misery or, according to other sources, to the seven disasters. If you happen to forget something at home, and you had to get back for it, be sure to look in the mirror before going out, or better yet, show out your tongue to yourself – that way you’ll avoid possible troubles and problems.
3) Another popular hero of superstitions and signs – salt. For example, spilling salt – this is to a quarrel. If someone has prepared salty food, then he (or she) is in love.
4) Ukrainian are always very afraid of putting the ‘evil eye’, i.e. to bring misfortune in words or actions. For example, when someone pronounces aloud any undesirable event developments, then in order to avoid this others say him: ‘Knock on wood’ and ‘Spit’. In the last case, it is understood that the person will spit three times over his left shoulder. Thus we avert a disaster.
5) Also a lot of signs are associated with the dishes. It is believed that it’s good fortune to break dishes by chance. And if you drop a spoon or fork on the floor – expect a woman to visit you, if it’s a knife – a man.
6) Are you going to a trip? First, do not plan leaving on Friday – the journey will not be successful. Put everything in order in the apartment beforehand, and just before the leaving you should have a sit. ‘Let’s sit before the road’ – Ukrainians say, and everyone sit down – one on the sofa, and others on the bags. Being quiet for a while, suddenly someone remembers that he had forgotten something important.
7) Of course, the list is much, much longer. But in the meantime we must also live.

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