The geographical position of Italy

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The geographical position of Italy

Italy is one of the oldest countries in the world, but, despite this, she appeared
on the political map of a little more than a hundred years ago. At the moment,
Italy is the biggest capitalist states, with an area of ​​301,000 square kilometers.
Italy is among the seven largest countries in the West. The country's capital is
the city of Rome.

Italy is located in the central part of the west of Europe. Situated on its territory: Po
plain, against which the Alps in an arc shape, there is also the peninsula, which goes
deep into the Mediterranean Sea, and even in the country are such as islands of
Sicily and Sardinia.

In the north, the boundary is in contact with four
countries: France, Switzerland, Austria and
borders on, and adjacent to the continent of Africa.

Water border of Italy bordered by four seas: the south

Ionian Sea,

Adriatic, the West


and Tyrrhenian.

Italy is in a very convenient position in respect of its economy. The
country is located on the big crossroads between East and West,
and almost all freight carried through Italy.

The Vatican and the Republic of San Marino

two tiny state in Italy


the largest country in Western Europe, an area
551,500 square kilometers

France belongs to the Western European countries and the
area ranked first among the Western European countries. France
belongs to the island of Corsica in the Mediterranean.

France has 22 regions and four island territories: Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique

The country shares borders with five countries of the European Union and the Swiss
and the tunnel under the English Channel connects it to the UK. France in the west
by the Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscay and the English Channel), and the eastern

France is bordered to the south of Spain (border length 623 km) and Andorra (60
km) to the south
east of Monaco (4.4 km) to the northeast of Belgium (620 km)
and Luxembourg (73 km), east of Switzerland (573 km) and Italy (488 km), with
Germany (451km) to the east and north

France, located in the western part of Europe, has a great
geographical diversity. In the north, with vast plains. Jura, the
Vosges, the Massif Central, the Alps, a very ancient mountain
ranges form a ridge along the eastern part of the country.

Large rivers: Seine, Rhone, Loire, the Garonne, in the east

a part
the Rhine. Under forest (mostly deciduous in the south

evergreen forests), about 27% of the territory.

The capital of France


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