№1. Переведите следующие предложения, обращая особое внимание на слова, выделенные жирным шрифтом. Среди них вам могут встретиться и «ложные друзья переводчика»:
Eddie was convinced that body-building exercises could turn any weakling into an athlete.
Mrs. Leary was proud of her collection of fine china which was displayed in two walnut cabinets in her parlour.
The deliberate disregard for the administration's instructions on the part of the staff was nothing but sabotage.
In the highly unsanitary conditions of the little African village every minor disease may prove fatal.
№2 Переведите на русский язык, обращая особое внимание на слова, выделенные жирным шрифтом:
Не went to the telephone and placed a person-to-person call, collect, to Mrs. Evelyn Hollenbach.
"Peace and prosperity" remains the GOP's best theme.
A radio was playing country music.
He became a public relations agent for General Electric, New York.
In the U.S. Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September.
On Saturday night Slim took the young man to a beer hall for a few drinks and a game of darts.
The customs officer asked me to step into the office. I entered the room where the Stars and Stripes stood shoulder to shoulder with the Union Jack.
"By the way, that is your green Ford at a parking meter outside, isn't it?"
"Yes, why?"
"There's a traffic warden putting a parking ticket on it."
The 180-ton ship «Mayflower» carrying the Pilgrim Fathers to their new life across the Atlantic, left England on September 6th, 1620.
About 4,600 years ago — or may be more — the Stone Age inhabitants of Britain started building an enormous stone structure. This structure is now called Stonehenge, and it is near Salisbury, in the South of England.
Трансформации при отсутствии грамматических эквивалентов в языке перевода
№1 «Переводимый» артикль
"With the rest of today's data suggesting that drivers of spending remain weak, we still see little prospect of a recovery in spending growth in the near future," he said.
The company is facing the threat of a €2 million daily fine, on top of the €497 million it has already had to pay out, after the Commission ruled that it had abused the dominance of its Windows system.
When 21 -year-old Liliane's career launched three years ago, her agency tipped her to be the next big thing - she had the looks, the attitude, the diligence.
Food can be a powerful lens through which to examine wider cultural differences. This was something Renny O'Shea discovered when she went to someone's home in Eritrea for dinner. They served her chicken so she put aside her vegetarianism and ate it. "It was horrible," she says. "But there was no way that I was going to say no. You don't go to Eritrea for the food."
When she was in a good mood, she was the fun parent, the player of practical jokes and the teller of wild tales.
№2 Инфинитивные комплексы и конструкции
The whole idea is for the handlebars to have a tight curl so they lay down and match the contours of the bike's gas tank.
The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has announced that it will build the long-discussed Next Generation Space Telescope and has selected a design by TRW Inc. for a successor to Hubble to be launched in 2010.
More investigation and scientific work were required before drawing up any plan for a further probe to look beyond the second door in the narrow shaft.
№3 Инфинитив последующего действия
But fans were much happier with the second act, during which she broke character (играла другую героиню) to flash her famous toothy grin when a tomato being used as a prop rolled off a counter-top.
Back in the 1970's, Kurokawa hoped to provide Japanese employees with a pad in the city to complement more spacious living accommodation in the suburbs or the country.
The younger daughter of Edward King, who left rubber planting in Malaya to enlist and be killed in the first world war, Diana married the third Baron Avebury («Johnny») in 1946, and joined a large network of aristocratic brothers-in-law and cousins.
She worked for the US investment bank's private client operation for more than 16 years before being promoted in May 2002 to lead the bank's division in Europe.
№4 Определительный инфинитивный комплекс
They are hunting for a car to convert into a railroad racer.
A broad spectrum of membrane materials and types is available for pressure driven processes and these membranes can match the characteristics of the contaminants to be removed.
There are savings to be had in replacing separate voice and data networks with a single network.
On Reagan's watch, the cold war began to end, US prestige was restored at home and abroad, major initiatives to cut taxes and reduce regulations were launched and the federal government's programmatic ambitions were curtailed for a generation...
№5 Абсолютные номинативные конструкции
The producer is widely expected to review its strategic options soon, amid an expectation that it will come to market. Financial information for All3Media is limited, but its turnover last year was about £176 million, with £157 million of it from the UK.
