Topic vocabulary in contrast

Topic vocabulary in contrast
A Circle the correct word.The charity / union I'm a member of is calling for a nationwide strike next week.
It's company / firm / business policy not to allow the use of phones for personal calls during working hours.
The recent raise / rise in the cost of petrol has affected loads of small businesses round here.
In some professions, you have to retire / resign when you're 60 or 65 years old.
My grandfather gets a pension / promotion from the company he used to work for.
Not only did we all have to work overtime / promotion this weekend, but we didn't get paid for it!
Have you had any news about that work / job / career you applied for yet?
The starting salary / wage is €20 000 per year.
You'll get a weekly pay / wage of about €300 before deductions.
10She became a full-time member of employees / staff / employers last year.
В Complete using the correct form of the words in the box.commute deliver earn gain make sack win
1 No sooner had Denzil the lottery than he decided to quit his job.
2 How long does it take you to to work every day?
3 How much does a state school teacher.... 4 Over a hundred workers were 5 Our next-door neighbour was for stealing company property.
6 Does your local supermarket ?
7 Rarely have 1so much valuable experience in such a short space of
time. Phrasal verbs
С Write one word in each gap.It just takes hard work and commitmentEntrepreneur Jane Dickson describes how she got started
was working as an IT Manager for a small publishing company (in fact, I was standing (1)for the
actual manager while she was away on maternity leave) when the company was taken (2)by a large
multinational media organisation. It was in the depths of the recession, and initially our new owners promised
to see our small company (3)the hard times. Things got worse, though, and they finally backed
(4)of their agreement. Our company closed (5)We were all made redundant
-it was horrible!
wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. I (6)down several offers of work as I didn’t want to rush
into anything. Then, one day, I woke up and thought: ‘I’m going to set (7)my own business!’
At first it was tough. I had to (8)to everything myself - I was the only employee! - but I set
it with dedication and refused to give up, whatever happened. Over the last five years,
as the company’s grown, I’ve taken (10)more and more staff. Dickson’s now employs over
five hundred people! I set (11) to be successful, and I’ve managed it. I feel very lucky,
although, to be honest, luck has nothing to do with it. It just takes hard work and commitment. I don’t feel
satisfied yet, though. We’re bringing (12)new products all the time, and I want to continue
doing that. I also want to speed (13) our production process to make it more efficient.
I’m not planning to slow (14)any time soon!

Phrases and collocationsD Match to make sentences.1 1 put a lot of effort A on hold for ages.
2 They've made their decision В about who's going to get promoted
3 It's not in your interest to С of work for over two months now.
4 The secretary's kept me D into writing this report.
5 1 don't know why you didn't apply E business long.
6 1 think we're all in agreement F in your work.
7 Dean's been out G for that position.
8 The shop hasn't been in H accept a pay cut.
9 I'm glad you're finally taking an interest 1 work, doesn't he?
10 Jason lives fairly near his place of J on this, aren't we?
E Write one word in each gap.Maybe you should write a lettercomplaint to the manager.
When was the last time you had aoff?
Hardly had the police officer comeduty when he had to respond to an
My dad'swork at the moment, I'm afraid. Can you call back later?
I am available toan interview at your convenience.
He's beenthis job for over thirty years.
Our companya lot of business with Altech Industries.
Sol's made an arrangementthe wholesalers to deliver more frequently in
June's got several years'experiencedealing with young children.
Word patternsF Choose the correct answer. Who is responsibledealing with complaints?
We beganlooking round for advertising agencies which had experience of our
The covering letter wasn't attachedthe CV.
Don't you think you should apply for the jobwriting?
I was only absentthe office for a few minutes!
Success in this industry depends a lotluck!
G Cross out the incorrect word in each sentence and write the correct word on the line.Sadie's quite good in typing
Jimmy qualified at a doctor a couple of years ago
You need to be good at languages to work in an interpreter
It'll be good that Rudy to get some work experience this summer.
You've got to be experienced from dealing with difficult authorsif you want to be an editor.
We specialise for manufacturing tiles for the building industry
After qualifying as veterinary medicine, she decided to move to Yorkshire
I'd love to work as advertising
Joanne is training for become a trapeze artist at the moment!
Word formationH Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.All the heavy(MACHINE) in the factory has been manufactured on site.
Al is a manager at the local water(WORK).
An(INDUSTRY) dispute is threatening to delay production of the new car.
We work under close(SUPERVISE), so there's not much opportunity for
Farm(WORK) in Belgium have accepted a 5% pay increase.
There'll be an(ADD) charge of €30 for delivery.
Supersonic planes have never been a(COMMERCE) success.
We couldn't have built this new train without the(DEDICATE) and
expertise of the entire workforce.
The plan is completely(WORK). Let's just forget it!
I Complete the text by changing the form of the word in brackets.Although a certain percentage of graduates will still be (1)(employ) six months
after leaving university, the majority will have found (2)(employ) by then. Many of
these will even have been offered a job while at university, as a result of visiting a job fair.
Job fairs are held at many universities each year. Companies come along to advertise jobs, which
are usually in (3) (manage), and the career structures and benefit packages that
go with them. Job fairs are an (4)(effect) way for undergraduates to find out what
kind of job they might be interested in.
If you go to a job fair, dress (5)(profession). Don't wear jeans and a T-shirt.
Wear a suit! You don't want to look (6)(responsible) when you have your first
(7) (meet) with your potential (8) (employ). If you're
interested in a job on offer, you may have to fill out an (9) (apply) form, so it's
(help) to take along relevant information with you. You'll also need proof
of all your (11)(qualify), so don't forget to take photocopies of all your certificates
with you.

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