Matilda tasks

The Reader of Books
I Translate the words into Russian.
1. become blinded, 2. to emerge, 3. doting parents, 4.put up with, 5. look forward to, 6. nimble mind, 7. from cover to cover, 8. refuse, 9. manage, 10. devour, 11. story-teller, 12. achievement.
II Complete the following sentences.
1. Mr and Mrs Wormwood looked upon Matilda in particular as …
2. Her parents were so wrapped up in their own silly little lives that..3. Michael was …
4. The only book in the whole of this enlightened household was …
5. When she arrived at the public library she …
6. When she had read every single children’s book, she …
7. By now Mrs Phelps was filled with …
8. Her own small bedroom now became …
III Answer the following questions.
1. Did Mr and Mrs Wormwood notice that Matilda was an extra-ordinary girl?
2. Matilda was a brilliant girl, wasn’t she?
3. Why did she decide to go to the public library?
4. Why was Mrs Phelps stunned?
5. Why did Mrs Phelps feel sad when it was ten to five.6. What books had Matilda read?
7. What did Mrs Phelps allowed Matilda to do then?
8. What did her small bedroom become now?
9. Why was reading exciting to her?
IV Develop the situations.
1. Matilda was a brilliant girl.
2. Matilda was reading books hour after hour.
3. Matilda passed every afternoon reading in her bedroom.
Mr Wormwood, the Great Car Dealer
I Translate the words into Russian.
1. dealer, 2. ignorant, 3. to boast, 4. be worn out, 5. sawdust, 6. crookery, 7. backwards, 8. tremendous, 9. trade, 10. cheat, 11. prevent, 12. resent, 13. tolerate, 14. powerful.
II Complete the following sentences.
1. His speech was never …
2. Young Michael seemed to have inherited his …
3. Every single car that comes through his hands …
4. Every evening all the family were in the …
5. Supper is a family …
6. She resented being told constantly …
7. She was determined to …
III Answer the questions.
1. Where did Matilda live?
2. In what way did her father always speak to her?
3. What did Mr Wormwood call “trade secrets”?
a) using sawdust?
b) fiddling the numbers back?
4. What was Mr Wormwood appearance?
5. What was Mrs Wormwood appearance?
6. Did Matilda like her father’s business?
7. Were their suppers real “family gatherings”?
8. What did Matilda feel when her father spoke to her?
9. What did she decide to do every time her mother or father was beastly to her?
IV Prove that …
1. Mr Wormwood cheated people.
2. Her parents wasted time in front of TV.
3. Matilda differs from her parents greatly.
The Hat and the Superglue
I Translate the words into Russian
1. The Ghost
I Translate the words into Russian

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