Topic — Education in Russia and Abroad

Education in Russia and Abroad
unified state examthe humanities / natural sciencessecondary / higher educationto enter a school/college/university
to go to school / to go to university
to be accepted to the university
to leave schoolto graduate from the university
to graduate from the university/to leave school with honours
postgraduate studies/education
PhD (doctor of philosophy)
PhD student
to write a thesis
to get a degree
to get a diploma
to choose a chair / department
scientific adviser
lecturer/senior lecturer/professorto give a lecture on sth.
bachelor's / master's degreeto do/to carry out scientific research on/into sth.
the school / university curriculumto be on the curriculum
compulsory / optional subjectscompulsory education
to take a course in/on sth.
to sign up for a class in sth.
the entry requirements for a degree course
to be denied entry into/to sth.
to take /to pass / to fail exams
entrance exams / the finals
tough competition
to take part in
top universities
to specialize in sth.
the quality of educationto maintain the standards of education
to be of an acceptable standard
to raise/to lower standards of sth.
falling standards
to acquire extensive knowledge of sth.
to have limited knowledge of sth.
a lack of knowledgebackground / general / specialist knowledge
to master skills at/in sth.
to be good / bad at sth.
to have work experience

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