What do you like and dislike in your present

What do you like and dislike in your present / your parents’ home (location, amenities, type of house, furniture, etc.)?
It goes without saying that you will never feel as well as at home. One proverb says that an Englishman’s home is his castle. I think this proverb is truly not only for English people but for us too. And if your house looks gloomy, outdated, neglected or even ugly you will love all its pluses and minuses. I guess that it’s all depended only on you how your house will look like. I love my flat very much and do all my best to smarten it up and keep it tidy and cozy. And I’d like to say some words about it.
I live on a block of flats. I moved in my flat not very long time ago. The previous owners didn’t look after it very well and it wasn’t in a perfect condition. It wasn’t very attractive earlier but my parents helped me to do it up and it is very impressive now.
My flat is situated on the 12th floor of 19-storey building and the floor is the first disadvantage of my flat. Next its disadvantage is its location. It’s in the suburbs and about forty minute’s ride from the Centre of city, but its in 10 minutes’ walk from subway and close to local shops. It’s handy for schools, post offices and bus stops. Another drawback of my flat is its walls. They are too thin. We can hear our neighbors so good as they are sitting in our living room.
And it’s really get on my nerves.
But despite all these facts I’m fond of my flat. It has many benefits too. It’s quite large, spacious and well-proportioned. It consists of a bed-room, a living-room, a bathroom and a kitchen. . There are all amenities in it. It has gas, central heating, running hot and cold water and electricity. My flat gets plenty of sunshine. It’s bright and comfortable. It contains everything I need for everyday life.
Bedroom is my favorite room in all flat. It is very spacious with one large window. There is a wonderful view from my window. This view has its own interesting feature. If you stay to the right side of the window and look of it you can see industrial area with a big factory. And if you stay the left side you can see road to the forest and cottages. There are chic scarlet curtains on the window.
My bedroom has a high ceiling, which was whitewashed. It has a parquet floor, which covered by fitted red carpet. The walls are wallpapered. The wallpaper has gentle peach tint. There is a picture on the wall. We put it up when we only moved in. This item is one of what I’m keen on the most in my room. It’s a picture of village’s house which surrounded by forest and close to stream. There are 3 sofa beds in our bedroom too. We have so many couches because I and my roommates always sleep only in this room. There are cushions and pillows on each settee. Each of us has her own bedside table near the settee with a lamp on it. It’s very warmy and beautiful room.
Despite all disadvantages of my flat I’m attached to it very much. It’s the only place I make myself at home. Only here I can relax and be myself. I think all have the same attitude to their appartments.

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