mistakes review

Mistakes review “Module 3”
I Put the verbs into the correct form (Past Perfect Continuous).
1. We __ (sleep) for 10 hours when she woke us up.
2. They __ (wait) at the station for 60 minutes when the bus finally arrived.
3. We __ (look for) her ring for two hours and then we found it in the bathroom.
4. I __ (not / walk) for a long time, when it suddenly began to rain.
5. How long __ (learn / she) English before she went to London?
6. Boris caught the flu because he __ (walk) in the rain too long.
II Put the verbs into the correct form (Past Perfect).
He never __ (be) to Oxford before.
When I found my camera the butterfly already____ (fly away).
Sandra ___ (suffer) from pneumonia for many years.
Tony ____ (not appear) on TV before that.
My cousin ____ (buy) the tickets before we came.
I was too tired because my working day ____ (start) at six.
III Put the verbs into the correct form (Past Perfect Continuous/Past Perfect Continuous).
When I came home, my little sister ____( not/sleep).
I____ (go) to the cinema when I met you.
When we called to my friend, he just ______( leave).
He ______(do) his homework all evening, so he was very tired.
When her husband entered her office, she already______ (finish) her work for that day.
____ she (cook) lunch by the time that plane arrived?

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