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(1311-1312 1/3)
ask 1
ere you live (about your home town).
Remember to say:
what your home town looks like;
Warm up
1) Whats your favourite season? Why do you like it?
Task 1 (2.53 minutes)

Task 2 (23 minutes)
You play the part of a student in an
international language
Task 2 (23 minutes)
You play the part of a student in an in
ternational language school. Your name is
Marta/Martin. You feel really tired of a
ll of your classes and think that your
education system is very tough and you
have to spend too much time in the
look very happy at the moment.
Find out at what age children start school
(1311-1312 3/3)
Student: You dont look very happy
today. Whats the matter?
Interlocutor: Oh, I just feel tired. We
spend so much time in the classroom
and have very little time for fun! What
age do you start
school in your
Student: We go to school at
six or seven. And we have
to study there for nine
years. After the ninth form all the student
s have to take exam
s. Mathematics and
the Russian language are obligatory for ev
eryone. As for other subjects, we can
choose which we want to take. It usually
depends on what we find easier or what
we think will be the most usef
Student: No. After finishing the ninth form
, students can go to either a vocational
school or college or stay at
school for two more years.
Interlocutor: It seems to be the same
everywhere. There are so many subjects
we have to learn! What do
prefer, by the way, the humanities or the
Interlocutor: I see. And have you al
ready made any decision about your
future career? I mean, do you know wh
at you want to be in the future?
Student: I dont know for sure

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