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Упражнение №1
1.The town is just as (large) as my native one. 2. The road was (long) than we had expected. 3. The girl is very (intelligent). 4. As soon as they understood that the second book was (boring) than the first one, they changed their mind. 5. The shop is (far) than the school. 6. Ventspils is (far) town in Latvia I have been to. 7. Tim is (intelligent) than Pat. 8. The heat is less (harmful) than the cold. 9. This song is (beautiful) one in the world! 10. They are as (stubborn) as donkeys! 11. The weather today is (bad) than the weather yesterday but not as (bad) as it was four days ago. 12. The story was (exciting) one I have ever heard. 13. They were less (tired) than we. 14. George bought a (new) car than he could ever imagine. 15. The mark is a (good) than I expected. 16. They are very (upset) with the results. 17. She is (polite) than me. 18. The boy is (fast) runner of all. 19. It is as (pleasant) as a greeting card. 20.The movie was (interesting) than the book. 21. The price will be less (aggressive) than the previous time. 22. The nature is (important) than making profit. 23. The cake is just as (sweet) as the ice-cream. 24. Sometimes friends are (devoted) than relatives. 25. Planes are (convenient) means of travelling of all. 26. Some cars are (expensive) than others. 27. The jeans are very (dirty) in fact they are (dirty) than the trousers. 28.A candle gives (little) than a lamp. 29. This blanket is (warm) than that blanket. 30. The dog is (angry) than its master.
Упражнение №2
My house is (big) than yours. This flower is (beautiful) than that one. This is the (interesting) book I have ever read. Non-smokers usually live (long) than smokers. Which is the (dangerous) animal in the world? A holiday by the sea is (good) than a holiday in the mountains. It is strange but often a coke is (expensive) than a beer. Who is the (rich) woman on earth? The weather this summer is even (bad) than last summer. He was the (clever) thief of all.
Упражнение №3
1. The giraffe is (tall) than an elephant. 2. River Ganga is (long) than River Yamuna. 3. You should be (careful) when you walk on the road. 4. That temple is a (large) building. 5. Diamond is (hard) than any other substance in the world. 6. The cheetah is the (fast) animal on the earth. 7. Rose is a beautiful flower. I find the lotus (beautiful) than the rose. 8. Vatican City is the (small) city in the world. 9. I find Dickens' books (wonderful) than Ruskin Bond's books. 10. This poem is (hard) than that one.
Упражнение №4
1. They’ve got ..... money than they need.
lessthe least little

2. This is ..... story in this book. I liked it best of all.
more interestingthe most interestingnot so interesting
3. Their children are not well-behaved. Actually they are ..... children I’ve ever seen.
badly-behavedworse-behaved the worst-behaved
4. Richard got ..... good marks than Fred in the examinations.
5. Paul is very smart; in fact he is ..... boy among his classmates.
more intelligentthe most intelligent as intelligent
6. I didn't like the book; it rather dull. The film is ..... .
as interesting more interestingthe most interesting
7. My elder brother is three years ..... than I.
olderelder the oldest
8. Peter, you are ..... than I thought you to be.
even lazieras lazy asmore lazier
9. This dress is ..... expensive than that one.
a bit lessthe leastnot so
10. Ron Gregg has just written a new book. His ..... book is selling very well.
11. I want you to read ..... passage of the text.
the nextthe nearest next
12. We are going to be late for the concert. Can you walk ..... ?
a lot fastera bit fasterthe fastest
13. Susan is better-looking than Ada; however, Liz is ..... one.
the best-lookingbetter-lookinggood-looking
14. Can you tell me the shortest way to ..... bookstore?
the nestthe nearestthe nearer
15. The traffic is ..... downtown than on this road, especially during rush hours.
Heavier the heaviest heavy
Упражнение №5
EXAMPLE: The Bombers have a better chance of winning than the Stingers do. (good)
1. The dish he prepares ______ than any other is BeefWellington. (well) 2. Perry swam ______ than anyone else on the team. (far) 3. Sadie’s cold was even ______ the second day. (bad) 4. The ______ noise in the house keeps Chris awake. (little) 5. We caught the ______ train before the power went off. (late) 6. Mr. Pella said I should develop the second paragraph ______. (far) 7. That mosaic is the ______ thing I have ever made in art. (good) 8. Grandpa feels ______ today than yesterday. (ill) 9. Barnaby sang ______ of all when his throat was sore. (bad) 10. Some people need ______ sleep than others. (much)
Упражнение №6
1. No other boy is as ……………………. as James. (tall / taller / tallest) 2. Milk is ………………….. than any other food. (nourishing / more nourishing / most nourishing) 3. Radium is one of the ……………………… metals. (valuable / more valuable / most valuable) 4. Few English poets were as ……………………. as Wordsworth. (great / greater / greatest) 5. Shimla is ………………….. than most other hill stations in India. (famous / more famous / most famous) 6. Gold is one of the ……………………. metals. (precious / more precious / most precious) 7. Solomon was …………………… than any other king. (wise / wiser / wisest) 8. Few historians write as ………………….. as Macaulay. (well / better /best) 9. Very few books are as ……………………. as David Copperfield. (popular / more popular / most popular) 10. A train is …………………. than a car. (fast / faster / fastest)

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