Subjunctive mood_Theory in Table

The Subjunctive Mood_Forms expressing unreality
The Old Subjunctive Mood
(Past) I
They Were
To show that the unreal action should be referred to the present/future
e.g. – 1) And what if Tom were to take a revenge
e.g. – 2) If only it were summer now
e.g. – 3) If he were in my shoes, he would also agree to help Ann.
e.g. – 4) If I were you, I would go to the cinema next week.
e.g. – 5) Were I not a couch potato I would travel a lot.
e.g. – 6) I wish he were not so naïve
e.g. – 7) I wish you he worked harder.
e.g. – 8) It looks as if she were cold.
e.g. – 9) It’s high time he knew the rule
Had been
Had done
Would have + v3 To show that the unreal action should be referred to the past
e.g. – 1) I wish he had done his yesterday’s work better.
e.g. – 2) Had I been a quicker walker, I wouldn’t have missed my train yesterday.
e.g. – 3) It looks as if Tom had changed his mind to take his revenge.
The Old Subjunctive Mood (Present) Bare infinitive To make a formal toast or wish
e.g. – 1) Long live friendship between our two states.
e.g. – 2) May God save the queen.
Modern English I
They Would
To sound more polite or official
e.g. – 1) Might I go out?
e.g. – 2) Could you say it again?
e.g. – 3) Would you like tea or coffee?
e.g. – 4) You should be more attentive
e.g. – 5) I wish he would agree to help us
Insist/ Suggest that
Should e.g. – 1) He insists that his sister (should) go in for sports
e.g. – 2) She suggests that we (should) help her

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