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Indefinite Article An African Safari 3 Indefinite articles are NOT specific.They are the OPPOSITE of definite articles.Example: I want THE blouse that your gave me for my birthday.(This is a very specific blouse – therefore we use a definite article.)However: I want A blouse.(This is just any blouse – non specific – therefore we use an indefinite article.) A AND AN FIRST, LETS’ S COMPARE In English the indefinite article is expressed by the words: a or an We use a before words which begin with consonants(b,c,d,f,…)A doctorA big carA girl We use an before words which begin with Vowels (a,e,o,..) And begin with silent h an apple An interesting film An hour An Exeption We also use a before U when it sounds like the word “you” and before EU A university A European city The use of the indefinite article Indefinite Article 1 In its classifying function the article serves to refer an object to the class or group of objects of the same kind.Also when we don’t have a particular person, place, or thing in mind, we use non-specific nouns. Use the indefinite article a/an with non-specific singular count nouns. I’d love to hold a baby lion.I am a school teacher.Somewhere a telephone began to ring. Indefinite Article 2 Numerical functionA noun is often indefinite the first time a speaker mentions it. It is usually definite after the first mention. 1st Mention 2nd Mention We went on a safari last year. The safari was very educational. Indefinite Article 3 In its generic function the indefinite article implies that the object denoted by the noun is spoken of as a representative of the class, and therefore what is said about the thing, animal, person, or notion mentioned, refers to any object of the same kind, as in: A zebra has four legs. A tram runs on rails, a bus does not. Some special uses of a/an We use a/an with prices, frequency and speeds Frequency I drink about 3 cups of coffee a day Speeds You are driving at ninety miles an hour We use a/an before hundred, thousand and million A hundred people A thousand days We use a/an for talking about jobs I am a bank manager There are a number of set expressions with the indefinite article. In most of them the main functions of the indefinite article can be seen. Practice 1 Look at the sentences. Complete them with an indefinite article or no article. Explain your answers to a partner. Example: _____ zebra came right up to me! A We stayed in _____ nice lodge. _____ game reserves usually have lodges nearby. That kind of bird is usually found in _____ Zambia. Have you ever seen _____ elephant up close? This is _____ great vacation. I would love to be _____ game warden. A: Do you often see _____ warthogs at game reserves? B: Oh, yes. There are some right over there. a an a a Trip to Kenya Dear Marta, We took ____ most wonderful trip last month. We went on ____ great safari. ____ safari was in Kenya and we saw ____ lions and ____hippos up close! ____ experience was great. ____ only problem was my husband was bitten by ____ mosquito, but since we had taken malaria medicine before we came, ____ Dr. Matuka said he would be okay. Love, Gloria Look at the letter. Fill in the blanks with a, an, the or no article. Explain your answers to a partner. You will check your answers at the end of the presentation.

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