My Future Master’s Degree Research

My Future Master’s Degree Research.
I’d like to make a report about my Future Master’s degree research in the field of_______________.
The theme of my research is____________.
So, I shall start my paper with the description of my work topicality and novelty, it’s goal and objectives as well as the practical value of my research.
The topicality of my research is dictated by the necessity to__________.
The novelty lies in the fact that________.
The goal of my research is to reach a deeper understanding of the___________ and to explain the phenomenon of______.
The objectives are____.
My paper will consist of the introduction, the main part (including_____ chapters) and the conclusion.
In the introduction I will outline the present state of research in the field of_______.
In the first chapter I will present the analysis of________.
In the second chapter I will pass over to a detailed consideration of the extensive experimental work on________.
In the last chapter we will have another question to face, that will be the problem of_______.
Moreover, in this section we will focus on.
Summing up the information of this chapter, I’ll discuss the effect of______________ activity on_____________.
In the conclusion I’ll present the results of my investigation and will enumerate the possible areas of their application.

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