The poor shape of the balance of payments was _mphasized by fourth-quarter (Q4) figures that were worse than expected, with the deficit unchanged from the previous three months at £11 billion, or 3.6 per cent of GDP.
Now, however, with declining productivity in comparison with their European Union competitors, Spanish business leaders have said that enough is enough: the party is over. They have demanded an end to macropuentes, the “big bridges”, days off that Spaniards take between public holidays or add to the end of them to make a long — sometimes very long — weekend.
At the next sitting of the peace conference the proposal should be made to conclude peace, all theoretical questions being excluded.
With even the great designers in a panic over the lowest sales figures for 60 years, it is obvious that clothes themselves no longer really interest many women.
№6 Слова-заместители
It has long been known that mixed groups are better at problem solving than like-minded ones.
A poor and weak Russia can cause harm in ways that a powerful Soviet Union never did - even as it is voluntarily disarming.
The issue of the image of public service is one that requires some national solutions.
I've got to accept the fact that some people will be personally unpleasant about what's happened, although actually they haven't.
№7 Разное управление
It comes after spending a long time listening to, talking with, and reading about people in the United States and elsewhere who are involved in the struggle to control terrorism.
Research directors and committee members who supervise, influence or control the preparation of research reports and price targets are also covered.
Clifford is thought to have acted for and advised two businessmen who now wish to distance themselves from the conman.
Трансформации, обусловленные несовпадением значений или различиями в употреблении грамматических эквивалентов в языке перевода
№8 Несовпадение категории числа существительных
This indicates that membrane technologies such as reverse osmosis or electrodialysis are generally not used at very low ionic strengths (where ion exchange is less expensive) or very high saltconcentrations.
№ 9Различия в использовании пассивных конструкций
The Wall Street worries are part of a widening opposition to the proposed CFIUS reforms that is led in Washington by a contingent of British diplomats.
The women that she's gathering for the summit in June presumably are not wanted there to be told what they're to do, but to discuss what is happening presently.
Ironically, when the president said this in the campaign, he was immediately jumped upon.
Officially, Diana was voiceless and powerless, monitored by protection officers, followed by photographers and always under watchful eyes of the royal family.
The comedy is passionately directed, nicely acted and boasts a script crammed with real gags.
Синтаксические трансформации
Эмфатические конструкции
№10 Конструкция с предваряющим it
It was not until the black box recorders — actually painted bright orange — were taken to Paris to be decoded by French crash investigators that the truth began to emerge.
"It is not so much Switzerland's political neutrality or its position as a financial centre which makes the Swiss franc such an attractive haven," said Mr Chandler. "It is the large current account surplus, which means that they are not dependent on attracting overseas funds, and would benefit if investors bring their money back home."
№11 Конструкции с использованием степеней сравнения
прилагательных и наречий
Here, the material will get as severe a testing as anything it's likely to face in the real world.
And there has been no success in curbing bank robberies, and with children as young as the 12-year-old boy who took $30,000 (more than £16,000) from a teller getting in on the act.
Moore has said he composed this film with US audiences in mind... There are still some classic Moore moments here, notably when squirming US congressmen are invited to sign up their own children to fight in Iraq. The director has always been at his strongest on the cusp between anger and humour, but there are simply too few such inspired episodes here.
№12 Отрицательные эмфатические конструкции
But too much of the score seemed to chug along in a monochrome, mildly dissonant fashion. Not unpleasant, but not particularly arresting either. And although Hellawell declaimed his own narration clearly, he's no Paul Scofield.
Having no human society is no inconvenience to me. Sometimes for six months on end we have seen nobody.
The obstacles may look simple but don't think they are unchallenging.
№13 Логически несовместимые однородные члены предложения
The race organizers encourage you to get the best out of the day, but they do stress you should respect other riders and the marshalling of the event.
Like Manet, Eakins admired Velazquez and Dutch artists, leading to introspective interiors and the great standing figure known as The Thinker.
№14 Общий агент действий в предложении
The editor was having a go at him over some minor detail in an article Martin was preparing. Martin took hold of the huge instant coffee mug we kept by the office kettle. As the editor grew more and more incensed, and his criticisms more and more cutting, Martin wordlessly crushed the tin between his hands. When he saw the tin had been crushed to a shadow of its former self, the editor stopped in mid-tirade, turned on his heel and returned to his office. Martin never had any trouble with him again.

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