Put the verb to be into the correct form

Put the verb to be into the correct form. Translate the sentences.
1.Trixi and Susi ___ my cats.
My green pencil ___ on the floor.
His sister ___ seven years old.Maria's grandmother ___ from Brazil.
It ___ Sunday today.
They ___ in the car.
I ___ not your friend.
Paul and John ___ from London.
Jack and Peter ___ Sandra's friends.
Mr and Mrs Baker ___ on a trip to the USA to visit their cousin Anne.
My father ___ at work.
My mother ___ in the kitchen.
___ you from Sheffield?
Hamburg ___ a city in Germany.
. What time ___ it?
Jack and Peter ___ Sandra's friends.
We ___ children.
They ___ in the car.
They ___ in the same class.
It ___ 8 o'clock
Я первокурсник.
Он мой лучший друг.
Вы дома?
Как тебя зовут? – меня зовут Вася.
Ты на работе? Нет я дома.
Мой любимые виды спорта баскетбол, волейбол, плавание, теннис, футбол
Мой любимый предмет – математика
Это твоя книга???? Нет не моя.
Я на кухне.
Моя мама не повар, она программист
Мой кот большой и серый

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