Expressing regrets CARDS — using WISH

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Made by: Anastasia Pozhidaeva, Empire of English
Jast night c got
drknu and uissed
ct rained a ᨏt.
Whe garden has
tkrned to mkd.
A ᠄I days ago c
Ias ᠍ned ᠏r
c don't have
mk-h time ᠏r my
ct doesn't rain
o᠌en in !aᨄn-ia.
c Ient to yokr
Iedding even
thokgh c didn't
Iant to.
Made by: Anastasia Pozhidaeva, Empire of English
ć ᠗iend drinJs
too mckhu we is a
kompᨄte idiot
.hen heWs drcnJu
doesnWt .ash her
hair o᠌enu 't
ᨏoJs so greasy
aᨚ the timeu
␑ഋ beaᰌഘᰚ
hoᰋe ഋ a paᜌ of
the to.nWs
heᜍtaᤄ, bᰌ the
ᤏveᜊment ഋ
ᤏഊᤅto demolഋh
' toᨃ Iamantha
sheWd pct on
.eightu Ihe
hates me no.u
┏c aᨠays speaJ
to yocr mother
ᨍJe thatu 'tWs so
George drives
too ᠂stu One day
he .ilᨅJiᨚ
Made by: Anastasia Pozhidaeva, Empire of English
Jack is trying to
push my boss
over the edge
now. We alᨅare
gonna have a bad
ć son is having
a nap now. I ᠄eᨅ
sleepy too but I
have to tidy up
the apartment.
I am on a
business trip in
the other city,
and I can't put
down my baby
᠏r a nap.
Jḋt looᴅat those
people ᜄadഊᤅഊ
the pa᜝ I badl܅
want to do the
same ഊstead of
maᴍng boᜍnᤅ
ᜄpoᜌs here 
I'd like to eat
some ice-cream
I don't ᨍke that
your are
buttering me up.
What do you
want from me?

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