Test Subjunctive Mood 8 класс 5

Test: Subjunctive Mood
1. Choose the correct form. 1What a pity you haven’t seen the film. If you…___ the film you…______it.A. saw A. will probably enjoyB. had seen B. would probably have enjoyedC .would have seen C .had probably enjoyed2. You look worn out. If I ….you I …. a holiday.A. were A. will take.B. have been B. would take C .had been C. take 3. But for his secretary’s absence the doctor …. In the worst of tempers that morning.A. was notB. would not beC. would not have been4. Even if they …. me to stay I …. I didn’t like America. A. wanted A. refuseB. had wanted B. would refuseC. would want C. would have refused5. Were she one of my best friends I……. her on my holiday party last Saturday.(A. invite B. ‘d inviteC. ‘d have invited6. …… he …… me some money in his will I’d travel to different parts.A. leftB. had ….leftC. would…..leave2. Replace the infinitive in brackets by the correct form of the Oblique Mood.1. if it (to be) all the same to me, I (not to come) and ( to talk) to you). 2. (to be) there some more of us, it (to take) only a few days to get through with it. 3. But for his stupid jokes I (to stay) there longer. 4. I didn’t say anything just then but I certainly wish I (to say) something. 5. I wish you ( not to speak) to me as if I (to be) a police inspector.6. If I (to have) a right I (to sit) down at the piano for hours. I wish I (can) buy it. 7. He felt as if his troubles (not to be) very serious. 8. Whenever I saw them it looked as though they (to be) on very good terms. 9. I wished I ( not to waste)so much money when I got there. 10. We are foolish and sentimental at twenty five, but if we (not to be) perhaps we (to be) less wise at fifty.3. Translate into English.1.Вам следовало бы позвонить Петрову еще раз. Если бы вы дозвонились ему, он пришел бы на пол часа раньше, инам не пришлось бы ждать 2.Делегация может прибыть в любую минуту. Вам следует очень быстро подготовить все необходимые документы. Если бы я знал об этом раньше я бы предупредил вас. 3.Мальчик должно быть выбрал книгу сам. Если бы ему помогли взрослые, они никогда не посоветовали бы ему взять такую случную книгу. 4.Хотя бы дождь кончился. 5Жаль что ты так равнодушен к спорту. 6. Нет смысла откладывать встречу из – за Петра. На вашем месте я заставил бы его выполнить свою работу как следует.7. Если бы ты положила книгу на место, она была бы сейчас здесь.8. Хорошо, если бы вы всегда приходили вовремя. 9. Она дышала так тяжело, как будто бежала всю дорогу.10.Если бы не серьезное выражение его лица, мы бы приняли это за шутку.4.Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence.1. John is very sorry he offended the girl. John wishes……….. , 2. Why can’t we foresee our future? If only……… .3.I’d really like to live on a small and sunny island somewhere in the Pacific. I wish…….. 4..Why can’t we have summer allyear round? If only …….. .5.Why can’t you be serious speaking of your future job? If only…….

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