Professor of Linguistics

Professor of Linguistics
With us in the studio this morning is Bernard Berg, Professor of Linguistics.
This is what we have learnt about him:
Bernard Berg started as an English language teacher. He was always good at languages at school, so he decided to take his degree in French and German first. When he finished his university studies in Oxford he began teaching in a secondary school in England. Two years later, however, he met someone by chance who offered him a job teaching English to foreign students during the long summer holidays. His students were adults and he enjoyed the work greatly. He soon found he was interested in languages of different countries. Since then he has specialized in this work.
First he went to Africa for two years and then he spent a year in Spain. After that he went to Italy where he worked for three years. He hasn’t been to South America yet but he plans to go there next. He has taught men and women of all ages and of all nationalities. He has also learnt to get on with people of all walks of life. Now he is a writer and editor of the journal “The World Around Us” but his interest in foreign languages never lessens.

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