Listening and vocabulary. Studying Abroad

9. Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.
a) to help international students prepare to enter institutions of higher learning|b) to teach students how to use English in their daily lives and at work|c) to provide work opportunities for graduating students in the community" key="2" audio="">
1. Which was NOT mentioned as part of the purpose of the English Language Center?
a) business English|b) US Culture|c) TOEFL" key="0" audio="">
2. What is one course taught at the English Language Center?
a) May 29th|b) June 29th|c) July 29th" key="1" audio="">
3. If the Fall semester begins on August 29th, by what date should one apply to the program?
a) $2030|b) $2300|c) $2013" key="0" audio="">
4. What is the tuition for a full-time student?
a) sponsorship form|b) high school transcripts|c) application fee" key="1" audio="">
5. Which one was NOT mentioned as part of the application packet a student must send to the center?
10. Fill in the gaps with the word(s) from the table.
1. If we improve {.} throughout the country, people will become more informed about the political process in their country."
2. Our program offers {.} so you can study other subjects like business and computer as you improve your English."
answer="content-based classes"/>
3. Where are you {.} school this semester?"
4. The {.} to turn in this assignment is Friday."
5. The U.S. Embassy in Dublin {.} a variety of international exchange programs each year, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). " answer="sponsor"/>
6. Applicants must demonstrate that they properly meet requirements, for example, evidence of funds to cover {.} in the U.S."
7. I understand that if I cancel from the program the program fee of $430 is non-refundable. If I have not been {.} on the program a fee of $100 will apply."
8. The YMCA Summer Work and Travel Program was {.} as an educational exchange program, and is recognized by the United States State Department. "
9. Students considering where to {.} their university education have a greater choice than ever and there are an increasing number of international universities that cater for students looking to study abroad." answer="pursue"/>
10. The {.} is different for different universities and varies widely with courses. "
answer="tuition fee"/>

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