dress-maker ['dres,meika] — кравчиня baker ['beika] — пекар electrician [llek'trifn] — електрик fitter ['fita] — монтер, слюсар
radio-assembler ['reidioua,sembla] — радіомонтажник
technician [tek'mjn] — технік
turner [Ча:па] — токар
geologist [d3i'olad3ist] — геолог
agronomist [a'gronamist] — агроном
accountant [a'kauntant] — бухгалтер
adjuster [a'd3Asta] — монтажник, складальник
weaver ['wi:va] — ткач, ткаля
stewardess ['stjuadis] — стюардеса
musician [mju:'zijn] — 1) музикант; 2) композитор
conservatoire [kan'sa:vatwa:] — консерваторія
publishing ['рлЬІфо] house — видавництво
career [ka'na] — кар’єра, професія
to make a career — зробити кар’єру
the beginning of the career — початок кар’єри
to become a geologist (mechanician, teacher) — стати
геологом (механіком, учителем)
to be able for languages — бути здібним до мов
on board — на борту, на кораблі; у літаку behave [bi'heiv] — поводитися
farming [?fa:mio] — хліборобство; заняття сільським господарством
Explain the meaning of the following words.
dress-maker, watch-maker, shoemaker, tool-maker, bus- driver, tram-driver, car-driver, taxi-driver, hairdresser, tailor, novelist, doctor, teacher, composer
Example: dress-maker — a person who makes women’s dresses; shoemaker —a person who makes shoes and boots.
Read the texts about professions.
I’m Olexiy Kravchenko. I’m a geologist. I think it’s the most useful job, especially in such a large country as Ukraine. There are many places which are still unexplored. Our economy needs coal, oil, gold and geologists find them. This job is very interesting and romantic.

* ic *
Volodymyr Savchenko is a mechanician. He is young, he is 28. He likes technique. It’s coming from his family. His father and grandfather are mechanicians too. Volodymyr works in the shop where cars are made ready. He believes the job of a mechanician is very useful. Volodymyr is a good athlete. He doesn’t smoke. He lives a healthy life and never gets ill.
* ic
Let me introduce myself. My name is Bohdan Seliuk. I want to be an agronomist. Farming in Ukraine needs thousands of highly-qualified specialists. That’s why I decided to enter the Agrarian University. I think the work of an agronomist is very important. Besides, I like living in the country. What can be compared with the view of endless fields, green forests, flowers, rivers and hills! And it is possible I’ll be a farmer.
Read the texts about professions.
I’m Mykhailo Petrenko. I’m the head of the technology bureau at the plant. My wife Natalia is an accountant in a publishing house. We’ve got a four-year-old son Ihor. In all, the family makes 400 hryvnias a month. That is not very much, but we are at the beginning of our careers.
* * *
Victor Popov is an adjuster at the aircraft manufacturing plant. He is an innovator. Sixteen of his innovations were introduced into production. Two years ago he was presented with the State Prize. Victor makes 380 hryvnias a month. He has two children. His wife is a weaver. Their family is fond of spending week-ends by the river or in the forest.
•k ic *
Nina Dmytrenko is a stewardess in a big airport. Nina is a beautiful girl and a very kind person. She is able for languages. She speaks English, German and works hard at French. Nina is always ready to meet the passengers and tell them how to behave during the flight.
* * *
I’m Olena Ivchenko. I am fond of music. I study at the conservatoire. I’m going to become a musician. Music is very important in today’s life. It brings joy to people. Today one can hear music everywhere — at a theatre, in films, on TV,' over the radio. Life would be dull without music.
Answer the questions.
What kind of occupation attracts you most of all and why?
Does our country need such specialists? Why do you think so?
What education is necessary to acquire this occupation?
Will you try to get your education just after finishing school or will you work in this field for a while?
What is your parents’ attitude to your choice?
93*. Write a composition on the topic “I am going to become...”.

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